Chapter 24 – Unsettling Presence [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2319 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1230 words
Editor(s): Fire

I think of this every time I come here but I’m just a typical high schooler. True, I was a problem child last year but I still haven’t caused any problems this year. On the contrary, I’m the one getting dragged into them. So why do I have to go to the principal’s office?

「I can’t take it anymore.」

Well, the reason for that is this guy moping over in front of me, huh. Rather, he’s finally given up. I’ve long since stopped counting how many times I’ve had him redo his plans.

「Principal. Don’t you have any friends?」

First of all, there’s the issue of the principal not having anyone else come along. And no, counting me in is a mistake to begin with. In other words, this just being the principal and Teacher Saeki, plus me, is a problem.

「I don’t have acquaintances I can invite to these sorts, yes.」
「Please don’t answer that so confidently.」

It’s already bad at this point. I know, leaving the principal and Teacher Saeki alone together will just end with absolutely no conversation between them. As well as that even if Teacher Saeki offers a topic, the principal will just ruin it.

「Can’t you just decide this in my place?」
「Like I said, please don’t rely on a high school girl.」

The second issue is that I haven’t given my okay to any of his location choices. Every single one of them are costly places. I wouldn’t want to go there, so how can I even justify inviting people there? Those aren’t places to just casually go to.

「I can’t take it anymore.」
「Then give up on Teacher Saeki.」
「Are you telling me to give up before even trying?」
「Then please go ahead and get yourself destroyed.」
「Weren’t you going to cooperate with me?」

It’s a real bother, so I don’t want to even touch this anymore. Still, if we don’t make any progress, I’m going to end up coming back here forever. That’s a problem in of itself. No choice, I guess I’ll have to do it.

「Then you wouldn’t mind if I do the planning, yes?」
「I couldn’t ask for more.」
「You wouldn’t mind if it’s a place you’ve never ever gone to, yes? Actually, if you don’t agree, I’m giving this up.」
「I don’t mind. Choose as you like.」

He said it now. Anyhow, I’ll need to get enough people first. Just as I said earlier, I refuse this being just me and Teacher Saeki participating. I want at least two more people. But before that, I’ll have to ask her when she’ll be free so I can get to planning.

「I’ll inform you when I have the date and location decided.」
「Uh-hm, I leave it to you.」

Don’t you Uh-hm me. I’m itching to smack his satisfied face but I stopped myself. Actually hitting a principal would be bad after all. Now then, time to head home.

Before talking to Teacher Saeki, I should invite other people first. A good candidate would be, I guess Teacher Kondou. They were classmates after all, and he’s also helped me out a lot. There should be a high chance that he’ll come, since it’s free alcohol. Naturally, it’s the principal’s treat.

「You are Kisaragi Kotone, right?」
「That’s right, what is it?」

Someone called me as I changed into my outdoor shoes at the academy entrance, but I wonder who? It’s not as if I remember everyone that Kotone has bothered in the past. After all, Kotone naturally doesn’t have any clear memories of people that don’t leave much of an impression.

「I have business with you. Could you come with me?」

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It’s in inquisitive form, but it doesn’t look like she can take no for an answer. Other than the one talking, there’s three other people. All of them don’t look friendly at all. A likely possibility is that they’ve come for revenge.

「I have no plans after this, so sure.1

Anyhow, I’ll just obediently come with them. After all, they’ll probably just surround me if I try to leave. Because of the discussion with the principal, the other students are already home now and no one’s around, you see? And the place where I was led to was the spot where I usually have lunch, the one that people don’t go to very much.

「Let’s get straight to the point. Please quit the student council.」

Nn? They aren’t here thinking that maybe it’s fine to mess with me now after seeing me behaving myself so far? That’s different from what I expected.

「Please relay that to the president. He was the one that invited me, after all.」

They even agreed to compromise by accepting my conditions, so there’s no way that they’d let me quit without any solid reason. To begin with, what do I even say? Do I just say that I’m quitting for personal reasons?

「That’s a lie. You just have some blackmail material on the president that you’re using.」

No, no, he’s the one that actually has dirt on me. Mainly my relationship with the principal. To begin with, he’s the type to do anything to get me in the student council, you know? Like I’d be able to threaten him.

「Someone like you is unfit to be a member of the student council.」

Yeah, I know.

「Then please file a statement of no confidence. If approved, I’m certain to be dismissed from my duties.」
「You only have to resign.」

If I could do that, then I wouldn’t have had any problems. The president will just make up some reason so that I can’t run away. Also, the girls wouldn’t allow it.

「I’ll try to relay it to the council then.」
「I don’t trust you.」

Then what d’you want me to do!?2 Come on, you don’t trust me so you don’t think I’d actually do it? Then what can I do about that, huh? Do you plan on having one of you come along with me in the student council to confirm?

「Then how should I go about it?」
「Simply don’t go to the student council room.」

Well, no, just that wouldn’t make it so I’m no longer a member. Is this girl an idiot? Besides, even if I don’t go, there’s also the possibility that someone will either pick me up or drag me into the office.

「What if the president picks me up himself?」
「There’s no way that the president would do that.」

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Like, the president is motivated enough to go eat with me at the cafeteria for the sake of soliciting me. Kishita and Kozue are highly likely to forcibly drag me back too.

「This conversation is going nowhere.」
「So you’re not going to do as I say?!」
「That’s beside the point, please give me a more concrete suggestion on how I should quit the student council.」

I’ll definitely try if it sounds feasible. But the president will probably just trample over every reasoning, though. Honestly, is there any real solid reasoning that even the president can’t refute?

「Do you think that you’re in a position to refuse?3


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    Silva: oh, getting physical now are we?

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