Chapter 4 – Young Lady, Win ‘em Over [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3038 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1565 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Got it. You win. I’m going to start talking like this, but are you good with that?」
「Y-yeah. I’m good, but somehow your old image is just crumbling even more. On the other hand, combined with your face, you sound cool.」
「Well, I got a nice face after all. Also, call me by name too. Don’t be so offish after doing this much.」
「I understand, Kotone. Does that make you happy?!」
「You didn’t have to sound that reluctant. Then I’ll be going to the shop now.」
「I still have club activities to do. Help out properly, okay!」
「Got it.」

Though with that said, I still haven’t gotten approved, so I can’t formally help. Well, as long as I help out from behind the scenes, nobody should find out. Though since I don’t have chef certification, I can’t cook for the customers. I guess I’ll do some dishwashing again.

「Kaori, was she an acquaintance?」
「Yeah. She’s our new employee.」
「Hm~n, she doesn’t look familiar. Someone as beautiful as her would definitely be widely talked about though.」
「…… She is though.」
「Did you say something?」
「No, it’s nothing. Now, let’s do our best~!」

Now then, I’ve arrived at the cafe and all, but since it’s just before noon, it’s pretty packed. If I talk to the owner right now, I’ll only be a nuisance, so I guess I’ll come back later. But just as I was considering that, the owner signed with his eyes to go to the back of the cafe.

Is that really okay with me wearing a uniform right now? Just yesterday he was saying that it’s fine as long as we don’t get caught, so he probably doesn’t mind it that much.

「Mrs. Saori, would there be anything I can help you with?」
「Then I’ll leave the dishes to you. With what you’re wearing, you can’t work in the front.」

With that, I put on the apron and began washing the dishes. While occasionally passing finished meals to the owner, I continuously wash the dishes. Wait, come to think of it, even if I help this much, I’m still not earning anything right now. Oh well. I’ll just think of it as a training period to get familiar with work.

「Sorry about this. Having to help out before being formally hired and all.」
「It’s alright, I am getting lunch after all. Ah, owner. Please sign this.」
「Sure. Still, do you think you can get your parents’ permission?」
「About that, I’ll try contacting them now. It’ll depend on this.」

Now then, time to try making contact. As usual, I don’t know any contact numbers other than the home number, so I’ll try talking to Ms. Sakiko first. That’s the only option I have.

『This is the Kisaragi household. Who might it be?』
「Forgive me for the continuous calling. Is mother at home right now?」
『First, I would like to hear your purpose.』
「I see. In that case, please allow me to work part-time.」
『…… Who is this?』

I know, right? It’s unthinkable for that effort-hating idiot daughter to consider working, isn’t it? You won’t even think that something might be going on, you’d just normally think that it’s someone else. That’s just how terrible her reputation is. Still, if I don’t make an effort here, I’m not going to have a job.

「It’s the one that has brought many troubles in the past, Kisaragi Kotone.」
『Are you really, really sure?』
「I am. So can I please get the permission?」

Ah, Ms. Sakiko is panicking. Or rather, mom was just there? I would’ve preferred if she had picked up the phone in the first place but they’re probably being vigilant of me.

『I’ve taken over the phone, Otoha speaking.』
「It’s been a while, mother. Have you heard the circumstances from Ms. Sakiko?」
『What are you plotting?』
「Nothing in particular. If I had to say, with my allowance, I’ll have difficulty in daily life if I don’t work.」
『So you’re saying that you need a larger allowance? How much do you need?』
「No, not that really, so please allow me to do a part-time job.」

Does this family understand what living alone means? If you’re going to increase the allowance, then what reason did you even kick Kotone out for? It’s obvious for her to reflect and change her ways, so how’d that happen if you satisfy all her needs? Besides, if I get any more allowance, I would be indebted to the Kisaragi family and I don’t like that.

