Chapter 34 – Sportsmanship? [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2628 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1328 words
Editor(s): Fire

That’s a pretty painful excuse. After all, she clearly adjusted her direction as she charged into me and other people could see it. In addition, it seems like she actually tripped my feet earlier when I fell.

「Was she serious saying that?」
「She’s serious about it, which is why it’s an issue. The reason she’s like that is just because she’s jealous of Kisaragi, though.」
「What’s with that? Then Kisaragi’s not at fault.」
「She thinks that she’s better than Kisaragi. So she likely doesn’t like how you were endorsed by the student council president and you’re thriving in the games despite of that fact.」

It’s completely a personal grudge. Now I understand the previous incident too. She didn’t like seeing me going in and out of the student council room, so she stopped me. And she didn’t want to give a direct motion of no confidence since she didn’t want to be scowled at by the president, or so.

「I’m surprised she’s not isolated in her class.」
「She does have a sort of faction(?) of her own, you see. Since she’s pretty decent as long as you’re not in the picture.」

This is the first time I’ve heard of there being factions in this academy. In regards to class 4, it’s basically the ‘warmly watch over Kotori’ group. Still, it’s taking so long. Can’t we just continue the game already?

「If you aren’t interested in participating seriously, then leave the court.」

The principal suddenly appeared. I knew that he was touring around the venues, but since when did he come here? But, now that I think of it, our game is practically extended, so this might actually be the last game in the morning.

「But the referee-!」
「I have been watching this game as well, and it’s clear that your actions were intentional. Everyone in this venue saw it.」

You were here from the start? Also, the girl has clearly lost her cool. In this situation, it’s evident that talking back to the principal isn’t of any merit.

「Principal, do you intend to defend Kisaragi as well?」
「I do not intend to side with particular individuals. Moreover, haven’t you realized that your actions are interrupting the continuation of is game?」
「I’m hungry.」
「Kisaragi, could you keep quiet for a moment?」

I mean, I’m seriously hungry, you know? Besides, I need to bring this score back too and I also have to get myself treated at the infirmary. I know that my lunch time is getting chipped. Don’t worry, they won’t hear us from here, you see?

「Kukuku, you really have changed, Kisaragi.」

The person that came to apologize is trying to hold back their laughter. It’s been a while since the game was interrupted. My irritation is starting to settle down, I don’t care about it anymore. Can’t we hurry up and continue yet?

「At this rate, we will be forced to consider your class as disqualified.」
「I wouldn’t mind that.」

That’s the pinnacle of her arbitrariness. Naturally, the person who came to apologize panicked. Just how much blood has rushed to her head for it to not work normally anymore? Still, I don’t want that sort of end either. It’s just too ungratifying.

「Principal. Her actions do not represent the views of her classmates. Rather, we just want to continue playing already.」
「Even though you could have an easy win instead?」
「Winning in that way honestly wouldn’t make me happy. Besides, the others wouldn’t be satisfied with that.」

Hearing my words 「That’s right! That’s right!」 Those voices echoed from the audience. We finally got this far in the match and yet just because of someone’s nonsense, we’ll get a victory via disqualification. There’s nothing interesting about that. If we’re doing it, let’s do it at full force until the end.

「I don’t want to force this hand, but I will be speaking as a student council member. We are running out of time, so I would appeal for her substitution to resume the event.」

This might worsen my image, but I’m going to use my authority here. We’re never going to get anywhere arguing non-stop like this. If that happens, it’ll even affect the afternoon games. This complete postponement must be stopped.

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「Don’t you decide by yourself!」
「You, pipe down for a moment. Kisaragi has raised a valid point. Students, everyone, do you agree with her!?」

As if to answer the principal’s voice, loud clapping filled the venue. Okay, with this, we’ll be able to continue the game. All that’s left is what to do with the problem child, but I’ll just throw her wholesale to the principal. It won’t probably end well for me if I stick my nose into her business.

「Then I’ll leave the rest to you.」
「I will take the girl with me. I hope you can make a turn-around.」
「I’ll do my best.」

I just voluntarily pushed victory away, but it can’t be helped. My classmates probably weren’t going to be happy with getting victory like that either. Minagawa, in particular, would likely be upset about it. That would invalidate the challenge after all.

「I’ll be going more aggressively, so I’m sorry if I get a foul.」
「Don’t worry about it. The other team is back with full members, so we’re not going to make a reversal unless we do that much.」

In conclusion, we lost. I thought that the interruption lowered everyone’s enthusiasm overall but on the contrary, this heated up for some reason, and it ended up being such an amazing game. Everyone was desperate to take the ball, so the game got pretty rough, but it ended up being an impressive match.

「Haa, haa, that was really intense.」
「Starting from the last two minutes, it wasn’t an academy ball game anymore. That was some grand finals level of play.」

While wiping my sweat, I looked up and saw Kaori right before me. Did she come to watch? I didn’t notice her at all.

「Moreover, it’s crazy that you’re wearing long sleeves in the middle of the hot court, Kotone.」
「You know my reasons, right? I really can’t play with the wristwatch on, after all. It’d be awful if it broke.」
「If it does, just have it fixed.」

If you think of how much that watch is worth, it’s not that easy to do. Still, Kaori doesn’t know about that watch, huh. I wonder how that wristwatch got into the cafe to begin with?

「Still, it’s such a waste that you’re not in any sports club.」
「You’re welcome to join the basketball club, you know.」
「That’d be a great help. You’re sure to be an immediate team asset.」

Minagawa and the person that apologized earlier were inviting me, but I refused. Timewise, I don’t have the leeway. Besides, the student council members aren’t allowed to join clubs.

「I’m in the student council, so I can’t. Now then, I need to gather the scores. See you later.」

I rode my bicycle and headed to the headquarters. The wind feels really good on my warm body. I exposed my chest a bit to allow airflow, so even with the long sleeves, it’s breathable.

「This time’s incident should have fixed Kotone’s public image, don’t you think?」
「It’s practically on the positive side at this point, honestly.」
「Even for me, who’s from a different class, what happened this time gave a favorable impression. She knows how to be a good sport.」
「So, about the girl, what do you think is going to happen to her?」
「Since it’s Kotone, I don’t think she intends to do anything in particular, but… There’s still the principal, after all.」

None of the three expected this conversation to later become a flag. I myself only heard about this conversation after we triggered the flag. Why does that principal cause some bothersome incident everytime?


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