Chapter 35 – Ball Games? [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2429 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1267 words
Editor(s): Fire

Cutting through the air, I pedaled at maximum speed and finally reached the headquarters. The reason I was hurrying was naturally because my lunch break was cut shorter. Seriously, what was that girl’s plan? She clearly ruined her own reputation.

「I’ve brought the scores.」
「That took longer than expected, did something happen?」
「There was just a bit of a problem. It’s related to why the game was prolonged.」

Since I did use my student council authority, I reported the details to Kishita who was waiting here. While she listened, her expression gradually grew grimmer over time but was there really something to be that bothered about?

「Kotone, your shirt is drenched in sweat, you underwear is visible.」

That’s why your expression got grimmer, huh. Well yeah, I opened my chest area to let air flow in, after all. Just this much isn’t embarrassing, so I casually zipped the chest area. Besides, there was only a little you could see.

「You weren’t playing looking like that, were you?」
「Kishita, that’s quite skillful of you, to make a smile look so scary.」
「With enough practice, you can do it too, Kotone. Also, you haven’t answered my question.」
「I was only sweaty because I was on the bike.」
「Geez, please have more caution. Also, let’s head to the school infirmary.」
「With just this much, I can go by myself.」
「After hearing what happened earlier, I currently can’t let you go alone.」

Since the principal brought the girl with him, there’s probably no possibility of her pulling anything. If I had to point out a problem, it would be those kids that followed her. I don’t think they have the guts to do such a thing like her boldly, though.

「It should be fine. Besides, you’ll waste a portion of your lunch time, Kishita.」
「I don’t mind. After all, the same goes for you too, Kotone. And since we have the opportunity, let’s eat lunch together?」
「Then I’ll come along for lunch as well.」
「Kozue, where did you just come from?」
「I was always here. Just that nobody noticed me, as usual.」

As per usual, I guess. The way she really doesn’t care about it at all is honestly amazing. Normally, it wouldn’t be strange for her to develop a complex about it.

「I understand. Then let’s go now and have our lunch.」

As we continued talking, our lunch time continued to pass. I really hope it isn’t crowded in the infirmary, but these sorts of athletic events tend to cause injured people and slackers occupy the infirmary.

「Teacher Saeki, we’ll be borrowing the first aid kit.」
「Don’t use it as you please. Show me your injuries.」

Since she’ll probably be busy, I decided to do it by myself and I was scolded. On closer inspection, there’s no other students in the infirmary. Teacher Saeki seems to be in the middle of lunch, so she doesn’t look particularly busy.

「It’s surprisingly empty here.」
「Because it’s lunch break now. There were quite a number of people earlier this morning. It seems like everyone’s participating aggressively this year.」

Just how motivated are they to win the prize. Hearing Teacher Saeki’s words, the two, Kishita and Kozue, had an awkward expression. They probably didn’t imagine things to go this far.

「I’ll apply the disinfectant now, it’s going to hurt.」
「Uuu, that stings.」
「I told you so. Lastly, put this bandage on and it’s done. Pretty mild compared to your previous injuries, don’t you agree?」
「I don’t think it’s fair to use it for comparison.」

I don’t want injuries that would make me unable to properly stand with my feet to be my standard. The injury this time, I don’t really see it as much of an injury. It’ll heal by itself when left alone after all.

「Still, you’ve gotten quite close with the student council.」
「Temp I might be, I am a student council member, after all.」
「As someone who knows you from last year, I somewhat have a hard time grasping it. I’m sure you can understand my sentiment, though.」
「I’m the one having the hardest time grasping this, if I’m being honest. Taking last year into consideration, there’s really no way I should be able to join them, even by mistake.」

And the reason I could join the student council was definitely the principal. If that guy hadn’t handed me to Kishita, I would have never come into contact with the president. Or at least I want to think so. That president, he’s surprisingly light on his feet, so I might just meet him normally though.

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「But Kotone, you’ve gotten quite used to the student council, yes?」
「Dealing with that student council, I’d get used to it whether I like it or not.」

Before I could feel nervous and tense, I’d get a quip in. Right now, I don’t really feel any respect towards the president. Lately, he’s gotten even more bothersome. Though in terms of being annoying, there’s probably no one that could top that person.

「With how Kisaragi is now, I can understand why you were accepted. Still, I can’t help but wonder what my troubles last year were for.」
「I’m really sorry for all the trouble.」
「If you’re feeling remorseful, then could you do me a bit of a favor?」

Please don’t make it something related to alcohol. It’s clear that my savings are going to be drunk dry with the speed of a blasting rocket, after all. If it’s anything other than that, then I wouldn’t mind but I wonder what it’ll be? I was led some distance away from Kishita and Kozue.

「There’s a fireworks display this August, right? I’d like to ask you to cook me something to eat for the occasion…」
「Something like a bento?」

Does she want me to deliver her a bento on the spot she reserved? I don’t particularly mind doing that much. After all, if Teacher Saeki’s going, Akane will probably get invited to, which will inevitably lead to me being made to participate too.

「For me, I’d prefer food that pairs with alcohol. Also, I won’t be watching fireworks from the display venue but at Akane’s room as we usually do.」
「It’s visible from there?」
「It’s actually really visible from there. There aren’t food stalls nearby, so we always buy a bulk of side dishes to pair with the drinks. After all, Akane’s cooking skill is what it is.」
「I see. In that case, I don’t really mind if you use my room. Akane is likely going to watch from my room after all.」
「Just how often does she go there…」

She even wants to sleep in my room, after all. I’m recently starting to suspect that Shizuo might be trying to have me take care of Akane too.

「Still, isn’t it a bit early to talk about August plans?」
「It’s because if I don’t get a hold of you as soon as I can, you’re probably going to have your schedule filled. Like, by them.」

Ahh, Kishita is a plausible contender, huh. She did say during the photoshoot that she always goes to the fireworks display. She might invite me out, but I feel like she’d come with the president as a set.

「Now then, let’s continue this chat at a later time. We still haven’t gotten lunch, you see.」
「Just to inform in advance, make sure to ready a lot of edamame.1


  1. Lyly: Green soybeans. Likely eaten similarly to a peanut.

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