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Chapter 40 – Joys and Worries [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2743 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1327 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Still, Kotori, since you participate in high society events, shouldn’t you have experience in these sorts of interactions?」
「I just respond with smiles. There are gentlemen that get the wrong idea but my parents take care of them.」

Her parents are pretty capable. So far, the only decent one of the 12 families seems to be Fumidzuki. I’m starting to see the problems with the others, after all. Though in the principal’s case, rather than it being a Satsuki issue, it seems to be a him issue.

「Kisaragi. If you don’t hurry, you won’t have time to prepare.」
「What’s your upcoming class?」

Hurried by Aiba, and questioned by Kotori, it makes me feel unmotivated by twofold.


It’s the number one class I don’t want to participate in.

Being weirdly considerate, Kotori finished her lunch and quickly returned to her class. As for me, I headed to the indoor pool’s dressing room and I’m currently changing.

「Why are you hiding your body with a towel?」

It’s because I don’t want to show off my body and I feel embarrassed, Minagawa. The other girls are baring their naked bodies without any reservation, so I’m doing all I can to keep my eyes away.

「Hm~mn, are perhaps not confident in your figure?」
「Nonono, that is by all means absolutely not the case!」

This is definitely the pattern where I’m going to be stripped naked, isn’t it!? The eyes of the several people surrounding me are terrifying!

「Well, we’re all extremely curious about it though?」
「It’s really nothing special, so would you all please stop approaching me!」

This class has its own problems too, huh! And stop approaching me naked! I don’t know where to look!

「Ladies, attack!」
「Be quiet! Change your clothes and get out already!」

Hearing the P.E. Teacher scolding echoing from the poolside, my classmates stopped immediately and quickly went back to changing. They really play along well. And that saved me……

「You were pushing too hard, you know.」
「Sorry, sorry. Your reactions were just entertaining, I couldn’t help it.」

Don’t say the same thing as Kaori did. Anyways, I need to change fast. After all, the beasts might target me again.

「Gah! So this is the great bust disparity1, huh.」

After getting done changing, several begrudging stares are looking at my chest. Being seen won’t really hurt me, but I instinctively covered my chest. This is probably one of Kotone’s habits.

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「Come on, Teacher Katou is going to scold us again, let’s go.」
「So this is the composure of the blessed.」

I can’t say anything. And don’t say that in monotone. I feel like this class might be designated as the special class next year, I’m starting to get scared. Also, the girls from the class next door are taken aback. The swim class is a joint class, after all.

「Well then, this is the first swim class of the year, so go and swim as you like. However, make sure to do your warm-up exercises.」

Teacher Katou is handling the swimming lessons. She’s the successor of the problem teacher. I hear that she’s drinking buddies with Teacher Saeki and I’ve seen them talk occasionally. It seems like there’s been complaints against male teachers handling the female swim class. As for me, I’m honestly thankful about it.

「What do the people that can’t swim do?」
「Get used to water.」

She definitely has plans on teaching, huh. By the way, the person who can’t swim is me. It’s the same as in my previous life but I sink like a hammer. Maybe with Kotone’s body, I can swim but who knows?

「I really thought that you could do anything, Kisaragi.」
「I’m not some almighty being, you know.」

So that’s how you saw me, Aiba? Even I have a few things I can’t do. Mainly make-up.

「Are you scared of water?」
「I’m alright with it. Anyways, I’ll get in the pool.」

Before I would just sink, after all. According to my friends, I had literally no talent in swimming.

「You’ve got some amazing floaters, so you’ll be fine.」
「Minagawa, is it just me or do I feel some animosity?」
It’s nothing.

Even if you have a bone to pick with my figure, there’s nothing I can do about it. Ah, this time I’m floating. I should be able to swim then.

「To begin with, wouldn’t a larger chest make playing basketball harder?」
「Well, yeah it does. But as a woman, wouldn’t it be better to have some?」

That’s probably a matter of preferences. For me, I absolutely don’t mind if I don’t have any. And even from a male perspective, wanting more or less depends on the individual person.

「Hmm, guess it’s useful」
「What is?」

The tape on my wrist. Akane and Teacher Saeki helpfully taught me about this, it actually doesn’t peel off even when wet. Also, it’s close to the colour of my skin, so it doesn’t call attention. I’m glad I put it on while heading to the toilet.

「Nothing at all. More importantly, could you teach me how to swim?」
「I guess that’s one squeeze then.」
「Aiba, could you please?」
「It’s just a joke, so react a bit.」

I’m against sexual harassment, you see? Minagawa. Why does everyone and their family want to touch my chest? My sister groped me, Aya groped me, I’m being groped for little to no reason.

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After that, I was being taught how to kick while being pulled by hand, I’ve gotten a bit better at swimming. It seems like Kotone’s high specs don’t reflect on swimming.

「So heavy!?」

As I climbed out of the pool, my water filled hair was pretty heavy. My neck’s getting tired.

「Can’t be helped, you’ve got long hair after all. That’s probably going to take time to dry.」
「I’m not sure I’d have the time to dry it though.」

After all, there’s still one more class after this. I’m glad that class ended early, but there’s still not a lot of time. Even at home, my dryer use time puts pressure on my electric bill.

「Hmm, it might be easy if we use all the hair dryers on your head, Kisaragi.」
「That’s sure to ruin my hair.」

An all scale dryer attack is pretty overkill. Still, the dryer itself has evolved considerably compared to the ones in the past, so maybe it’ll be fine. I’ve burned my hair in the past, after all.

「But you won’t be able to set your hair, right?」
「There’s no other choice, I’ll just let them down for a while.」

I can’t make my ponytail. It’s fine when it’s completely dry, but I can’t do it when it’s half-wet. It’ll be stuffy too.

「Still, it’s a refreshing sight. You usually have yours tied after all.」
「If you ask me, it just gets in the way of what I do.」

Still, Akane has forbidden me from cutting my hair. She’ll only allow cutting to a certain length, but she gets mad if I go beyond that. She says it’s really fun to mess with my hair.

「Since we’re using the dryer, please go first, Minagawa. I’m going to use up a lot of time, after all.」
「Mine is short, so I get it done fast.」

In the meantime, I’ll use a towel to dry my hair. Still, it’s really heavy. Thinking how there’ll be more days like this, I really feel gloomy. Being a man really is comfortable, since a lot of things can be done faster.

「Here, next.」
「That was quick. Is it really alright?」
「It’s fine, fine. Once it’s somewhat dry, natural drying can handle the rest.」

She’s so concerned about the breast stuff and yet she isn’t too concerned about these sorts of stuff. I don’t get it. Well, it’s time to start scuffling with my hair.



  1. Lyly: breast disparity
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