Chapter 41 – Trickster Victor [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2454 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1181 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s almost summer break. But as usual, the P.E. class is still about swimming. Despite my inexperience, I’ve finally managed to swim for 25 meters. Doing something unfamiliar is really exhausting.

「Phew, the wind feels so good.」

Since swimming is the last class this afternoon, all that’s left is to pick up my stuff in the classroom and we can go home. Today, Teacher Kondou was considerate and told us there won’t be a homeroom, so it’s early.

「Excuse me. Have you seen a ponytailed lady of the name Kisaragi Kotone around here?」

When I was stopped by the blowing breeze, someone talked to me. I was about to answer by reflex, but I choked. Good work choking, me.

「I haven’t seen her around. Perhaps she’s already back to her classroom?」
「I see. Damn! Just when I finally escaped the encirclement.」

Theater club people, please hurry and capture him! Is what I wanted to yell, but since he’s right before my eyes, I can’t act carelessly. While he’s someone of no worth to Kotone, for me he’s my natural enemy.

「Ahh, I want to hear her insults!」

A pervert as usual! I’m getting chills!

「Mn? Have we ever met before?」
「No, this would be the first time.」

I’m glad he doesn’t know my face. While he managed to get my hairstyle from hearing about how I look, the photos probably didn’t reach him. What a display of the theater club’s full power.

「More importantly, don’t you need to find somebody?」
「That’s right! Wait for me, my lady!」

I’m running away at full speed. After seeing him run off, I bumped into the theater club president who’s out of breath. What are you doing right after classes?

「Sorry, he broke through the lines.」
「It was only a matter of time, so it can’t be helped. Still, to think that he didn’t notice just because I had my hair down.」
「Probably because he hasn’t directly seen the current you. Besides, that’s already enough to greatly change one’s image.」

So that’s how it is. Still, this time I’m pretty thankful that he has holes for eyes. Speaking to that is just too disgusting, it makes me want to swing at him. But he’ll probably be happy about it though.

「The other members are also trying to capture him but unlike before, he’s gotten serious.」
「This has been on my mind for a while, but why is the theater club doing this much?」

I don’t know if there was some secret agreement between them and the president, but I don’t understand why they’d go that far. So I asked out of curiosity.

「His actions are pretty problematic, you see. We were told our club budget would be decreased for every victim.」
「It would be better to simply have him leave.」

That would’ve been the easiest option for the club. Or maybe there’s a reason why they can’t do it.

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「As a club member, he’s excellent. He doesn’t complain about his roles and he’s great at acting. If only he didn’t have that bad habit of his.」

It just came to mind, but why do most of the outstanding people in this academy have problems? Like the president and that.

「Besides, if we don’t stop him, there’d be no one holding him back.」
「That would be a problem.」

Imagining that pervert following me around everyday makes me shudder. Just when I finally fixed my reputation, that’ll definitely cause some weird rumors. Why do problems just keep following me?

「I get that he needs to let off some steam every once in a while but since there isn’t anyone else fitting, you’re the only one in his mind right now.」

If there was someone fitting, that’d be a problem in itself. Come to think of it, what about her? I imagine she’d do it with glee.

「What about Aya?」
「There’s no way we can ask Shimotsuki for that. Besides, it’s completely against her personality.」

The club prez doesn’t know Aya’s true nature, huh. Well sure, they aren’t in the same class, so I guess there’s no opportunity for him to learn the truth.

「In fact, he and Shimotsuki encountered each other before. Shimotsuki was seriously taken aback.」

Even Aya was taken aback, his pervert levels are beyond salvation. Still, in that case, there’s nobody among people I know that’d be fitting.

「While it was due to my actions last year, I truly can’t regret it enough now.」
「You were the perfect princess after all. You embodied his ideal. As for the theater club, we thought you were a fitting evil princess.」

Kotone’s actions were seriously like that.

「But ever since he interacted with you, his acting range has expanded. Or I guess his sexiness increased.」

How does increased sexiness in a man even help?

「Because of that, more girls have confessed to him. But that Saejima declined, saying that Kisaragi has taken his heart.」

That’s a big nuisance.

「So the female resentment against you have increased.」

So my reputation got worse in places I don’t even know. Kotone likely didn’t know of this herself. In a sense, you could say that this was a result of Kotone’s influence, but I really don’t feel like doing anything about this.

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「How is that person’s reputation these days?」
「It’s ‘handsome but disgusting guy’ now.」

An apt description. He’s gentlemanly during normal interactions, but once his switch is flipped, it seems like he instantly morphs into a pervert. It’s a complete nuisance.

「Prez, we’ve captured him. Ah.」

With his arms restrained by two male club members, we meet once more. And the two, realizing that I’m here, had defeat written on their faces. Well of course. After all, they ended up bringing him right in front of a person who’s been avoiding him.

「Good work. Now, withd-…」
「What are you doing there?」
「…… Oof.」

As they were about to leave, a voice drowned out the club president’s. Upon confirming who it was, both the club prez and I cursed the terrible timing of that individual. It’s because the club president’s careful consideration of not calling me by my name the whole time might just come to nothing.

「Nagatsuki, this is…」
「Kisaragi. What are you scheming this time?」

Just when I was about to explain the situation before Nagatsuki could speak, it ended in vain. At this moment, all of the theater club members’ efforts have gone down the drain. Thanks for your hard work.

「I really hoped it would last for one more term.」
「Thank you so much for your work until now, club prez. The difficulty will likely spike from here on out, so please take care.」

He’s seen his target. From here on, he’ll probably head right straight for his goal. It can be solved with a fortified defense before that happens, but covering for the back would need too much manpower.

「Y-you were Kisaragi Kotone?」
「I’m very sorry for deceiving you earlier, Saejima.」


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