『I’m sorry, but we’ll have to verify if it’s really you. I’ll see Sakiko to your location, so tell me where you are.』
「I understand. The place is a cafe named Atelier that is near the shopping district.」
『I see. I’ll send Sakiko as soon as possible.』

They completely think that I’m a fake. A fake would probably do a better job imitating Kotone though. That’s probably just how unbelievable I was. Look at reality, geez.

「Kotone, just how much did you change……」
「Hmmm, based on my family and teacher’s reaction, enough that people would think I’m a different person.」
「The you before sounds awfully terrifying…」
「I’m a decent person now, so it’s alright.」

Though from my family’s perspective, this current situation is abnormal. Still, I don’t think Kotone was decent myself. Now then, I guess I’ll put some extra effort in while waiting for Ms. Sakiko. I diligently washed the dishes. And before Ms. Sakiko could arrive, I ended up finishing them all.

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Talking to the owner, it seems like outside of the daytime rush, the workload is relatively light and easy to complete. Well, from here on out, the main customers are probably going to be the people that come for a smoke or those that want to snack.

「Excuse me. I am Sakiko, a maidservant of the Kisaragi family. Is Lady Kotone present?」
「Aah, you’re the one from Kotone’s. O~i, Kotone. The person you were waiting for is here.」
「Ye~s. Ah, Ms. Sakiko, it’s been a while. So this would be the written approval but…」
「Who might you be?」

Uwah, she’s saying it with a completely straight face. Even I can’t stop my cheeks from twitching. Look, the owner’s smile is cramped like mine too. And it seems like Ms. Sakiko noticed her slip up. She’s pretty flustered.

Nonetheless, how many times is this reaction going to continue? And actually, Ms. Sakiko should’ve already seen Kotone without any makeup at home, right?

「I’m already somewhat used to this reaction, so it’s fine. So, what did mother say? Ah, this is a gift from the owner.」
「You really have changed. Owner, has lady Kotone been helpful?」
「So far, she’s been a great help behind the scenes. I plan to have her serve customers on the front once she’s formally hired but so far, there shouldn’t be any issues.」
「I see. The madam has told me that it will be permitted as long as you aren’t troubling the shop.」
「In that case, I only need to hand the document to you then, right Ms. Sakiko? Um, if possible, could you return it as soon as time allows?」
「No need, I’ve been authorized by the madam, so I will sign it here in her place…… Would this be alright?」

Yay, now I can hold a part-time job. After all, there’s really not much I can do at home and the more I stay there to pass time, the more I’ll end up spending on electricity and amusement. I’ll have to find a library later.

That’s so I can study and read books, it’s a perfect place for passing time.

「Lady Kotone, what are your plans after this?」
「Supermarket touring.」
「Come again?」
「My main goal is to assess the price range and grasp the times of the limited-time sales. Also, to buy a variety of accessories at a hundred yen store.」
「Ms. Sakiko, has this girl always been like this since the day she was born?」
「N-not at all. This is my first time seeing lady Kotone like this as well.」

It’s indispensable information for my life of economizing though. After all, how well I can find cheap but good quality ingredients is going to vastly change my eating life. Moreover, I’m not eating alone, so I need to be responsible.

If I’m going to feed other people, then I’ll have to make something that’ll be delicious.

「Kotone, you can have a break now. You’re still not officially hired after all.」
「Understood. Ms. Sakiko, please send my regards to mother.」
「Take care as well, lady Kotone.」

If I don’t get to the supermarket soon, I might miss the start of the limited-time sales. While I still have the foodstuff from my starting inventory, I need to at least get the information about the sales. It’s about to get busy now.

「Madam, I seem to be terribly exhausted.」
「What are you even talking about? So, how was the matter with Kotone?」
「It was her, but it wasn’t at the same time.」
「…… What do you mean by that?」
「Well, that’s the only way I can accurately describe her.」
「Again, what do you mean by that…….」

It goes without saying that the people of the Kisaragi household once again fell into confusion.


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