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Chapter 2 – When One Door Closes, Another Opens [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3397 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1807 words
Editor(s): Fire

I entered a nearby department store and bought three boxes of cookies of decent price. It’s a painful expense. I wasn’t carrying many things to begin with though, so the addition of the gifts isn’t too much of an issue.

「This body really has no stamina.」

My arms are already tired. I haven’t walked much of a distance but my legs are in pain. Just how weak am I? I’m going to have to really get into shape. I have absolutely no plans of borrowing the power of my family, so I’ll have to be able to handle things myself no matter what happens.

Fortunately, I’ve done a lot to keep my body in shape when I was alive and thanks to my friends’ tendencies of dragging me into trouble, I know a lot of how to handle things.

「I guess I’ll rest somewhere for now. I’m getting hungry too.」

Since there’s a cafe over there, I guess that’ll do. It doesn’t look too fancy and it’s interior isn’t as big as a chain store’s, but it’s still tastefully stylish. It has a calming atmosphere with the relaxing classical music playing in the background.

Frankly speaking, I really like the place.

「Welcome. Table for one?」
「Yes. Ah, I’ll order at the counter.」
「I see. Then feel free to find yourself a seat. Our menu can be found there, so tell me when you’ve decided on your order.」

The one sitting behind the counter should be the shopkeeper. He’s a dandy-looking man with white hair peeking from his combed-back hair. He has the kind of face I wish I was born with. My feminine-looking face just either got me bullied or made fun of.

Now, which one is the least expensive to order? Hmm, this one I guess?

「Excuse me. One sandwich set please.」
「Got it. Still, that’s relatively stingy. Usually people would splurge a bit more for their dinner.」
「I’m seriously lacking in money. If I don’t restrain myself, I won’t have enough to last this month.」

Like, seriously.

「March just started, you know? Are you really having that hard of a time?」
「I’m living alone starting today. And I currently have about 45,000 yen on myself, so please imagine that.」
「W-wait, isn’t that too tight? You can’t keep up a normal life with that.」
「I know, right? There’s the water bill, electricity bill, and the groceries. Plus if I had to buy more stuff needed for my room, it’ll clearly exceed my budget.」

At worst, I could delay the furnishings for when I have some money saved. First I’ll have to keep a tight wallet and work hard enough to live a normal life. Yeah, I’m far from being a rich kid now.

「Here. Are you fine with your coffee black?」
「I don’t mind. Now, thank you for the meal.」

Munch, munch, crunch, crunch. Ohh, the bread is really springy and the vegetables inside are crisp. The tuna doesn’t have too strong of a taste either, just the way I like. I’m seriously starting to want to come here regularly. No money though.

Still, how should I go about a part-time job? Even if I can gather info tomorrow, I probably won’t be able to find a place that would employ me that easily. Sigh.

「Sighing while eating so deliciously, I don’t see that every day.」
「The sigh is from thinking about what I’ll have to do from now on. The food being delicious does make me feel better though.」
「It’s Saori’s cooking, so that’s natural. Still…… Hey, you want to work here?」
「Eh? Are you sure about that!?」

I’d be grateful, sure, but I’ll feel guilty if he’s only hiring me out of sympathy. This shopkeeper seems like a good person after all. Still, I can’t live if I don’t earn money.

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「It’s not out of sympathy, you know? My daughter’s busy at school or something, so she hasn’t been helping out a lot lately. We need more people.」
「If that’s the case, I’ll gladly jump to your suggestion. However, I’ll need to ask permission from my school, so would you mind waiting for a while before formally employing me?」
「Ahh, there’s that, huh. I was thinking that it wouldn’t be an issue as long as you don’t get found out though.1
「This is a cafe, so there’s a high probability that I’d encounter people from the same school. I’d hate it if I get needlessly told off when that happens.」
「I see. You’re really thinking this through.」
「So for today, I’ll only help out. Please use this opportunity to judge whether I’m worth hiring or not.」

If I’m useless here, I won’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. I’m given this chance to be hired thanks to his kindness, so I’ll have to show that I can be useful. My existence itself could cause this place trouble, so I’ll have to contribute more than that.

「Really, you’re seriously thinking things through. It’s almost time to close up shop, so I guess I’ll have you try washing the dishes in the kitchen. While we’re at it, I’ll have to introduce you to Saori. Here, apron.」

I quickly wear the apron given to me. I’ve been making food for my whole family before I died. I’m pretty confident with my domestic skills. As I was led through the kitchen behind the counter, there was a lady there doing work.

