Chapter 38 – Behind Enemy Lines [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2750 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1393 words
Editor(s): Fire

After that, Kirigamine and I made plans before going home for the day. On weekdays, we would have a group study at the library, while on the weekends we do it at the cafe. She asked why the cafe specifically, but I shook her off with a vague answer. Surprises are pretty important, after all.

「Shall we start then?」
「Let’s. If we don’t finish this fast, we’re not going to make it in time.」

Arriving punctually on time, I see Kishita there, already starting with the preparations. I didn’t expect her to come earlier than I would. She’s pretty enthusiastic about this, huh.

「Then I’ll be making rice balls.」
「I’ll handle the pork miso.」

This is also just as we discussed. It’s because if I do the pork miso, there’s a chance I’d get sloppy on the flavouring. It’s best to leave it to someone better than me. After all, I’d get to eat good food too.

「What fillings should I use?」

There’s various stuff here, after all. With salmon as a sure choice, I guess I’ll make salted plums, dried bonito flakes, kelp, and tuna mayo rice balls too. It’s better to have an abundant variation. The part where you can’t tell what’s inside after making them is part of the fun.

「This reminds me, is your neighbor’s breakfast alright?」
「I’ve already explained to her yesterday and gave her rice balls and a few side dishes before leaving.」

She seemed really downhearted, but we didn’t really have a choice. Akane understands it herself.

「I shouldn’t chain down Kotone, after all.」 she said. She really is a good person. Barring the wife treatment.

「Kishita, what fillings would you like?」
「I’ll have salmon and kelp, please.」

After making the necessary number, naturally, it’s time to make some for our breakfast. It doubles as a taste test, so it’s fine. What should I have? I guess I’ll go with a simple salted plum and salmon.

「Well, it’s a bit late, but shall we have breakfast?」
「Let’s. Attending classes without breakfast would be painful.」

As expected, making a lot really takes up a lot of time. In thirty minutes, we’ll have to be in our classrooms. What if we messed up with the flavors? We’ll have no choice but to try fixing it between breaks.

「Thank you for the meal.」

Hearing a voice that isn’t mine or Kishita’s, we turned around and, for some reason, Kozue was there like it’s just to be expected. I’m not asking when she came here. Since it’s just per usual. Still, why did you come to eat here?

「Because I was aiming for these.」
「I’ll have to make an additional two more, so please don’t take those without asking.」

Now I’ll have to make two more. She already picked up her share, so it’s too late to tell her to put it back. She is a student council member, so I don’t really mind preparing a share for her, but still.

「Let’s hurry up and eat. The fact that we don’t have much time left hasn’t changed, you know.」

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I’d really rather not attend class hungry. Thinking that the pork miso would get colder from the wait, I drank my soup without waiting for the two.

Slurp…… Delicious. As expected of Kishita’s work.」
「Kotone, you’re too fast. In these situations, isn’t starting together part of the fun?」
「The responsibility lies on Kozue.」
「Uweh. I can’t deny that, though.」

If Kozue hadn’t come here, I would’ve normally done so. Still, to think that she’d skip breakfast at home to come here. What were you expecting?

Munch, munch… Still, you seem pretty used to cooking, Kotone.」
「I cook for myself, so it’d be a problem if I can’t at least make a rice ball.」
「Well, yeah… But for me, since I can’t cook, it’s really impressive.」

It’s just shaping rice, though. While it’s true that it’d turn out craggy and unshapely if you’re not used to it, it should be fine enough for consumption either way.

「That aside, this is the first time I’ve had pork miso soup with such balanced taste.」

It’s basically a hotpodge after all, my pork miso soup. True, it does have a characteristic deliciousness to it, but I like this one better. Especially for breakfast. Flavor dense soup in the morning is a bit intense.

「Thank you for the praise. I’m glad that it suited your taste, Kotone.」
「Rather than suiting mine, it should suit 3rd year Class 3’s tastes.」
「Well, yes, but it’s really great to have the one you’re cooking with find your food delicious.」

I’m happy to hear that. Still, you made the pork miso alone, Kishita. All I did was make rice balls. Just shaping rice doesn’t change its taste. Unless there’s something really special as filling.

「Come now, if we don’t finish soon, there won’t be any time to wash the dishes.」
「Whoops, that’s right. Let’s speed up a bit.」

Stop talking with your mouth full, Kozue. Still, Kozue really is a free spirit. She’s even using her lack of presence for random stuff. But I’m really glad that no one else came. If Kaori or Kotori had come, I would’ve been forced to rebuke them. After all, just because we’re friends, doesn’t mean I can let them eat here.

「Well then, Kishita. See you again at lunch.」
「Yes. This event is finally ending this lunch, so let’s do our best.」

Surprisingly, the president didn’t show up. Is he busy? Or did he think that he’d just be in the way even if he did come? Yeah, probably not the latter. Well, he should be here at lunch. I’m sure of it.

As the morning lessons finished, I hurried to the H.E. room. It seems like the 3rd year Class 3 students still haven’t arrived yet. Kishita hasn’t arrived yet either. For now, I guess I’ll put on an apron and heat up the pork miso.

「I’m late.」
「It’s alright. There isn’t much preparations left, after all.」

Kishita arrived and after putting on an apron, we went to our respective duties. The 3rd year Class 3 students are now here, too. Rather, Kishita is from 3rd year class 3 herself.

「For the rice balls, it’s only two each person.」
「Why weren’t there any swimsuit photos?」
「We refused.」
「It’s a classic, you know?」
「I don’t care.」
「There’ll be one next time, right?」
「There won’t be a next time.」
「You can understand our pain, don’t you?」
「If this doesn’t end soon, you won’t be getting any lunch, alright?」
「「「We’re really sorry!!」」」

They’re a pretty hyper class. Kishita is handling them normally, she seems used to it. Staying absolutely quiet, I just silently serve pork miso soup. I’ve heard that the upperclassmen’s consensus of me hasn’t changed much, after all.

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「We should have just enough, don’t you think?」
「You don’t particularly have to force yourself to stay silent, you know. Like your class, this class is somewhat peculiar too.」
「Peculiar, is it?」
「Yes, thanks to a certain individual, we have a bit of immunity. That’s why, as you are right now, they’ll interact with you normally.」

In other words, they see the past me differently. Actually, who was it that caused them to gain immunity to this? The president is in a different class, right? Come to think of it, the president isn’t here.

「By that individual, you mean me?」
「Are you alright with not keeping your facade, Aya?」
「It’s just our class here, after all. And it’s not like Kotone and I are complete strangers, so it’s fine.」

Yeah, who is she, this person? She looks just like a person I know of but her aura is completely different. Weren’t you supposed to be a composed person with an adorable smile? Say, Shimotsuki?

「Who is she, this frank fellow here?」

Hearing what I said 「Wa ha ha!」 she laughed, but she’s like a different person. Not like I’m in any position to call her out on that.

「I can understand you suspecting a split personality scenario. This is Shimotsuki Aya’s true nature. But still, Aya, since when did you get so friendly with Kotone?」
「I’ve met Shimotsuki at the library before, but we never exchanged anything more than formalities.」


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