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Chapter 38 – Behind Enemy Lines [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2584 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1269 words
Editor(s): Fire

Seriously, we only talk when I’m borrowing books. Well, information about me was probably leaked through that person.

「I got mail from big bro, you see. That he was having a barbeque party with Kisaragi family’s young lady.」
「And you replied?」
「’Cheating?’ was what I sent. 」

She’s free spirited in the head, huh. Would someone decent come already, please? Still, Mr. Shizuo’s message was bad, too. There wouldn’t have been suspicion if he had added that he’s with his wife.

「He replied that you were the wife’s wife, so it’s not a problem and I really couldn’t understand what that was about. But after talking through call, I completely understood.」

Don’t officially recognize it, Mr. Shizuo! These siblings smell like trouble. My instincts tell me that getting involved with them is going to end up terribly for me. Yep, this is bad.

「Geez, when I heard about it, I couldn’t stop laughing. You all were even fighting over the meats.」
「The two of them had not a hint of moderation, so there was no choice.」
「Uh-huh. Kotone, you have the same scent as I do. Someone absolutely not fit to be the noble lady type.」
「In my opinion, your facade is more than enough for passing off as one.」
「It’s so tiresome, you know? There’s surprisingly only a few times where I can be myself.」

Actually, showing this true self of hers in the world of high society would be bad. I can camouflage myself to some extent, but not as much as Shimotsuki. I’m impressed she can keep it up.

「Um, I’d like to ask something, do you have any intention of leading the Shimotsuki family?」
「Nope. No way.」

Immediate no, huh.

「Big bro and I were exempted due to personality issues. Our little sister will be the one succeeding. Thanks to me being a brilliant negative role model, she’s the only normal one.」

So she’s aware that she’s not normal, huh. Well, I do know that I’m an anomaly in the Kisaragi family as well. We’re similar in that regard.

「If Aya succeeds the Shimotsuki family, their house will cease to continue.」
「Those are fighting words there, Kaoru. Well, you aren’t wrong though. Ahaha!」

Wait, that’s not a laughing matter. And to the yet unseen little sister, I offer my sympathies. I’m sure you’ve been through a lot.

「Like so, since we have someone with a dual nature as well, you should be fine, Kotone. They won’t be overly suspect of you, you see.」
「Besides, Kaoru has been with you a lot, right? Then, there’s no problem. She is my favourite, after all.」

Due to the student council activities, I’m together with Kisaragi a lot. After all, if I acted alone, I’d likely be misunderstood. I guess this worked to my advantage then.

「But still, why didn’t you have any swimsuit photos? I was really looking forward to it too, you know?」
「I don’t think there’s much to look forward to, though.」
「In Kaoru and the secretary girl, there wasn’t really much to look forward to. So, I really had big expectations for you, Kotone.」
「Aya. Can we have a short talk for a moment?」
「I’m just telling the truth. Don’t be so sour.」

These two really get along well. With Kishita, I’m sure that things won’t escalate to a physical scuffle, but Shimotsuki is really enjoying the situation.

「Come on, you even got these jugs. Gotta show them off more often. There, there.」
「W-wait!? Please don’t suddenly grope my chest!」

What are you suddenly grabbing my breasts for! Because she did it without warning, I couldn’t react on time and defend myself. Actually, how long are you going to grope me?!

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「This, she’s got more than I do, huh.」
「Enough already, Aya. You’re troubling Kotone, you know.」

Kishita tore her off of me, thank you. My hands were full since I was holding rice balls and pork miso. It was really tough keeping them from spilling.

「Men! Are you satisfied!? My apologies for the girls’ lacking!」
「「「Thank you very much!」」」「「「Thank for the meal!!!」」」
「Umu, umu, bow before me.」
「「「Yes, ma’am!」」」

Really, what’s this farce? They really play along well. Seeing how only Kishita has a palm over her face, she’s probably been through a lot. Really, what is this feeling? She really reminds me of someone.

「Rather than a bit peculiar, they seem to be very abnormal.」
「It’s a peculiar class that didn’t shuffle students since 1st year, after all.」

It’s a highly problematic class, then? What did they do in the past that caused their class to get fixed with no student shuffling?

「In addition to having a problematic personality, Aya is good at inciting people. Though you can say that it was thanks to this that they won this year’s ball games.」
「Ha ha ha! I’ve heard about the photo collection from underground intelligence, you see. I then thought that we definitely have to snatch overall victory.」

Don’t give someone troublesome that sort of unneeded ability! I really want to yell this somewhere.

「Kishita, is this perhaps why you’re used to the president’s antics?」
「Yes, it’s Aya’s fault.」
「I have no idea why, but Hadzuki is avoiding me, isn’t he? Why though, seriously?」
「In my case, I’m grateful for it. If Aya and the president were to team up, even I would start running away.」

That explains why the president hasn’t come. And I completely get Kishita. If the two of them team up, there’s not telling what sort of bomb they’d turn out to be. I’d run away myself.

「Still, it’s such a waste. To have such great assets but not make use of them.」
「What are you even saying? Also, please stop staring!」

Stop staring at my breasts, just stop. Now I somewhat understand what Kaori was talking about. It’s sending chills down my spine. Gazes are scary. Rather, Kishita said that they’re like my class but this class is just different. Yeah, definitely different!

「Hey, hey, cook one more dish.」

And this one, just a free spirit. This is getting out of hand.

「I’m wholeheartedly glad that you haven’t been tainted by your class, Kishita.」
「Kaoru is our sole conscience. She’s also our tactician too, though.」

So you’re aware that you’re on a rampage, huh. Moreover, being appointed as tactician implies that Kishita has caused some trouble in the past, doesn’t it? I wonder what the truth behind it.

「…… It’s a stain of my past.」

Please don’t say that while looking away! I’m really curious about it, but I’m too scared to ask! Ah, crap. I’m right in the middle of the enemy camp, am I? I need to run away somehow.

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「I remembered urgent business I have to attend to, so please excuse me. I’ll be back to clean up the dishes.」
「You’re not going anywhere until you make another dish~. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to gobble you up or anything.」

My arm was grabbed, preventing my escape. I can’t believe a word you say, that’s what’s scaring me! Honestly, you just want to mess with me, don’t you?!

「Kotone, let me teach you how to handle things in these situations.」

As long as it improves this situation, I’ll do anything, so please say it quickly!

「As humans, acceptance is part of life.」

Could you not say that with blank eyes, Kishita?! That doesn’t improve anything, you know?! Rather, it’ll make things worse! This is getting me exhausted……


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