Chapter 25 – Unsettling Presence Where? [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2434 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1154 words
Editor(s): Fire

Nothing happened in particular this morning. Even after arriving at the academy, no one was fleeing from the sight of me. Well, it just happened yesterday afterclass, so I guess the rumors just haven’t circulated yet but I’m anxious about what’s next.

「Hey, hey, Kisaragi!」

While I was eating my lunch, my classmates talked to me. It’s finally happening, huh.

「We heard that you bullied a girl yesterday, you see.」
「That she was knocked flying.」
「Completely untrue.」

I’m glad they agreed. It’s tough for me when the classroom’s mood is bad too. I’ve finally gotten a place of comfort, so I seriously don’t want to be on a bed of thorns again. Still, things probably won’t be the same outside the classroom.

「Is it another false rumor?」
「They were the ones who called out to me. I was surrounded and they wanted to get me, so I just knocked down one of them.」
「That’s… Aren’t you the victim there?」

Really, it’s just as you say, Aiba. While it’s true that I did do something, there was no helping it. After all, who knows what they would have done to me if I got caught. It’s self-defense, right?

「Still, isn’t this rumor going around too fast?」
「It’s likely being spread by someone.」

They’re probably spreading it actively. Whether it’s the truth or a complete lie, it doesn’t matter to them. Their main goal is to ruin my reputation, after all. Kotone’s public image from last year still persists, which would probably add to the authenticity.

「How do I say this, good luck.」
「I really need it. My life is likely going to feel so confining again.」
「Well, you didn’t really seem that confined to begin with, though.」

Now that Minagawa mentioned it, looking back on the past, I didn’t really shrink away that much. After all, if I had been too much of a pushover, I’d probably get bullied instead.

「With the current situation considered, head to the student council room after class. Is what came here to relay.」

Before I noticed it, Kozue was right behind us. As usual, it’s hard to feel her presence, so Aiba and Minagawa were surprised. I’m already used to it, so it’s nothing new.
「Wouldn’t they try to come after me again?」
「We’ll pick you up, they said. That way, the other party can’t move carelessly.」

True, while they are targeting me, they probably won’t be picking a fight with any student council members. While I do have a terrible reputation, the other student council members are highly regarded within the academy.

「Still, calling me? What is the president up to now?」
「Probably something no good again, right?」

That sounds right to me. I just hope that he’s not planning any weird stuff, like a public image reinforcement plan for me or something. I don’t think this is a good time for me to make any moves.

「That’s all then, see you after class.」
「Right, sweet dreams, Kozue.」

I’ve been told back in the student council room but it seems like lunchtime is naptime to her. Just a guess, but the president probably contacted her, disturbing her sleep. She seemed really sleepy, after all.

「Is the student council for peculiar people like her?」
「Aiba. Are you implying that I’m peculiar too?」
「Well, Kisaragi. If I say that you’re not peculiar, that would make most of everyone else normal people.」

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That’s rude. I’m a decent, upright individual. It’s just that the public opinion of me was terrible last year and completely different this year. Though it is also true that, despite being a rich girl, I live alone, put great effort on saving, and chat with people at the shopping district.

「Kotone! Are you alright!?」

I sure do have a lot of guests this lunchtime, huh. Kotori came in with an intense expression. With her appearance, the classroom’s mood lightened up and it’s definitely not a coincidence. She’s a calming character.

「I don’t have any problems in particular.」
「But there’s weird rumors about you spreading, you know!?」
「While that does bother me, I don’t plan on concerning myself with it.」

I don’t plan on finding the people circulating the rumors and getting revenge, absolutely not. It’ll just worsen my reputation. It isn’t really pleasant but the rumors will die out eventually.

「I won’t forgive the people who spread rumors like this!」
「Anyhow, calm down.」

I have no clue on who she’s trying to pick a fight with, so I put my hand on her head for headpats. Yup, smooth hair. As I pat Kotori’s heated head, she calmed down. She’s just letting things happen now.

「For some reason, I’m imagining a wagging tail from her.」

As Aiba said, Kotori looks really pleased. I’m just patting her head though.

「You don’t have to do anything, Kotori. You’ve already done so much for me in your Class 4.」
「Huh? How did you know?」
「I asked a bit. Also, thank you so much.」

With no accomplices, it’s impossible for me to fix my reputation outside of my class, so I’m honestly thankful. Because of that, I thanked Kotori with a smile but then her face went red. Why?

「And why are all of you looking away?」
「Kisaragi, you need to be more self-aware. It’s too destructive.」

Aiba. What do you want me to be self-aware of? There’s not much point in giving thanks with a blank expression, you know? Besides, why is Kotori frozen stiff? O~i, earth to Kotori~.

「Oh boy, I guess things went down as expected.」
「Sachiko, it’s been since yesterday.」
「Yah~hoo, Kisaragi. I’ve come to collect our mascot.」

For some reason, she’s a lot more cheerful today. Looking at the time, lunch is nearly ending. Today’s lunchtime was awfully lively. Though I can’t honestly feel happy since the reason for it is what it is.

「Well then, let’s have a relaxing chat next time~」
「Yes, see you some other time.」

Sachiko left dragging Kotori by the hand and she’s following her totteringly like a sleepwalker. Is she alright? I just patted her on the head, what happened to her?
More importantly, after class. I have a bad feeling about this.

「First Kisaragi Kotone Countermeasure Assembly!」

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Hearing the president’s announcement, I buried my head between my hands on the table. I already expected this, but I didn’t expect him to be so cheerful about it.

「I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop him.」
「It’s by no means your fault, Kishita. The one at fault is the president.」

Kishita was apologetic, so I defended her immediately. Both Kishita and I only have a slight chance of being able to stop the president’s antics, after all. Still, what the heck is a Kisaragi Kotone Countermeasure Assembly?

「To start, let’s discuss what Kotone did wrong this time around.」


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