Chapter 37 – The Other Stage -Second Half- [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2217 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1146 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Still, it depends on one’s perspective. If there are people that want to bring her company down, you can say that her company is seen as highly valued.」
「But that doesn’t change her current situation either way, does it?」
「That’s true. In this situation where people don’t know what sort of person the current Kisaragi Kotone is, nothing can be changed.」

I guess that’s why it’ll be necessary for me to show myself in high society. Still, the Kisaragi family most probably wouldn’t allow it. Mainly father.

「With my current situation, rejoining high society is impossible.」
「I understand that too. That’s why I’m thinking that making public that Kirigamine is close with someone of the twelve families would be an effective alternative plan.」
「That’s impossible for me to do. Members of the twelve families are well-known for being cautious.」
「Well yeah, they get told a lot by their families, after all. Think carefully about the people you associate with and all that.」

Kotone’s never been told that, though. And Kotori is probably the same. She’s carelessly going along with Kotone, after all.

「Can’t you do it, president?」
「I don’t want to. It could result to a matchmaking discussion and that won’t be a laughing matter.」

What an annoying world. Still, this means that you can’t really bring up talks about people of the opposite sex being close, huh. Kotori probably wouldn’t like it if I brought the topic up. She got pretty angry last time, after all.

「So, is it checkmate then?」
「I suppose so. Well, that’s quite a shame, Kirigamine.」

Replying so with a smile, I can only see the president as a terrible villain. And the same probably goes for Kirigamine. She’s pale as a ghost after all, so it’s easy to tell. Still, there really isn’t anything I can do. Though I do think that the president still has some other plans.

「Kotone, I’ll be starting with the prepping for tomorrow.」
「Kishita, you haven’t chimed in the conversation at all.」
「It isn’t one that I can chime into, after all.」

True, people that don’t participate in high society events can’t follow the conversation to begin with, huh. Though even outside of that, Kishita is being cold to Kirigamine.

「B-but if I join the student council in place of Kisaragi Kotone, wouldn’t that change my…」
「That’s a no from me.」
「That isn’t an option.」

Since the president and the vice-president have shown their disapproval, there’s nothing I can say. Kirigamine starts visibly getting teary eyed.

「What’s so wrong with me joining!」
「I don’t really like the sneaky moves, you see.」
「I agree there. We are the ones that chose Kotone. If you have any issues with that, then feel free to complain directly to the student council.」

Without even showing sympathy, the two kick her down even more. Also, those answers probably have the scenario of what if Kirigamine is part of the student council considered.

「Besides, I do not believe that you are fit to handle activities of the current student council.」

From the fact she says “current”, Kishita really understands the situation. After all, the reason the student council’s activities have upped in difficulty is all the current student council president’s fault.

「Are you saying that I’m not capable of doing what Kisaragi Kotone can do?!」
「That prejudice itself is wrong. Besides, can you do preparations for events like today’s?」
「I-I’ll do my best.」
「That’s the same as admitting that you cannot do it right now. We would be gone faster before you can be capable of doing it. In other words, what we require are individuals that can be immediate assets.」

By what twist of fate did I fit that category? Still, the reason I’m a viable manpower is because of my past experiences. If I had been a normal highschooler I wouldn’t be able to do this. In a sense, you can say that I’m cheating.

「Then, what can I…」
「I suppose your only choice is to give up.」

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Demons, both of them. They definitely have some sort of alternative plan but won’t say it. They’re bringing her down as low as she can go. Though I’m not so innocent here, since I’m not speaking out either. Still, I’m starting to feel bad for her.

「Let me ask one thing, is it possible for the company to fall into crisis in just a year?」
「Probably not. But there’s no telling until it happens.」
「Then make the effort to get into the next student council. After all, I have no intention of joining the student council in the next term and I won’t be accepted anyways.」

It’s still the first term, but the major contender for the next student council is already decided, after all. I absolutely don’t want to work with that.

「Kirigamine will then enter a position that I can’t have. See, with that, your status will change.」
「The “extending a helping hand to the weakened and getting their gratitude” style. As expected of Kotone, like a villainess.」
「Shut up please, president.」

Someone’s doing a skit on the side, but ignore that. With a goal set, then all she needs to do is to work towards it. I don’t think the selection to be a student council member is so easy that you can enter without doing anything.

「But with my current reputation, that might be impossible.」
「You can simply improve your academics. That guy is pretty easy to please, after all.」
「You’re really saying that, huh. Well, I guess I do agree with that sentiment. Though I’m personally against him becoming the student council president.」
「I don’t want to be there with him as the president either.」

Nagatsuki’s reputation is terrible, huh. He’s a guy that simply takes rumors and appearances at face value, after all. For that reason, what he needs is an assistant that can properly evaluate other people, but he doesn’t have one right now.

「If you improve your academics, it will consequently raise his opinion of you. I’m an exception to this, so don’t mind me.」

Even if he sees my grades, he’ll just suspect foul play anyways. If he could just widen his horizons, he could improve himself though. Also, if he properly looks at the reality of things, I guess.

「I was 46th place overall last test, but that’s not enough, is it?」
「That’s right. At the very least, it would be best to aim for 20th and above. But getting 10th or above would be the safest bet in my opinion.」
「That’s impossible, impossible! Improving my grades that much in a short time isn’t possible! I only have two chances left.」
「Incidentally, you probably can’t join unless you get a high place in both times.」


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