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Chapter 24 – Unsettling Presence [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2400 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1197 words
Editor(s): Fire

Well, yeah, I actually do. While I am surrounded, that’s all it is. Something of this level, I can escape with no sweat whenever I want. Rather, what makes you think that this already puts you in an advantage? At least try to corner me to a wall. Though it’s not like I’d let that happen.

「Seize her.」

Never say that out loud. That’s just a sign for me to move too. I turn around and grab the arm that’s trying to grab on to me and pull it towards the person that was right in front of me at my starting position.


Well, the end. Since I switched places with the one behind me, the two who were standing next to me couldn’t get me. And of course since the one in front of me bumped into the one that was behind me, she fell to the floor on her backside.

「Well then, I’ll be heading home.」

I’m not wasting my time here any longer. I’m starting to get really irritated, you see. Seriously, I have no damn clue what they even came here for.

「What’s happening here?」

Absolutely terrible timing. Why do people come exactly when I’m trying to leave? Actually, for what reason did he come to this half-deserted place? And seeing who it was, I winced. Someone annoying just came.

「Please help us, Nagatsuki!」

The girl on the floor asked for help, but I’m the one that wants help here. Still, it’s an effective move for this person. After all, he has the worst opinion of Kotone.

「Kisaragi, huh. As I thought, you were just hiding your true colours up until now.」

Yeah, it’s exactly the reaction I expected. As expected of a guy who’s chasing around Kotone. I’ve completely lost the opportunity to escape.

「Just saying, they were the ones that led me here.」
「That’s such an obvious lie, who would even believe that.」

You’re seriously annoying! From victim to assailant in an instant.

「I’m sure that you’re trying to push an unreasonable demand on them just as you did before.」
「That’s right! She forcibly took us here!」

Rather, how do I even force four people here with only me alone? Even if I use my family’s name, even Kotone took the strength of numbers into consideration. She only did it since she had Udzuki before. S̲h̲i̲t̲, I’m really getting irritated now.

「I’m going home.」

Like I’d keep up with this farce. Staying here won’t be of any merit to me at all. With no one vouching for me, nothing I say would be of any use. I can hear something from behind, but I don’t care. Still, what was their motive? What would they gain on getting me removed from the student council?

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「I guess I’ll splurge a bit.」

I’m aware of it myself, but I’m extremely irritated right now. Like, I honestly don’t mind apologizing for things that Kotone has done in the past. But this time, neither Kotone nor I started anything. Despite being the victim here, I’m the one blamed and I have absolutely no idea what the other party’s thinking. That’s why I’m so irritated.

I went home to change and immediately headed out. I can’t stay out for too long since I still have to cook dinner, but where I’m heading isn’t that far of a place. And here I am, at a batting cage. Now then, time for some walloping.

「From an outsider’s perspective, you look just like an office lady letting off some steam.」

As I was hitting one 140 kmph ball after the other, someone talked to me so I turned around. That was my last ball anyways.

「Are you from the academy too?」
「I’m Sachiko from Class 4. I was helping out here when you caught my eye.」
「I’m surprised you’re even talking to me.」
「After your image change this April and the fact that you’re here, a place that doesn’t really fit your public image, I judged that it should be fine.」

It’s the usual. Surprisingly, there are people that start talking to you if you simply change your looks. I guess she’s one of them.

「Still, you seem really irritated at the moment.」

I was thwacking at it with all my stress, so my face must’ve looked insane. That’s what I came for, so it can’t be helped.

「Despite being a victim, I’m being treated as the assailant, you see.」
「Well, there’s still a lot of people who can’t get over last year, after all.」

Well I understand that too. Still, the fact that I’m unconditionally doubted without even grasping the situation is really unreasonable.

「There’s likely going to be rumors again tomorrow.」
「More rumors that are far from the truth?」

I don’t know what kind of rumors Udzuki spread after the exams but I can guess the details for the rumors that will be spreading this time.

「「It’s happening again, huh.」」

Having the same guess and reaction to what the rumors will be, we laughed at each other. And then I hung my head. I’ve finally gotten to the point where the students at least just let me be, and this happens.

「W-well, um, cheer up.」
「For some reason, it’s just an endless loop.」

No matter how much my reputation recovers, if something similar happens, it gets worse again. Thinking about how this would just repeat infinitely, it really sours my mood. My only salvation is the fact that there are people that would think the rumors are groundless. The student council is my ally too, so it’s not like I’m against the whole academy.

「Kotori’s going to get angry again. She’s always like, There’s bad rumors about Kisaragi again! and so on.」
「You’re in the same class as Kotori?」

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Come to think of it, I haven’t really asked Kotori about her class and all of that. I’ve been eating lunch at the classroom lately, so she does come charging in the classroom occasionally. She’s pretty well known in our class now.

「Because of this, Class 4 has a relatively good impression of you, Kisaragi. After all, our class mascot is defending you.」

Kotori’s getting the mascot treatment, huh. I do understand it though. She’s pretty friendly for a member of the twelve houses after all, and her small animal-like appearance gives her practically negative intimidation. Rather, she’s probably pampered like an adorable pet.

「I should thank her sometime.」
「Ahaha, she’ll probably faint from joy.」

That’s not going to happen. No, I refuse to believe it will.

「Well then, I should be going home now.」
「We humbly await your next visit. Just kidding.」
「If the opportunity allows it.」

This is the second time I’ve come here. First, was to measure Kotone’s physical prowess but I didn’t expect them to have 150 kmph machines here. I tried going at it but it was impossible, it hurt my arms. I really hope I’m not stressed the next time I come here.

「Ahh, I’m already depressed about tomorrow.」

I’ll just sleep today. And completely reset my mood. For tomorrow’s sake.


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