Chapter 39 – Studies and Circumstances [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2540 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1235 words
Editor(s): Fire

After that, it was just a normal lesson review. Aya didn’t come to mess with me either. Seriously, when she’s involved, it ends up being a disaster for me, so I’d really rather not. And after we finished, I noticed that I received a message as I was heading home.

「From Kishita, huh. What does it say?」
『I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep it a secret.』

Yeah, I knew it. As expected, she wasn’t able to stop Aya’s offense, huh. Hanging my head, I continued on my way home.

During the weekdays, I helped Kirigamine study, but when I came into the cafe this weekend, just as I expected, Kaori cried at me for help. Geez, couldn’t she have asked a bit earlier? We only have roughly a week left.

「Today, a friend of mine will be joining us, so study with her. I’ll step in to teach from time to time.」
「I’m really grateful. By a friend, you mean Miyako?」
「No. She’s a friend I met through certain circumstances. However, don’t flare up the moment you meet with her, alright?」
「Who the heck is she?」

The curiosity is just natural, but I’ve run out of time to respond. The shop is now open for business, so I have to start working. I picked this to surprise her, but it’s my mistake that I didn’t expect Kaori to act like that. Now, what do I do?

「…… What are you doing?」

Greeting her with my usual business smile, Kirigamine gave me a questioning stare.

「As you can see, I work here.」
「No, in the first place, I don’t understand why the daughter of the Kisaragi is working at a cafe.」
「You can’t eat if you don’t work, it’s the same everywhere, no? Please sit here.」

I secured the seat I reserved with the owner in advance. He gladly allowed it when I said that Kaori might join our study review too. I’m really curious about her previous grades now.

「You’re not answering the question.」
「If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll tell you.」
「I won’t. I’m in your debt, after all.」

If I’m being honest, I don’t really care if she tells others about it. It’s not particularly unusual for a high school girl to be living alone these days. Though there is a risk that some troublesome people will try to approach you. Especially for those in popular schools.

「I’m living by myself, so I don’t have money. I won’t be able to live comfortably if I don’t work.」

While sitting down, her mouth fell wide open, it looked pretty funny. This is a normal reaction though. It’s unthinkable for a high-status lady, one that participated in high society, to be in a situation where she’ll need to work to live. Which is exactly the situation I’m in.

「Eh? The rumors, it’s true?」
「I’m not disowned, to be exact. After all, I communicate with mother regularly and I have a good relationship with my siblings.」

The rumor about Kotone being disinherited by the Kisaragi family. I guess it’s pretty well-known. Though whether it was believed or not depended on the individual.

「What will you be ordering?」
「Then black tea. Still, if you’re working right now, then I really can’t ask you for help, can I?」
「Why do you think I lent you my notes to begin with? Besides, I’ll find spare time to teach you.」

I gave her the notes I’ve shown to my classmates for reviewing at home after group studies. I’ve told her to study at home using this as a reference. So she should be able to manage somewhat even without me.

「Kotone, what’s the meaning of this?」

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Turning around, standing there was Kaori carrying her study materials glaring sharply at me. Ah, she’s reacting just as expected, huh.

「Why is she there like it’s normal?」
「Because I’m helping her with her studies.」
「And why do you have to help her with her studies!?」
「We have an alignment of interests, I guess. Also, lower your voice, we’re in the shop.」

The owner is glaring at us, you know. Still, if Kaori tells the owner about our circumstances, how would he react? I’ve made a mistake. Maybe it would’ve been better if I didn’t invite her here. But in that case, I would have to choose between teaching Kirigamine or Kaori.

「And you too. After harrassing Kotone so much, you have the audacity to have her teach you, what’s wrong with you?」
「Kaori, stop. Cool your head for a moment.」

I pressed the wet towel I had on Kaori’s forehead. Physically cooling her head probably won’t do much, but it’s a matter of mood. I’ll have to calm her down first, or else we won’t get anywhere.

「Kirigamine and I have reconciled. The reason that I’m tutoring her is because if she doesn’t get high grades, I’ll be cornered into a terrible situation.」
「Terrible? How terrible?」
「Confinement level.」
「Sorry, I don’t follow. Why would her grades put you in that sort of situation?」

I guess I’ll have to explain in detail.

「Owner, could you give us a moment?」
「We just opened, so go ahead.」

Getting some time, I immediately explained the gist to Kaori. I excluded everything about Aya. There’s no way I could explain about her.

「How do I say this, your situation’s really complicated, Kotone.」
「For me, I’m just trying to live normally. But my pedigree’s following me everywhere.」
「Really difficult thing. Well in that case, let me ask you, Kirigamine. You don’t intend to mess with Kotone anymore, right?」
「Honestly, after listening to everyone, I really want to hit my past self. Since as it was then, I was headed to sure destruction.」

After all, every time she’d harass me, her reputation among one of the twelve families falls to rock bottom. It’s obvious that her current situation could be even worse. I guess it’s great that she realized it before it’s too late.

「If Kotone forgives you, then there’s nothing else I can say. So, studying, right?」
「That’s exactly why I had her come here, after all. Study together with her, Kaori.」
「Well, I have no choice but to do it, I guess. Since I’m the one asking for help here.」
「Umm, I’ve been wondering about this since some time ago but, Kotone’s speech pattern…」
「This is the real one. It’s more comfortable for me but it’s problematic appearance-wise.」

After all, if I talked like this to begin with, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people thought that I was actually someone else given plastic surgery. Still, I feel like my current class would adapt to it fast.

「I’m getting confused now.」
「Hmm, I’ve gotten used to it but is she really that different?」

Kaori didn’t personally know how Kotone was before, after all. Kirigamine, who probably saw Kotone in high society events, is feeling the confusion. Sorry that I’m like this on the inside, okay,

「Come on, study already. We don’t have much time left.」

It’s not the time for me to continue talking either. The customers are coming in, I have to receive them. For now, I’ll work while keeping an eye on them. It’d be a problem if they get into a fight after all.


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