Chapter 26 – Image Reinforcement Plan [3]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2348 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1162 words
Editor(s): Fire

Honestly, there’s really no one I can ask about it. I could ask help from mom, but I’ll have to go to the family mansion and if I call Misaki, it’ll just be annoying. Because of that, I don’t have any plans on practicing that for now.

「Oi, isn’t it about time you release the vice-president and the others?」

While we were chatting, someone suddenly stood by our table. It’s Nagatsuki, the main cause for why this time’s incident got out of hand. Since Kotone has picked a fight with him often, he’s on the top of the list of the people who can’t be reconciled with easily. And currently, he’s having a big misunderstanding.

「What might you be implying? We’re simply having an enjoyable chat. Isn’t that right, Kotone?」
「That’s right. In fact, I was the one snatched up here by them.」

A lot of students saw me being forcefully dragged here. Nagatsuki likely wasn’t among them. And hearing Kishita’s words, Nagatsuki faltered. Naturally, since he’s misunderstood the situation.

「Hasn’t Kisaragi seized control of the student council?」
「Actually, I’m the one that was seized. By that guy.」

To the direction I pointed was the president, watching us with unbridled interest. Seeing me pointing, he happily waved his hands but please stop with the 「Yah~hoo~」, it seriously attracts attention.

「Also, this is a warning from the student council concerning yesterday’s incident. Do not act based on your bias.」
「It’s not a bias if Kisaragi is involved.」

That’s exactly what a bias is. I’m aware that, yes, Kotone’s behavior when Nagatsuki met her was bad. And I’m also aware that he doesn’t want to recognize that I’m different. That’s exactly why I didn’t want to come in contact with him. I’d apologize if he wanted me though.

「Kotone is a part of the student council. Realize that your actions are of detriment to the student council.」
「Vice-president, why are you covering Kisaragi? To begin with, her actions from last year makes her unfit for the student council 」
「Regarding my behavior from last year, I’m aware that what I did was wrong. I apologize for the great troubles I’ve caused you, Nagatsuki.」

I stood from my chair and gave a sincere bow of apology. This one action caused the loudest ruckus within the cafeteria today. No one probably expected Kotone to lower her head to someone. Still, it’s meaningless if it’s not done with an apology.

「Hmph, what’s an apology worth this far late? I don’t trust you at all.」

If apologies don’t go through him, then I give up. I know that the rift between us is deep. And already knew full well that reconciliation with Nagatsuki isn’t going to be easy. After all, Kotone was stubborn with Nagatsuki back then for some reason. I don’t have memories of those times. So it’s probably something impulsive.

「Even if you don’t trust her, the student council has full trust in her. Isn’t that right, president?」
「She’s so talented that I invited her myself, after all. So if we receive a vote of no confidence against her simply due to some weird rumor, why, even I’d get angry.」

To begin with, president, when did you get here? Moreover, I can’t even imagine what you, a member of the twelve families, would do if you get angry, so please don’t. Also, since when did I get the full trust and support of the student council?
Rather, this situation is staged, isn’t it?

「Aren’t you pretty supportive of Kisaragi, president Hadzuki.」
「Nagatsuki. It’s best that you stop meddling with Kotone too much. Her side is quite powerful, you see?」

Powerful, eh? That’s a pretty apt description. The student council, the principal, Fumidzuki, and several of the teachers are on my side within the campus. So while it’s not really public knowledge, everyone who knows this wouldn’t have the courage to mess with me. Though it’s exactly because Nagatsuki doesn’t know that he’s right here.

「Besides, if Kotone actually does something bad then we’re not above condemning her.」

Rather, the principal will probably pass his judgment and expel me from the academy. That’s what he promised my mother after all. So I’m honestly in a situation where I can’t cause any problems at all. Nobody knows it though.

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「Now then, Nagatsuki. If I’m being honest with you, you’re currently in a pretty disadvantageous position.」

Right now, the student council president, vice-president, and the secretary is present. Moreover, everyone is shooting daggers at Nagatsuki. It’s clear who’s on the losing side here. And Kaori, who knows the current me, and my acquaintances in the cafeteria are glaring at him too. With so many people against him, how will he move next?

「Hmph, just pray that you won’t get betrayed.」

He gallantly left. Well, leaving is the best option in this situation. Rather, this all happened so visibly out in the open, this situation was definitely arranged by the student council.

「President, good job.」
「Honestly, I already imagined that he would appear eventually, but I didn’t expect that it would be the first day.」
「Still, it’s great that this got out of the way quick.」
「True enough, Kaoru. With this incident, we’ve officially made it public that I was the one who scouted Kotone and that the student council isn’t being controlled by Kotone. Moverover, we’ve also insinuated that we’re on her side. With all of this, there should be a decrease of people picking fights.」

Hearing their words, I knew it. This was all a set up. I could only let out a sigh. Perhaps reading my mind, Kaori patted me on the back. Maybe I really was hasty in joining the student council.

「With that, I once again look forward to working with you, Temporary Officer Kisaragi Kotone.」
「Alright, alright. I will try my best to be of good use at the very least. President Hadzuki Shunichi.」

Well, I’m indebted to the president now. With this, I can’t just easily say I want to quit the student council anymore. It pisses me off that I’m just dancing on the palm of his hand but it can’t be helped this time around.

「Well then, see you here again tomorrow, Kotone.」
「We’re continuing this!?」
「Just a single day won’t be enough to cause a change. Ah, how about you, Kaori?」
「I will be eating with my classmates tomorrow, so I will be declining.」
「Wha-!? Kaori!?」
「I didn’t expect this much attention, you know. It’s like I’m being sacrificed here too.」

Even I realize that I’d be getting the panda treatment! Which is exactly why I wanted to at least drag someone else with me.1 I have to find someone, anyone. I can’t take it just by myself. I should invite Aiba tomorrow. She’d be surprised by the lunch lineup though.


  1. Lyly: Oh, lol

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