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Chapter 20 – Happenings with the Twins [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2889 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1572 words
Editor(s): Fire

After finishing my morning work and eating lunch, I’m on my way to the mansion. And for some reason, the bodyguards are driving me there.

「I’m very thankful about this, but…」
「We’re already exposed anyway, so don’t think about it too much.」

Going by car is definitely faster than walking on foot. So the reason is simple. Rather than following me from behind on foot, guarding me inside a car is much easier. Yup, I get their point.1 And I don’t mind it since it’s just a normal car that doesn’t stand out.

「Weren’t you two supposed to guard me from the shadows?」
「Tell that to Akira. I know nothing about that.」
「Come on, didn’t you agree with me on this Kyousuke?」

On the driver’s seat is the young man while the lady is on the passenger seat. Come to think of it, I forgot to ask about their names this morning. It’s fine since I just heard it now but aren’t they a bit too carefree to be bodyguards?

「And Kotone, it’s better here than having an accident ruin your present while walking, right?」
「And she’s calling me by name all of the sudden.」
「Sorry. She’s always like this when she warms up to someone. Give it up.」

This is bad, I feel like people with intense personalities keep increasing around me. Misaki, Akira, both of them are intense. Well yeah, with her personality, she’d probably pile up stress for different reasons too.2

「It must be tough.」
「I’m grateful enough knowing that other people can understand. I seriously feel like a babysitter.」
「Who are you calling a child now? Who?」

Thankfully, she has no plans of getting punchy with our driver. If that happens, I’d get punchy to stop Akira too though. Still, they do seem to trust each other, so they’ve probably worked together for a long time now. The issue is if they can do their job properly but while they have some issues with their disposition, they haven’t been sacked yet, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

「Are you two my main bodyguards?」
「That’d be the case. Other people substitute for us occasionally but only for a short time.」
「I’m keeping this job at any cost. Like I’d let such a great job slip from my fingers.」
「I completely agree. I seriously won’t let anyone else have this. The number of people wanting to take our shifts is crazy, you know?」
「Especially for the weekends.」

Well yeah, anyone would want a job that lets you chill at a cafe for practically half a day. These two even bring books to read sometimes. And as we continued chatting like that, we reached the mansion in no time. While I’m glad to be safe from the risk of bumping into people and possibly wrecking the cake, I would’ve appreciated having a bit more time to brace myself.

「Well then, good luck~」
「We’ll be waiting outside. There shouldn’t be any issues in there, after all.」

Rather, it’d be the worst if there were. Ah, but if issues do occur, I guess it’d likely be some trouble related to me, huh. After all, the people of the mansion do dislike me.

「It’s Kisaragi Kotone. Is mother currently at home?」
「My lady, this is your own home, please refrain from speaking like that.3

When I pressed the intercom and said that, Sakiko scolded me. I mean, it’d be trouble if my father’s people came to answer instead. Though since I already said my name before that, they’d still know that it’s me.

「My lady, it’s been a long while. Thank you for the gift.」
「No, this isn’t for you, Misaki.」

Misaki opened the door for me and I entered while defending the cookies and cake. It’s my first time entering the mansion but through Kotone’s memories, I perfectly know the arrangement of the rooms. We headed to the parlor, so it would be easy to know if someone entered the room.

「Misaki, prepare tea.」

There was no one in the parlor but I placed my gifts on the table and instructed Misaki. I leave the timing for bringing out the tea to her, so it shouldn’t come out at a weird time. She is excellent at her job, after all.

「Welcome home, Kotone. Were you fine on the way?」
「I’m back, mom. The bodyguards drove me here, so there weren’t any issues.」

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When I greeted in return, Sakiko, who came in together with mother, was greatly surprised. Come to think of it, I’ve never used anything other than polite speech when Sakiko is present. Besides, I’m sure she’s also surprised with how mother and I got closer.

「How does it feel to be at home for the first time in a while?」
「Well, even if you ask me that, I really don’t have much to say.」

It’s not like I have memories of living here, after all. For Kotone, it’s nothing more than the place where her father is and, for me, this is my first time being here. I might feel the weight of the suicide if I go to Kotone’s room but as for now, I really have nothing to say.

「So, what about the twins?」
「They’ll be here in a moment. Come now Sakiko, don’t just stand there shocked.」
「Ah, my apologies, madam.」
「Is it that strange?」

As I tilted my head, she showed a strained smile. The gap is probably throwing her off.

「You have been shocking me a lot these days, my lady. Of course, in a good way.」
「Then I’m glad to hear that.」
「No need to keep polite speech with me as well. It’s troubling for a maid to be talked to in that manner.」

So I really can’t keep it, huh. Well, yeah, I did anticipate this but I was thinking that maybe she would accept it together with all the other stuff going on. I guess that was too optimistic of me.

「I’ve finished preparing tea. Including tea for you two.」
「She’s really good at her work though.」
「As I suspected, you are aware of my daughter’s…」
「Living together, you’d know whether you like it or not. It should be fine since I limited it as well. Anything changed since then?」
「Not particularly. But if I must say, it would be that she has been asking to be by your side on multiple occasions.」

She was hugging my leg when we parted, so she’s likely attached to the place. Though I’m also pretty sure it’s more about the snacks than me being there. Rather, mother seems to be confused about our conversation. She doesn’t know about Misaki’s true nature?

「「Welcome back, big sister.」」

As expected of the twins, they’re perfectly in sync. Still, I really can’t help but feel out of place being called big sister. True, I am a girl outside but I still feel like a man on the inside, so it really feels off to me. It doesn’t pull my heartstrings either. Besides that, the fact that the little brother is hiding behind the sister is another reason.

「I’m back, Kotoha, Tateha.」

「Big sister, for what reason did you come back home today?4

Seeing Kotoha’s reaction, I looked at my mother. Still, it’s like my sister isn’t talking to family. Not that I haven’t done this myself but now that it’s directed to me, it really does feel like I’m not seen as a family at all.

「Mom, you haven’t told them anything?」
「These sort of things work best as a surprise, in my opinion. Come now, you two. Let’s first have a seat.」

I understand it is a surprise and all, but since the two don’t get the situation, they completely have their guard up. Even if they don’t hate me, I know from their reaction right now that they’re afraid. Well yeah, after all, Kotone was basically a ticking time bomb in the past. Also, despite having open seats next to me, the two of them are sitting next to mother. I feel a bit lonely.

「For now, you two. It’s a bit early, but happy birthday. And I’m sorry for everything up until today.」

While we are family, I need to set things straight. That’s why I honestly lowered my head but mother and Sakiko are glaring at me for that and the twins are absolutely confused.

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「Why the glares?」
「I just think that there’s no need to lower your head when it comes to family.5
「It isn’t good to lower your head so easily, my lady.」
「It’s my way of settling things.」
「A-, um, big sister.」
「What is it? Kotoha.」
「How do you think of us?」
「Family. How else could I?6


  1. Lio: Much easier than keeping up with you lol
  2. Lyly: A very talkative person… working as a bodyguard… generally not seen as talkative… definitely stressful if you ask me…
  3. Lyly: Kek
    Lio: Kek
    Silva: kekkity
    Fire: …
  4. Lyly: Lol, deja vu, I’ve been here in this place before
  5. Lyly: Depends, but I will say that Kotone has been relatively good with the twins, since she only ignored them. Still bad, but questionably “lower your head” worthy, especially for a noble family like hers. Still, it’s a show of character for her.
  6. Lyly: Dominic Toretto approves
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