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Chapter 39 – Studies and Circumstances [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2548 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1237 words
Editor(s): Fire

I’m exhausted. Extremely mentally exhausted. Aya insisted that I call her by her given name and it was getting annoying to deal with her, so I did. Answering Aya’s request, I cooked stir-fried vegetables and the Class 3 people swarmed around. It looks like the word “moderation” doesn’t exist for their class. While dealing with them, we put away the dishes until lunch finally ended. I seriously don’t want to deal with that class ever again.

「You seem tired, should we skip today?」
「No, our time is limited, we don’t have the leisure to rest.」

Currently, I’m in the library with Kirigamine planning for the test. It’s a fact that we don’t have enough time. We have two weeks until the test. There’s five subjects, so we don’t even have enough time to allocate 3 days per subject. We can’t waste a single day.

「I never expected 3rd year class 3 to be that troublesome.」
「I’ve heard that they’re considered a peculiar class. It’s a mystery why someone of the Shimotsuki family is in that sort of class though.」

It’s because she’s the root of the problem. Still, it looks like she got the other students to hush about this, so there’s no leak of her information. How did she even manage a perfect cover up?

「Kirigamine, how does Shimotsuki Aya appear to you?」
「To me, she seems to be a quiet person, always observing things from a wider perspective. But isn’t this practically the student consensus?」

Yeah, I thought so. To think that it was just camouflage. If I see this facade of hers now, I’ll definitely find her suspicious.

「Oh? Kotone. Studying for the test?」

The voice I didn’t want to hear the most called me from behind, I reflexively let out a shriek. Why is she here!? She wasn’t on the counter when I got here. Was she organizing the books?

「A good day to you too, Kirigamine. Are your studies faring well?」

Uwah, it’s her perfect camouflage. The tender smile and soothing voice. But now that I know the truth, all of it looks awfully suspicious. And knowing that she can incite people with that voice of hers, I can’t help but feel cautious.

「Y-yes. Kisaragi has been watching over my progress.」

In reality, I haven’t taught her anything yet. She isn’t asking me anything, so I don’t know what to say. We’ll have to fix this too.


From Kirigamine’s blindspot, Aya gestured to me to look down. Since my phone vibrated just a moment ago, I wonder what she sent?

『You think I sound suspicious, don’t you?』

Don’t just read my mind! Stealthily checking underneath the table, that was what she sent. ‘How did she even send this?’ is what I thought but looking closely she’s fidgeting with her phone from a blindspot. I’m surprised she can properly type without looking at the screen. She has so many unneeded talents.

「Nonetheless, I didn’t expect you two to be so close, Kotone, Kirigamine.」
「A lot happened, you see.」

We caused such a big ruckus, so it’s public knowledge that Kirigamine and I were on bad terms. Even while studying here, we chose a spot where people don’t pass by much. After all, people would find it weird if they see us, who should be in conflict, studying together.

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「Ah, I’ve been a disturbance, haven’t I? Well then, I’ll excuse myself.」
『Tell me the details later.』
「Shimotsuki, good luck on your committee work as well.」

She stubbornly asked for my contact number, so I ended up telling her but I’m already regretting it. Our actual conversation and mail exchanges have no continuity at all.

『That’s fine, I’ll ask Kaoru then. Well, see you tomorrow~』

Kishita, run away! And so, the storm finally passed. She is part of the library committee, so she should still be here but since she excused herself, she probably won’t approach us again.

「That was exhausting……」
「You were acquaintances with Shimotsuki?」
「Today is the first time we’ve had a proper conversation.」

Nope, it wasn’t proper at all. She was just toying with me. I feel completely crushed, mentally. This is why I don’t want to deal with her.

「For future reference, Kisaragi, how many twelve family acquaintances do you have?」
「Hadzuki, Shimotsuki, and Fumidzuki. I’ve had some trouble with Udzuki and Nagatsuki hates me.」

As expected, I can’t really mention Satsuki here. But now that I’ve enumerated them, I guess I have some form of interaction with half of them. I’m surprised all this happened in less than half a year.

「Just what sort of person did I pick a fight with…」

She’s really regretting it now. I understand the feeling. Knowing how many of the twelve families I’m acquainted with, she’s probably realized how foolish her actions were. Still, I don’t have any intentions of abusing this. On the other hand, I won’t allow people to take unjustified revenge on me.

「That doesn’t really matter, does it?」
「D-doesn’t matter, you say? Don’t you ever think of using those connections?!」
「Keep it down, this is a library.」

We even chose this unpopulated spot, you know.

「If I were to utilize my relations with them, they’d cast me away. More than that, they’ll likely make use of me instead.」

Satsuki’s likely going to bring me down with him. Fumidzuki, I can probably do it if I tried, but taking advantage of Kotori would hurt my conscience. In regards to Hadzuki and Shimotsuki, only an idiot would try to make use of those walking hazards.

「Rather than that, wouldn’t building enjoyable amiable interpersonal relationships be better instead? There are some people that can only fully enjoy themselves at the moment, too.」

The president is the most fitting example. He’s already set to be the next family head. Which is why, while he’s still free now, he’s enjoying everything he’s doing to the fullest. But for those of us getting dragged into it, it’s no joke to deal with.

「Look, your hands aren’t moving. Also, if you’re stuck, then please ask me instead. We really don’t have much time left, after all.」
「I-I know.」

Thinking over the problems to have complete understanding is good. However, that’s only when you have the time. In our case, though, she needs to understand the subjects in a short amount of time, so the first priority is for her to understand how to reach the answer. Still, I’m thinking about what to do later on too.

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「Still, Kisaragi, you’ve really changed so much.」
「I get told that often. Also, just Kotone is fine. No need for formalities either.1

We’re the same age, so I don’t really like formal talk. Let’s have a more casual interaction. It’s not like I’m great after all, it’s the Kisaragi family maintained by our ancestors that’s great.

「Then I’ll do so. But in public spaces, I’ll call you the same as before.」
「Well, that can’t be helped, after all. I’m alright with that.」

I don’t think I’d ever be present in the sort of formal public setting she’s implying. After all, before I could decide whether I’ll be there or not, father will probably decline in my stead.

「Then, Kotone, about this one…」
「For that…」


  1. Lyly: Originally: “No need to call me with -san either”
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