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Chapter 46 – Preparations for the Fireworks Display [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2228 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1089 words
Editor(s): Fire

I don’t want to go either, so I’m honestly glad. Parties are generally like that. Pretty grandiose and a sight to behold. But on the inside, it’s all mucky and I honestly would rather not be there.

「Even so, sadly her fate forces her to be there.」
「How terrible.」
「She just mailed me 『traitor』 right now.」

I’m sure Aya didn’t want to go either. Still, even if you call me a traitor, I can’t really do much. After all, even if I wanted to, I can’t join. Even if I can attend, I would never go unless I have to.

「The fireworks display is yet to start, right?」
「She’s likely bored with the dress change and other preparations.」

The preparations being so long is also part of a lady’s fate. Whether Aya can be called a lady or not, let’s put that aside for now. I’m really glad that I’m a commoner. After all, that might end up being a torturous time for me.

「Still, she completely knows about it, huh.」
「If I had known that she couldn’t come here, I would’ve bragged to her.」

Please don’t taunt her. What would you do if she seriously wants payback? Kishita should understand it herself, so it’s just a joke. But I can’t really laugh at that.

「I wonder how the president and Aya’s information network even works.」
「I also wondered that myself, but I’ve stopped thinking about it. I believe it to be something not meant to be discovered.」

As expected, that’s the wiser choice, huh. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a specialized unit for that. Anything goes with those two, after all.

「Oh it’s Teacher Saeki. Quite early.」

She was already in front of the door before we arrived. Even Akane isn’t here yet. Though she’s likely in the neighboring room..

「I was planning on checking out Akane’s husband, see. Still, it’s really hot outside.」

Ambush, huh. Besides, it’s been summer-y for the past few days, so it’s natural that it’s hot. Actually, what’s your plans with the drinks on the ground beside you? They’re clearly warmer than the standard temperature now.

「Wouldn’t they come out if you ring their chime?」
「I already did. But they’re pretending to be out.」

Just how much do they want to keep him a secret. Akane said she’ll introduce him eventually, but I don’t feel it happening sometime soon. Besides, Mr. Shizuo, you haven’t gone to work yet?

「More importantly, could you let me in? I feel like I’m going to dry up.」
「Couldn’t you just drink?」
「I hate it lukewarm. I’d at least want some ice.」

True, while it’s more hot than lukewarm, I’d hate hot beer. Still, three boxes of beer? Just how many did she bring? Just carrying that would make me sweaty.

「Um, Teacher Saeki? Do you intend to come back here?」
「What are you talking about? This much, I can finish within the day.」

Come to think of it, Kishita doesn’t know anything about Teacher Saeki’s drinking capacity. Kishita is speechless hearing the reply. That’s the normal response.

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「More like a few hours instead of a day.」
「If it’s not enough, I’ll ask from Akane. She must have a lot to drink in their room, don’t you agree?」

Since Mr. Shizuo is managing a bar, that’s a logical conclusion. I have no idea how it actually is. After all, I’ve never entered Akane’s room before. Rather, wouldn’t Teacher Saeki know this better?

「Actually, I’ve drank some before.」

Wouldn’t that be the reason why they’re currently pretending to be out? So that the drinks in the room don’t get drunk empty.

「Anyways, let’s head inside. We’re feeling hot here too.」

I have no idea why we’re still chatting in front of my room. Both Kishita and I are carrying stuff, so we really worked out some sweat.

「One chilly cold beer please!」

Drinking the instant you enter the room, huh. Moreover, while she says that, she already opened the refrigerator and started drinking. Seriously, what’s going on with her liver?

「Kishita. For now, please wipe your sweat with this towel.」
「Thank you very much.」

I’m wiping my sweat too. Teacher Saeki, don’t care. She helped herself to the refrigerator on her own, so she can just help herself by herself. As long as she’s not obstructive, it’s not a problem.

「Are there snacks yet?」
「How do I say this, she’s quite different in the academy.」
「She’s generally like this in private. Moreso when alcohol is involved.」

Generally she’s a drunkard. Even though she’s so normal without alcohol. Additionally, how the principal’s love is still burning even after seeing her like this is a mystery.

「Please wait for the edamame to finish boiling. Until then, bear with the snacks you have.」

I’m sure she bought some snacks like those at the supermarket anyways. It’s the usual pattern. Another one is where she’ll make a mess if there’s no trash bag prepared nearby. It’s always so much trouble to clean up after.

「Umm, if she eats so much, wouldn’t she be full by dinner?」
「Dinner for us to enjoy. For the adults, drinking is their main meal.」

It’s weird to call it the main meal though. There are some people who can eat meals after drinking alcohol, but Teacher Saeki and Akane are drinking specialists. And on the side, I’m there just eating. To begin with, since summer break started, they’ve been drinking in my room several times already, these adults.

「Everyone really needs their own hide out.」
「Please imagine yourself one being intruded in without warning.」

She always comes so abruptly. One time I was eating dinner, she just came in with a bottle in her hand. I thought she was going to start something. In actuality, she just came to brag about the delicious alcohol she got.

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「How do I say this, she seems quite at home.」
「The other person coming is more at home here, you’ll see.」

More than that, she’s even treating me as her wife. How do I explain this to Kishita? Should I just not? I can’t explain this.

「O~i, I’m here~!」

Akane’s here now. The edamame is going to be done soon, so I guess it’s perfect timing. All that’s left is to make and cook whatever with Kishita until the fireworks start. What was my original theme again?

Well, as long as it tastes good.


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