Chapter 26 – Image Reinforcement Plan [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2355 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1152 words
Editor(s): Fire

「If we do this everyday, it should result to considerable improvement.」
「Kotone. This Kishita, she’s surprisingly brutal.」
「This is my first time seeing Kishita like this too.」

So she’s the type that isn’t choosy with her methods, huh. I guess for the president, this kind of vice-president is best. This doesn’t really make me any happy about it right now though! Besides, how long will I continue eating lunch here?

「Come to think of it, you’re quite close to Kaori, Kotone. I honestly thought that you didn’t have any friends.」
「Thanks for the emotional damage.」

Don’t causally cut people deep! It’s not like I’m a loner or anything. It’s Kotone who’s a loner. Rather, I was intentionally heading the loner way, so there’s no helping it. I don’t consider Udzuki a friend either.

「Kaori was my first friend. At first, things were a bit awkward but now we’re just normal friends.」
「We met in my home at that time, after all. I never would have imagined Kotone to be this different, so I couldn’t help it.」

Kaori’s reaction back then was completely normal. After all being a trouble-maker last year, Kotone suddenly changed at the start of spring, and she’s actually also different on the inside. No one would believe it at first. Moreover, I was at her home, so it was normal for her to have been blunt with her thoughts.

「So you two are close to the point of inviting each other to your homes? Still, even so, it’s quite odd that you two first met at Kaori’s home.」
「Kishita. Can I borrow your ear?」

As to be expected, it would be bad to talk about Kaori’s house being where I work with everyone gathered here right now. After all, people might flood the cafe to see me and there’s no telling what could happen. Still, it’s probably only a matter of time. After all, it’s not like students won’t ever come by the cafe.

「I see, so that’s how it is. As for not wanting it to be known…」
「I don’t want to bother them. And it’s for my own sake as well.」

Keeping my job is a matter of life and death to me. Moreover, they’ve helped me out so much, I can’t pay it back with troubles. What would I do if someone messes with the cafe? I’ll crush them even if I have to use the Kisaragi name.

「I expect it to be known soon enough. Actually, it’s a mystery how there aren’t as much as rumors about it even now.」
「I feel the same way as well.」

It’s been 3 months since I started working and there’s already been a few students that came inside the cafe. Even if they didn’t notice it was me at first, they should have realized it upon seeing me in the academy. And yet there hasn’t been as much as rumors about it.

「Perhaps everyone who’s been there is keeping it a secret for some reason?」
「I don’t think the Kisaragi family has taken any action though.」

While whispering to each other, I couldn’t think of any reason for this. It’s not like father would act to help and even mom stays low profile. I guess they just like the cafe and don’t want to bring it any problems

「I suppose there’s no point thinking about it now.」
「I suppose so. Then, what should we do next?」

We’re done with lunch. As such, there’s not much meaning in staying here. Besides, I noticed that Kozue has been quiet for a while now, she’s actually asleep. I’m impressed that she can sleep with all the noise around her.

「Why don’t we have a chat? It’s a waste to just leave, after all.」

The students around us are already done eating too and yet there’s no signs of anyone leaving at all. I know that they have their eyes on us, but are we really worth the attention? I can understand why Kishita would find it to be a waste. I don’t feel comfortable here though.

「What should we chat about then?」
「Since Kaori, who knows you well, is here, why don’t we talk about your private life, Kotone?」
「My private life, is it?」

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Even if you say that, all I do outside of classes is kill time at the library or buy groceries. And during weekends, I work, so there’s not much I can actually talk about.

「First, what sort of clothes do you prefer, Kotone?」
「Kishita, it’s a mistake to ask Kotone about that. She’s aa~lways wearing the same clothes, you see.」
「True, I only wear white shirts and jeans.」
「Also, jersey pants and jacket. That’s all I’ve seen her in.」

I still haven’t bought new clothes after all. My starting inventory is enough to live by. Kaori is always appalled by this but I’ve already decided to save until summer, so it can’t be helped. Hearing that, Kishita knit her brows.

「You would shine with a bit of dolling up.」
「I have no plans for that at all. I prefer comfortable clothes.」

I’ve said it before, but clothes that are easy to move in are the best. Furthermore, skirts are out of the question. Right now, it’s part of the uniform so I have no choice but there’s no reason for me to wear skirts at home. Even for summer, a shirt and jeans should be enough.

「You really lack in femininity, Kotone.」

I’m formerly male, so I can’t really help that. Which I won’t say. I know in the future that I might need to up my femininity but I really have no clue on where to even start. And I don’t think I can just stay male forever either.

「Your previous make-up was something, but are you bad with these sorts of things?」
「Rather than bad, I’m absolutely terrible at it.」

When I tried applying lipstick, it went off course. And for mascaras, Kotone didn’t know how to do it to begin with. It was a disaster. I’m really glad it was just practice. I never would have thought that it was this difficult. I’m amazed people can do that everyday. I can’t really make fun of Kotone in this regard.

「Light make-up should be perfect for you as you are now.」
「Even that I can’t do.」

Ahh, it’s getting noisy around us. Is it that bad that I can’t do make up? Even if I want to try, make-up tools and other stuff are all really expensive, so I can’t just casually practice.

「It seems like it would be best to tackle this more seriously.」
「No, I’m not really hurting about it right now…」
「It’s an absolutely necessary skill for the future. You should have someone to teach you.」


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