Chapter 45 – The Past Comes Unexpectedly – Second Half – [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2819 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1416 words
Editor(s): Fire

Like I’d be able to do that. If I had both entertainment and academic activities to deal with, my life’s rhythm would completely crumble. The schedule management would be hell, and I don’t think I can do my daily routine.1

「In the first place, it’s impossible with my background. As long as nothing’s done with this, I can’t join.」
「Then I’ll have direct negotiations with your parents!」

Don’t plant more problems.

「I’m just kidding, just kidding.」
「Coming from you, it doesn’t sound like a joke at all.」
「True enough.」

Instead of agreeing here, stop her Hajime. No matter how you look at it, she’s practically out of control right now. Why are you allowing her to reach this point?

「Just my thoughts, but I’m surprised that you guys can work well like this.」
「Well, it’s actually been a pretty long time since she’s gotten this out of control. It was pretty wild when she got us to form a band, but that’s about it.」

As for why she changed, I’m probably the reason for that. I might be overestimating myself, but I believe that I was a significant part of her life. We’ve been together since kindergarten after all.

「Rather, we’ve been talking about him for a while now, but you’re not going to ask about Souji?」
「I sort of got the hint, you see.」

Just from the fact that a person so dear to them isn’t with them here, most people would probably be able to get the hint. It’s either he can’t be here for a reason, or he died.

「Still, it’s weird that you aren’t even asking about him. Do you really have no relationship with Souji?」
「I don’t know what kind of person he is, but him having a relationship with someone young enough to be, at worst, a middle schooler sounds pretty questionable.」
「True that, it’d be a protective custody case.」
「If I discover that he’s done that, I would’ve beat him back into decency.」

If I got beat up by you, it would’ve been the end of me then and there. Since I mostly just call you guys out.

「Oh, the manager’s contacted us.」
「Oh~, I guess this ends our break time.」

My break time is about to end soon too. Still, assuming they leave now, are they going to reach their meeting in time?

『Everyone, where are you~? Please, try putting yourselves in my shoes sometimes~』

Why are you putting it on loudspeaker? Also, your manager is sobbing, you know? At least tell her where you went.

「Really sorry about that, Shiina. We’re going to head back now.」
『You’re near enough to make it in time, right?』

Oi, what’s with the silence? And all of you, don’t turn your gazes from the phone. They definitely won’t be able to make it in time, it’s so obvious.

『Ummm, everyone~?』
「Sorry, we’re going to be late since we followed Isami around.」
「No, all of you are to blame, you know. Give a proper apology.」

Hearing Hajime’s response, I retorted. Come on now, don’t you feel bad for the poor manager? Acting without clear plans as usual, don’t do that.

『Are you all with someone else? You haven’t caused any trouble, have you!?』
「You guys really aren’t trusted.」
「It’s the culmination of our past actions.」

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Don’t be so proud of it, reflect on yourselves. And apologize to the numerous people you’ve caused trouble for. And naturally, apologize first of all at my gravestone.

「It’s fine, we just ate and had a chat, that’s all.」
『I’m sorry, but I can’t trust even your words, Hajime.』
「You guys really are beyond saving.」
「It’s the culmination of our past actions.」
「I heard that the first time around.」

I’ve grown tired of dealing with this. It’d be better to stop talking and just head back.

「Go now, you fools.」
『I don’t know who you are, but thank you very much.』
「You’ve really had it tough, haven’t you?」
『My senior pushed me this job, but I’m regretting it now. Rather, please hurry back here immediately!』
「Alright, alright~. We’re going to go now, so buy us some time~」
『You don’t sound like you’re hurrying at all!』

She’s really having it rough. Also, it’s seriously bad if you’re late even after she stalls for you.

「Well then, I don’t want to, but I guess we’re leaving.」
「Get to work already.」
「Ah, lastly, tell me your email, Koto-chan.」
「Again, that’s not something you ask someone you just met.」

Have a bit more caution. You’re celebrities, so don’t just carelessly exchange contacts with people.

「We really like you, so it’s fine. C’mon, c’mon, tell me~」
「Me, me too!」

You too, Shinpachi? Moreover, the others look like they want to get my contacts too. I don’t particularly mind telling them. After all, I know that I can trust these guys.

「It’s a chore to send to all of you, so I’ll write it. After you register it, make absolutely sure you rip or burn this.」
「Then I’ll be the one to hold it. Since with the others, they might just throw it or forget where they keep it.」

If it’s Hajime, then it’s fine. After all, with the others, what he said just might come true. In Isami’s case, she definitely can’t be left with it. Her losing things is painfully common.

「Alright! Got a highschool girl’s contacts!」
「Guess I should call the cops.」
「So mean.」

As usual, Shinpachi’s words are always problematic. And seriously, don’t leave all the calling out to me. Also, Toshizou, speak.

「C’mon, don’t trouble your manager anymore that you have.」
「Then I’ll do my best at work~!」

After saying that like she’s greeting a family member, they left. I have no idea how we got reunited so easily. Also, they took my whole break time. That was exhausting.

「That was pretty surprising.」
「What was, owner?」
「Well, wouldn’t you normally feel uncomfortable being compared to a stranger?」
「I didn’t mind it at all.」

Rather than being compared, it’s really just me. So there’s no reason for me to feel uncomfortable about it. Actually, I even feel happy seeing them so lovely as usual. How annoying they are is just as usual too, though.

「If you’re fine with it, then alright. Still, now you really can’t lose your phone anymore.」
「Come to think of it, that’s true.」

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My once practically blank phone book has increased by a lot. But, with the many registered being either high status people or celebrities, there’s more numbers that shouldn’t be abused.

「Anyways, I should contact Kaori.」

She informed me that she’s hurrying back home, but in the end she couldn’t make it. Still, I’m sure that they’ll come again. Moreover, during break time. What will they give the owner to let them stay the next time around?

『I was so close…』

That’s a quick reply. Considering her reply, she probably got really near the cafe. Whatever the case, even if she made it, they would’ve been gone right after. She probably would’ve only gotten a glance.

After that, my shift ended without any problems. Rather, like I’d be fine with something else happening right after that. Other than them, if there’d be another reunion, it’d be with my family next.

『From Hajime: Apologies about today. All of us were weirdly hyped up.』

At night, I got a mail from Hajime. And after his, the others sent mails too, all of them filled with apologies. I guess looking back, they thought that it was bad that they compared to and treated a person they just met like a friend they know. Well, I expected these to come though.

I know they aren’t bad people. That’s why I replied in a way only I can. That way, they wouldn’t worry much about it.

『Then restrain yourselves, you damn fools.』

They’re probably still together. They have a concert tomorrow, so I guess their meeting dragged on. Still, I’m glad that they didn’t forcefully recruit me. Even if they tell me to join just for a part time job, they’d probably drag me up to the stage somehow.

Now then, as for their concert tomorrow, I guess I’ll ask Kaori about it afterwards. I wonder what stunt they’re going to pull there.


  1. Silva: because of a certain novel, “daily routine” still reminds me of naughty stuff

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