Chapter 19 – Happenings with the Bodyguards [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2404 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1185 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Besides, I thought that you’d be unpredictable. We’ve been informed about you, so it feels uneasy to leave you alone by yourself.」
「So having me off by myself is an issue, is it? It’s unrelated to you, though.」
「Either way, letting our target die will reflect poorly on our reputation, you see. To be rather blunt, do you still want to die?」
「Rather blunt indeed. So, haven’t you considered that this could displease me?」
「Hm~m, as someone who has observed you for a while, I can’t imagine you getting angry over something like this, you know?」
「You’re correct about that. As for my answer, I don’t have suicide in mind.」
「Then that’s great.」

This bodyguard lady really doesn’t hold back with me at all, does she? While this does make it easier for me to connect with her, what about her job? She’ll probably get fired if she gets assigned to someone else.

「Are up thinking of something rude?」
「While I do like casualness better, wouldn’t that be bad if it wasn’t me?」
「As you say. Thanks to that, stress would really pile up a lot. With that, my drinks would pile up too and it’d take a toll on me.」
「Your liver?」
「My weight.」

That is pretty important as a lady. Rather, why are there so many alcoholics around me? Akane is by no means weak with alcohol. Teacher Saeki is just too strong.

「Has it been better lately?」
「There’s been fewer things to stress about, after all. If I was ever stressed, it would be when we argue about who follows you in your morning routine.」
「Is it really that difficult?」
「Running at your pace for as long as you do is pretty tough. And we can’t chase you down on a bicycle either.」

I was only running normally though. Compared to when I started, my stamina has greatly increased and now I can probably do a lap around the neighborhood. And if they did chase me on a bike, then it’s not only me who would notice. Rather, I’d probably run away at full speed.

「Why are people of the twelve families all weirdly high spec?」
「Bloodline, perhaps? I don’t have anyone to compare with, so I really can’t tell.」

We either do PE with only our class or together with the class next door but I haven’t competed with someone from the twelve families yet. They’re generally divided into physically or intellectually talented though. The president leans more on the intellectual, for example.

「How many of you are there in your year? Kisaragi, Fumidzuki, and Nagatsuki, I think? Since Udzuki is gone now.」
「Three, yes. I’m actually acquainted with them.」

I regularly eat lunch together with Fumidzuki after all. Regarding Nagatsuki, Kotone did something against him last year and we haven’t gotten in touch this semester yet. And I’d rather not get in touch with him either. Since Nagatsuki definitely has a grudge against me.

「From the higher year would be Hadzuki and Shimotsuki. I know that you’re acquainted with Hadzuki, but what about Shimotsuki?」
「Hadzuki being the student council president, I would say we’re on good terms. I’ve been with Shimotsuki at the library.」

She’s a student librarian, you see. She’s a reserved lady with a soft smile that’s popular with the people. Even after knowing that I’m Kisaragi, she still lets me borrow the books with a smile, so she’s a good person. When it was someone else during the library duty, they were pretty hesitant.

「From the first years would be Nagatsuki, Minadzuki, and Shimotsuki, right? These families have a lot of siblings, huh.」
「I have yet to even see them, however. Rather, it could be possible that their older siblings warned against even meeting my path.」

If carelessly encountering me would get them hurt, then it’d be better to just have them not encounter me. Still, Kotone has already changed by the time the first years entered, so I won’t really hurt them even if we met. Unless the other party starts bumping heads with me, that is.

「There’ll be a lot next year. Kisaragi, Yayoi, Udzuki, Satsuki, and Kanadzuki. Children from these 5 might enroll in the next year.」
「This isn’t a topic particularly relevant to me though?」

I don’t feel the necessity to know how many of the twelve families could enroll next year. It’s not like I plan on buttering up to them nor do I plan on picking a fight. As long as they don’t come in contact with me, I’ll probably only see their face at most.

「Think of it as information. For us, it’d be best if there aren’t any unnecessary disputes happening, you see?」
「I’ll keep that in mind.」

In other words, Don’t give us more work, right? If a conflict starts, they’ll need to be on guard for the other party’s bodyguard too. No need to worry, I don’t plan on starting senseless fights. I might fight back though.

「Well, I’ll be killing some time outside then. See you at the cafe.」
「Right, thank you very much for the information.」

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We parted as we approached the cafe, but we’ll be seeing each other again anyway when the cafe opens. Still, even though I received some information, they’ll only be useful next year. I really don’t feel that there’s any use in knowing it now. It’s completely, absolutely inconsequential info.

「Good morning.」

With that, I completely forget about the conversation from earlier and start preparing for today’s work. In the kitchen, Saori has already started with the cake, so I quickly put on my apron to help her out. Only with the decorating though.

「Are they bad with fresh cream?」
「I don’t know their preferences at all.」
「You should’ve asked when your mother came.」

Yup, that’s right and I have no excuse for that. I should’ve at least asked about the twins’ food preferences. And I just remembered but I should think of how to rein in Misaki. There’s no assurance that she won’t go berserk, after all. I guess I could leave her to Sakiko.

「You seem to be the type to think things through but you’re pretty careless with the important details, Kotone.」
「I don’t really think that much anyways.」

I seriously don’t think much through. I mostly act on impulse, really. Even with this birthday present, I only wanted to at least have something for the birthday after recalling it. And even my reconciliation with my mother was mostly me rolling with the flow. If not for the opportunity, nothing would’ve changed.1

「Welp, that should be it for the cake. Let’s move on to the cookies now.」

We need to finish up before the cafe’s opening time, after all. I’ve informed them that I’ll be taking the day off this afternoon and I got their permission. All that’s left is for me to prepare myself and head to the mansion.


  1. Lyly: Yeah, you were pretty satisfied with your life until Udzuki happened.

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