Chapter 37 – The Other Stage -Second Half- [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2485 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1195 words
Editor(s): Fire

Her battlegrounds are the upcoming end-of-term and post-summer midterm tests. And raising in rank just once might be seen as a mere coincidence, so she can’t miss both times.

「Besides, think about my case. I climbed from the lowest to top, after all.」

I was practically cheating though. Also, having a large time to review because of spring break played a large part. After all, even though I’ve already learned about it in the past, there’s also a lot I’ve forgotten.

「Don’t compare me with you.」
「Oh? Didn’t you imply that you are capable of doing what I can do, Kirigamine?」
「Giving hope, then playing with the person when they can’t refute, what a villain.」

Shaddap, prez. I’m trying to get her motivated right now.

「Aren’t you going to do your best for your parents’ company?」
「I will. I will… but even if I start working hard now, I won’t make it in time.」
「Hmmm, then how about this? I’ll tutor you in your studies. Despite how it may seem, everyone I’ve taught has raised in rank during the last test, you see. However, that’s one favor you’ll owe me. 」
「…… Can I ask you one thing?」
「What is it?」
「You, are you really Kisaragi Kotone? You’re so different from last year. Besides, why are you so helpful of me when I’ve been harassing you?」
「That makes it two questions, but anyways. For the first one, I really am Kisaragi Kotone. This, even my family acknowledges.」

The truth is I’m pretty much lying right now, but I can’t say it. It’s not the issue of me being the real one or not. It’s because I can’t prove myself either way.

「Secondly, it’s simply for my self-protection.」
「That’s right. If your company falls to ruin, I would be in danger.」

Honestly, I didn’t really think that Kirigamine’s company falling into financial trouble would affect me whatsoever. But after deeper reconsideration, I’ve realized that the resulting damage to me is likely to be enormous.

「Think about this carefully. You were harassing me. This was witnessed by many people during the ball games. And in the near future, Kirigamine’s company will go bankrupt. Now think of what sort of rumors this would result.」
「「…… Uwah…」」

It’ll seriously be some crazy rumors. The president and Kirigamine seem to understand this. On the other hand, Kishita doesn’t seem to get it that much.

「Kisaragi Kotone destroyed a company in retribution. That’s a nuke of a rumor.」
「B-but isn’t that overthinking it?」
「I realize that might be the case. However, this is still the worst possible outcome. If a rumor like that ever spreads, my future is likely at risk.」

The scary thing in high society is how distorted and mistaken rumors get spread. And that there are those that believe these to be the truth. Adding Kotone’s reputation to that and it gets a tinge of realism.

「And as a result, I might get confined. How I ever even destroyed the company would not matter. Being seen as such a dangerous character, I can’t imagine my father allowing me out free. Then, what to do? He’d likely find confining me to some remote place to be the best option.」

Those that believe it would probably think of making use of me. That’s why, if killing me isn’t an option, then isolating me would be the best. I’d absolutely hate that to happen.

「Kotone, aren’t you just being paranoid?」
「I’m simply thinking of the worst possible outcome at all times. And the chances of this conjecture happening isn’t that low, Kishita.」

Even me don’t want that sort of future to happen. And I understand being seen as paranoid. Still, thinking about it, it’s actually probable.1

「And so Kirigamine’s actions miraculously entwined hers and Kotone’s fates together. Kotone, I wish you good luck.」
「I seriously want to vent out on something. Why does it end up like this?」
「I didn’t intend for this to…」
「That, I do understand. You were just lashing out, weren’t you? You simply chose the wrong person. That’s why I’m proposing this plan.」

Whether she accepts it or not is completely on her. If she declines, then I’ll just think of other ways. Ways to lessen or, if possible, completely deflect the damage.

「I don’t know if I can do it or not, but please help me with the tests. But if I fail…」
「What point is there in thinking about failure this early in time? First, just make the effort. Whatever results it leads to, I won’t bear a grudge. Think about failure when it happens.」
「Those are manly words right there. As expected of Kotone, I suppose.」
「Um, president Hadzuki? Is she really Kisaragi Kotone? She seems like a reliable older lady right now.」
「Like said earlier, you shouldn’t look at people with prejudice. This is exactly why I scouted her.」

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For some reason, people tend to think I’m older. Though it is true that I’m not a highschooler on the inside. Still, I just have a tad more life experience compared to other people here.

「Now then, rice washing is done. How long should I set the timer?」
「Let’s have it at 5:30 am tomorrow. We’ll be gathering at 6:00, right?」
「Right. Kishita, how about yours?」
「I’m already done as well. All that’s left is to cook them tomorrow and we’re finished.」

So I guess all the groundwork is done now. Then there’s nothing left to do for the day.

「She doesn’t seem fazed about the situation at all.」
「Fearless, ain’t she?」

There’s no point worrying about it now, is there? Regardless of how I think about it, whether Kirigamine’s efforts result in success or failure, life will go on either way. Rather, it would’ve been terrible if I hadn’t heard this from her. My future would’ve been set without me knowing it.

「In that case, Kirigamine. I was thinking of discussing our future plans. Are you free today?」
「I’m free, but are you really okay with this?」
「I’m already in deep. Well then, president, Kishita. We will be leaving a step ahead.」

Seriously, it’s already too late to ask that. After all, I’ve already decided to help. She was a bit uneasy asking for confirmation, but don’t think that I’ll have second thoughts just because of that. I’ll strictly teach you without holding back.

「Major contender from the denial faction, secured. Nice going.」
「Kirigamine gradually started talking to her normally, too. I suppose that just shows Kotone’s personal virtue.」
「Still, I guess it’s her destiny to get into trouble at this point.」
「She’s clearly the worrying type, after all.」

After we left the H.E. room, the president and Kishita started chatting but I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. Now then, how should we set the tutoring now? Kaori or so will probably cry to me for help too, so I’ve got to have that considered as well. Just one test and this much chaos, huh.


  1. Lyly: Well yeah, your father literally doesn’t care about you

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