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Chapter 4 – Young Lady, Win ‘em Over [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2865 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1475 words
Editor(s): Fire

After seeing Ms. Akane who was going to sleep, I leisurely drank my coffee before leaving the room. It took about 15 minutes to get to the academy on foot, which was just right for an exercise.

Oh yeah, I need to contact Kaori first. Just arrived at school. I’ll be heading to the faculty room. That should do it. A message would be better since she’s in mid-practice.

「Excuse me.」

As expected, since we’re still in the middle of spring break, there aren’t many people around. I guess I’d just talk to someone. I don’t know who my second-year homeroom teacher is going to be anyway. Err, the nearest person is…

「Um, would you be free right now?」
「Coming here in spring break, is there something a matter?」

This teacher seems pretty familiar for some reason. Oh, come to think of it, he was my homeroom teacher during the first school year. I’m sorry for all the trouble that time. Or rather, why did I even call out to him? It’s clearly going to spell trouble.
He’s got good looks and is good at teaching, so he’s pretty popular amongst the students though.

「I would like to ask for permission to work part-time.」
「This should have been something you’ve done before spring break started, you know?」
「I understand that, but for various reasons, I’m going to be in trouble if I don’t have work.」
「What kind of reasons… Ah, for now, could you tell me your name? I don’t quite recognize you, you see.」
「I was in your first-year class though. I’m Kisaragi Kotone.」
「Ah, Kisaragi huh. Right, you were in my class…… Ha? You’re Kisaragi?」
「Yes, I’m Kisaragi.」

His eyes just went wide open. Yeah, it’s unbelievable, right? Normally, you’d think that my personality just plainly did a 180. But since it’s Kotone we’re talking about, “normally” wouldn’t apply.

From how the teacher is glaring at me with a stern expression, he’s likely suspecting that I’m probably plotting something.

「I’m not particularly plotting anything. I honestly only want to work for the sake of my livelihood.」
「I don’t believe that. You’re from a well-off family, aren’t you? That’s not enough of a reason for you to work. Besides, remember what you’ve been doing the past year.」

Obstruction of class, harassment of students she disliked, and bothersome involvement with a popular male student. Yeah, honestly garbage. Ahaha, I’m never going to be trusted.

「I admit that I’ve been wrong. For this, I’m changing myself to repent for my actions.」
「Like I’d believe that.」
「Haah, I knew this was going to happen.」
「Ah, Kaori.」

The messiah has come! Without any allies, I really don’t think that I’ll be able to power through this situation. Or rather, why did things escalate this much, I only wanted to get written approval. Is it that Kotone’s existence itself is a problem?
Thinking that way, I feel sad for her.

「Teacher Kondou. The place she’ll be working at is our cafe, so it’s alright. She has the approval of my parents as well.」
「Tachibana, are you really sure about that? Think about it. She’s that Kisaragi, you know?」

Teacher Kondou, you’re really saying that confidently in front of the person in question, huh. As for me, I really don’t have anything to say about that, so I can only let matters take their course. I’m seriously counting on you, Kaori!

「My parents are already roaring to take her in. By the way, we had dinner together with her last night and I honestly couldn’t believe it’s the same Kisaragi. Frankly speaking, she’s a different person.」
「Well, looking at her current state, it’s not much of a surprise that you’d think so.」
「Besides, Kisaragi has started living on her own and is seriously worrying about a lot of stuff.」
「Haah!? Kisaragi living alone!?」

Everyone has the same reaction, huh. Well, yeah, if I’m asked whether Kotone can live on her own, I’d answer with a big NO. An entitled girl like her wouldn’t last a day after living alone.

「Teacher, please give me a chance. If I don’t work, I seriously won’t have enough money for the reference books and other expenses.」
「What the heck happened to you…… And Kisaragi, you talking about reference books won’t make you more trustworthy.」
「I wholly understand that. However, you should know my grades, right teacher?」
「Yeah, I do. At this rate, you’ll likely be forced to repeat a year.」

Just to say this, Kotone is by no means unintelligent. She just does stupid things. She doesn’t take the class seriously and she doesn’t even study at home. In that state, there’s absolutely no way that she’d get good grades.

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And yet she constantly grumbles that it’s the fault of the teachers, so the teachers also don’t trust in her.

「Having a part-time job will be meaningless if I have low grades. I’ll make sure to study as well, so please give me a chance.」
「To think that that Kisaragi would lower her head. I understand, I’ll grant you a written approval this time. However, if you cause any trouble at your work, then you’ll be forbidden from working from then on. And Tachibana, if there’s any problem, tell me immediately. 」
「Thank you so much, Teacher Kondou. And Kaori, thank you as well.」
「It’s not like I was doing it for you. I’m just reluctantly cooperating for my parents’ sake.」

Adorable tsundere. From her slightly flushed cheeks, it’s obvious that she’s hiding her embarrassment. I’m not going to trouble the cafe but I have no intention of going easy on the customers that are going to do so.

Before I died, for some reason there was a time when a guy groped my butt and I reflexively kicked him. No one scolded me for that, so the people probably agree with what I did.

「Right, since you’re living alone now, you’ll need a change of address. Fill this notice of new address too and come back with both at another day.」
「I understand. Umm, for the written approval, is the guardian’s consent absolutely required?」
「Of course it is. Without their signature and stamp, you won’t get approved.」

That’s bad. Will that family even allow their daughter to work at some part-time job? Still, they wanted me to live independently with only that allowance, so they probably considered that I’d work. If that’s not the case, then the allowance is just too little.
Still, a call to the family for the second day in a row, huh. This is going to be tough.

「Think of it as a practice for your future endeavors. Rather, just try causing a problem when you haven’t gotten permission from your family and see what happens. Who’s going have to take responsibility?」
「That’s true. I’ll consult with my parents first.」
「If you get told off, talk to dad. He’ll at least hear you out.」
「You two didn’t have any interactions last year, right? How did you two get this close?」
「Perhaps it’s thanks to us having shared a meal. Last night’s curry was delicious.」
「…… Teacher Kondou. Look at that face, do you think that she’s the same person?」
「…… Absolutely not. Really, what happened?」

What? Am I not allowed to look happy while remembering that taste? I don’t have enough money, so my emotions towards food are intense, you know? I was poisoned to death though. Actually, it’s a mystery how I’m not traumatized about that.
If I had, I might’ve starved myself to death not eating anything. For now, I’ve completed my business, so it’s time to exit the school.

「Now then, Kaori, I’ll be heading back to get the owner’s signature.」
「Do your best in convincing your parents. After all, if you don’t get their approval, there would’ve been no point in me putting in a good word for you.」
「Ahaha, I will.」
「Also, you can just talk to me casually. You don’t have to be formal with me.」
「I understand, Kaori. For the formal speech, please give me some time. I still haven’t come to terms with my situation. Mostly with myself.」

If I suddenly talk with my masculine tone, she’ll probably be taken aback. These sorts of things should be saved for when we have a proper trusting relationship between us. As I thought that, Kaori glared at me. Why?

「I’m placing my trust in you. And yet you can’t trust me back?」

I’m really weak against that sort of stuff. Well, it’s no use thinking too much about it now, huh. If I thoughtlessly hesitate here, I’ll probably just lower her trust in me and it’s not like I’m in a situation where I can freely think ahead anyway.


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