Chapter 35 – Ball Games? [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2409 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1241 words
Editor(s): Fire

This was the moment I realized that I might have been too rash. What do I do with the ingredient expenses? I’m sure she’ll also ask for more than just edamame and I can’t really ask her for money this late now.

「Now then, where shall we eat?」
「The student council room should be good. We might waste time just finding a good place, after all.」

Let’s forget about it and have lunch. Even if I think about it now, August is when I’ll actually need to take action. Until then, it’ll be necessary to plan and decide on things, but there’s no need to rush, is there?.

「Earlier, what were you and Teacher Saeki talking about?」
「I was asked a small favour.」

After finishing lunch, Kishita asked me about it so I gave a decently vague answer. I can’t say that Teacher Saeki is coming to my room, a student’s room, during summer break. I do trust Kishita and Kozue, but just to be safe.

「I was sure I heard something about fireworks display and so on…」

Why is she awfully stuck on this? Also, I’m surprised that she could overhear our secretive low volume whispering.

「Do I really have to talk about it?」
「I’m extremely curious about it. Particularly, if there’s relevance to fireworks displays.」

Just how much do you like fireworks displays? And I don’t think she’s going to back down until I answer. Kozue is drinking tea without a care in the world. The contrast is amazing.

「We just promised to meet for the fireworks display.」
「Do you have a personal connection to Teacher Saeki?」
「My neighbor is a close friend of Teacher Saeki. She’s what connects us.」
「Incidentally, where will you be viewing from?」
「…… My room.」

I didn’t want to say it, but I lost to Kishita’s stare. For some reason, it’s scary. I don’t know why it’s scary, but it feels different from the intensity I’m used to.

「Is it visible from there?」
「That, I don’t know. I haven’t viewed fireworks from my room yet, after all.」
「Can I come along?」
「Please don’t.」

For a student to come to a place where a teacher is, that’s bad, isn’t it? I know that I’m not in the position to say it. It’s exactly because of that, I don’t want to add more victims to the drunkard’s den.

「I can share what we talked about to the principal, you know?」
「Kishita, you’re so relentless. Rather, your character is changing. 」

I never thought she’d be the type to use any means for the sake of fireworks. And please, just don’t tell the principal. While she might not know about the principal and Teacher Saeki’s relationship, I’m going to have a terrible time getting involved in this. It’d be bad if he comes to my room too.

「Still, if you’re going to view from my room, going to stalls and so won’t be possible.」
「I don’t mind that. My main goal is the fireworks, after all.」

I see. Also, are there any other reasons? Mainly ones that will stop Kishita from coming.

「If the president comes along, I can’t allow it.」
「I’ll chase him off.」

She’s really not giving up. Besides, I feel a bit bad about the president being instantly chased off. I’ll just think of it as the consequence of his bad habit. Uhhmm, I give up. After all, if I drag this conversation for too long, it’ll just end up messy.

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「Then, in exchange, please lend me a hand.」
「A hand in?」
「Preparing dishes. There will be other people coming too, so for that reason I want help. Though it’s likely that we’re mainly going to prepare bar food-types.」
「In that case, I’m alright with it. I accept. Kozue, what about you?」
「I think there’ll be an event for my MMO, so I can’t come.」

She’s addicted. She probably won’t leave her house for the whole summer break. Everyone’s free to decide on how they spend their time but that really sounds unhealthy.

「In that case, please tell me your apartment address later, Kotone.」
「Understood. And since we’re doing this, why don’t we discuss about the prize at my room?」
「That’d be great. The president really complicates things at the student council room, after all.」

That, I agree with. While here we just want to make normal stuff, with the president, he’ll likely ask for something crazy. Still, we do have to rely on the president in regards to the ingredients.

「Still, I’ve been hearing that this year’s ball games is quite hyped, but is it really that much different from last year?」
「As you’d expect, you can usually find a lack of enthusiasm in some games but this year, there’s not much in terms of that.」

Incidentally, the reason why I know nothing about last year’s ball game event is because Kotone was skipping school. Thanks to that, I had to work while having no idea of what this was but with the student council’s information, I understood the event. In regards to other events, it’s a similar thing.

「What do you think the most wanted prize is?」
「I loathe to admit it, but it’s likely to be the photo collection. After all, in regards to the catered lunch, it’s only the upperclassmen that know about it.」

I know, right? I have no idea why it’s so popular, but it’s the main star this time. Getting motivated to this extent just because of a prize, humans are really self-interested.

「Then it’ll be terrible if we make something bad.」
「We really need to make sure not to disappoint them. It’s a heavy responsibility.」

Even after the ball game event is finished, that doesn’t mean that Kishita and I are freed. Why do we have to feel so much pressure because of the president’s tyrannical sudden idea?

「Now then, our lunch break is about to end soon, so why don’t we go now? Since you’re injured Kotone, no need to push yourself this afternoon.」

Due to her accompanying me, her break time was cut short. Sorry. Besides, this sort of injury doesn’t even count as an injury.

「But what exactly are we going to do for the afternoon? 」

Since almost all the preliminaries are done, all that’s left are the finals league. Our class was eliminated in all the preliminary matches, so there’s nothing I can help with. No matter how I mince it, I’m bored.

「If I remember right, the scores that needed tallying have decreased, so it’ll probably just be setting up the closing ceremony. If you want to, you can also go and watch the league finals.」

Is that really all we need to do? I heard that it’d be easy to do, but when the time to work came, it was actually pretty physically intensive work. It might be even more exhausting than the games.

And this afternoon, the games, or rather the ball games event as a whole has ended. The overall winner was 3rd year Class 3. The way they held up their prizes: the photo collection and the lunch invitation ticket, seemed pretty comical. And then, as we went back to our classroom and finished homeroom, a scream was heard from the floors above.

「「「Why isn’t there any swimsuit photos?!!」」」

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