Chapter 33 – Increasing Enthusiasm [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2394 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1197 words
Editor(s): Fire

The cheering from my class is pretty amazing. While that was on my mind, I was sprinting full speed. Like I’d be able to hit a home run in a field as wide as this. What really saved me was that I was able to run smoothly while the outfielders were being slow. They likely assigned the people with little experience in baseball to the back.

「Home in, score.」

Maybe because their pitcher is good, their outfielders are pretty bad. Before the ball got back to the infield, I was able to home in. Well, that was my first inside-the-park home run. I’ve seen it happen occasionally in elementary baseball games though.

「I’ve successfully avenged us.」
「Nice batting! Well, that was an unexpected run. It’d be even better if the next guy can follow through.」
「Strike! Batter out!」
「And that’s the end.」
「An unfortunate course of events. The pitcher was just too good. Sorry too, Kisaragi.」
「Don’t worry about it. It made of a good memory.」

It’s my life’s first ever home run, after all. If everyone was an experienced player, the most I could go for was probably third base. Outside of an opportunity like this, it would probably be impossible.

「Well then, I’ll be collecting the scores and returning now.」
「Good luck!」

Saying goodbye to my classmate, I ride my bike and travel again. While I’m at it, I let out a cheer for Sachiko and Kotori. Still, I can’t imagine Kotori performing well in the games at all. She’ll probably be swung around by the bat.

After that, while I was going around the venues and collecting the scores, I was really surprised to see everyone being highly motivated overall. Normally, it wouldn’t be strange for some to be unenthusiastic.

「I’ve gathered the scores.」
「Good work. How was the game?」
「Unfortunately, my class lost. The opposing pitcher was good, they couldn’t do anything against him.」
「The enthusiasm is just different this year, after all. There’s a lot of classes seriously assigning their experienced classmates.」
「Why are the students so filled with motivation this year?」
「Well of course it’s because they’re aiming for the first prize. Even I wouldn’t have joined the executive committee if I had known what would be the prepared prizes」

The executive committee people have been with me several times for the meetings, so they’re quite used to me. Which is why I can have a normal conversation with them. Still, I didn’t expect the prizes to be so desired.

「Is it really that enticing?」
「It’s a premium after all. There haven’t been any prizes like this up until now and moreover, as a girl, I’d be able to keep a cosplay collection of the student council president without any reservation. I’d seriously go for the win.」

I’m slightly taken aback. Talking passionately is nice and all, but I can’t keep up. And yeah, the excitement when the prizes were explained at the opening ceremony was crazy. The president and Kishita are so popular.

「Kisaragi, you have a copy too, right? Any chance you could give it to me?」
「Nope. Besides, that’d be foul play, so I can’t.」
「I see… Still, I’m pretty sure the third years are the most likely to have the overall victory.」
「Oi, what are you trying to get ahead for!」
「That’s right! We want to have those too! There might be even swimsuit pics…」

No there aren’t. Still, I was told not to talk about the contents of the photo collection. Since it’s more interesting that way. True, the boys are breathing from their noses from the possibility of acquiring swimsuit photos. When it doesn’t even exist in reality.

「Umm, is it fine stop right now?」

While the executive committee members were arguing about the prizes, the scores were still coming in. Since most of the games are being done in only half of their original time, they end pretty quick. Because of that, the people going all around on bicycles are starting to get sweaty.

「The preliminaries are going to end in a while, so it’s fine. More importantly, can we really not talk about what’s on the photos?」

「No. Actually, aren’t you all executive committee members too accustomed to me?」
「The first time we met you really changed your impression after all. What was with your skit with the president back then?」

Kishita and I were just stopping the president from doing something stupid, that’s all. While it’s a daily occurrence in the student council, it probably seems unusual for other people. He does look decent on the outside, that president.

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「She’s an important stopper for the student council, you see. If she leaves, I wouldn’t be able to bear it all by myself.」
「Kishita, good work. Still, you were able to stop the president alone up until now, so even without me…」
「Then think of it this way. What if you’re the only one in the student council that can stop the president?」
「…… That’d be stressful.」

You’re amazing, Kishita. I can’t believe you endured it alone for so long. If it was me, I likely would’ve gotten sick of it and left the student council. Still, there are some fun parts, that’s for sure.

「If it was me, I’d probably allow the president whatever he wants.」

Executive committee girl, that’ll just cause chaos. He only looks good on the outside and is really different from his public image. Which is the same for me too. However, my image is on the negative side.

「Kisaragi! Help!」

While we were chatting with the executive committee girl for some reason, a classmate called me. Now what game am I being called to next? Let’s see, the ones that are still ongoing are basketball and soccer. Both of them have a fixed schedule, so it’s going as planned.

「We’re having trouble with basketball! Minagawa said to call you for help!」
「Kishita. Would there be any issues if I go?」
「It should be fine. And please gather scores while you’re at it.」

Since I’ve gotten permission, I need to go now. Since they said they’re having trouble, then that means the first half is about to end. The game is only two quarters, so I might not make it if I don’t hurry up.

「Guess I’ll slam the pedal.」

In these sorts of situations, it’s nice to have a bicycle. The worst enemy for the people playing multiple games is the travelling distance between the venues. It’ll eat up all your stamina. And when that happens, you’re not in any position to be helping.

「Uwahh, they’re losing pretty hard.」

The point difference is 12 points, huh. While the second half hasn’t started yet, with the first half being like this, the gap might just widen in the second half. Will me joining really change anything?

「I guess I’ll do what I can.」

For now, I need to tell my classmates that I’m here. I was surprised by the unexpected amount of audiences but I really hope that there won’t be any booing.


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