This person should be Saori. The shopkeeper said he had a daughter, so she’s probably his wife. Her hair is cut short and is held back by a bandana. She has an adorable face, so it looks a bit out of place but strangely it really fits her.

「Saori, would you hear me out?」
「What? Who’s the young lady there?」

She looks so young that it’s hard to believe that she has a daughter, but I wonder what her age is? She looks young enough that it wouldn’t be strange if people thought we’re sisters. Or rather, she looks adorable but she speaks really bluntly.
The gap is amazing.

「I’m thinking of hiring this girl. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard your name.」
「That’s right. My name is Kisaragi Kotone. Please treat me well.」

Due to my line of work, I’m good at doing a proper bow. Rather, it’s what you do when apologizing as well, so if you can’t do this properly, it’ll be trouble. Or rather, I wonder why Saori’s staring at me so curiously. Even from Kotone’s memories, this should be our first time meeting.

「You seem pretty level-headed for your age. I’m Tachibana Saori. This guy’s wife. But Kisaragi, right? You’re not some rich family’s daughter, are you?」
「That can’t be. No rich family’s daughter would worry about money and consider a part-time job, you know? Ah, I’m Takato.」
「No, you’re right in thinking that. But please don’t mind this. I’m here only as myself.」

Ah, both of them have their eyes wide open. Well yeah, a daughter of a well-off family wouldn’t normally be concerned about part-time jobs. But I’m seriously in a pinch. No matter how cheap the pay is, it’ll be bad if I don’t have a job.

Besides, even if I hide this they’ll likely find out about it eventually, so rather than having them be suspicious of me, revealing it right now would be better. Even if this would take back the hiring talks.

「Eh? Seriously? You’re really that famous selfish young lady from Kisaragi?2
「Oi, Saori!?」
「As I thought, I’m quite infamous. I won’t deny it. I certainly am the famous selfish young lady from the Kisaragi family. Although with that said, I was kicked out of the family and disowned, so please only think of me as a regular stranger.」
「You’re pretty different from the rumors. The rumors say that you were the type to abuse your family’s name and make outrageous demands. You’re practically a different person.」
「No, the rumors are true. It’s just that there was a trigger that made me change. This being the one in question.」

I show my left wrist to the two. Seeing the one scar running across it, their expressions warped. Well yeah, it’s not a pleasant thing to see. Now, will they get mad at me or will I be rejected?

「Takato, get me a wristwatch, now. Kotone, kneel!」

I was scolded a lot after this. Even with the various experiences I’ve had before I died, the scolding still scared me. Well, I understand their point. Don’t throw away your life lightly, think about your family, think about what would happen afterward, and so. I completely agree, but the problem is that Kotone didn’t have any of these in mind at all.

「Have you reflected? If you have, then put this watch on and go wash the dishes.」

Seeing the wristwatch given to me, it’s an expensive-looking watch with a leather strap. If I wash the dishes with this on, it might get broken. Thinking so, I shifted my gaze to Saori but she was glaring at me as if telling me to hurry up, so I decided to wear it regardless.

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Is this really okay? If they demand me to pay this back if I break it, I really can’t. But since they aren’t saying anything about it even after I started washing, it should be fine.

「You’re quite good. From the rumors, I was thinking that you wouldn’t have experience in this stuff.」
「A lot happens in life. I’m just quick in uptake.」

I definitely can’t say that I’ve had a lot of experience from a different life, so I gave a convincing reply. Still, due to the nature of this place being a cafe, there’s a lot of things to wash. I’m definitely going to have muscle pains tomorrow. Kotone’s body is seriously weak.

I’ll have to shape up so I don’t cause trouble at work.

「Well, thanks to you we finished up early. There should be no issues with employing you. Still, other than these behind-the-scenes stuffs, you’ll be serving at the front, so be ready.」
「Just as I hoped for.」

Getting Saori’s approval, it seems that I’m officially permitted to work here.3 Phew, thank goodness. With this, I get one step closer to having a normal life.

「Ah, want something to eat? We’ve got curry for dinner, so no need to be shy.」
「Wait, Kotone just ate a sandwich earlier.」
「Thank you for the meal!」
「You’re eating!?4


  1. Lyly: Cafe boss is a delinquent, lol.
  2. Lyly: Saori does not give any f’s, lol
  3. Lyly: After you get school’s permission that is
  4. Lyly: Free food is free food my man
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