Chapter 17 – Important Negotiation [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2710 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1506 words
Editor(s): Fire

So that happened this morning but I’m not going to think about it too much. Minagawa was a bit out of it when we reached the classroom but I’m not going to think deeply about it as well. More rumors are going to spread about me again and she’s likely going to get a bit of attention but that’s not my fault. It’s all the president’s fault. Let’s think of it that way.

「Principal, I’ll be intruding.」

After class, I head to the principal’s office. I’m here to receive the compensation for yesterday.1 As long as I get my compensation now, that should prevent the addition of more unreasonable requests. At least that’s what I hope. Entering the room, he’s working as usual. I’m really starting to suspect that he’s a workaholic.

「What it is today?」
「I’m here to receive my compensation. Now hand it over.」
「Perfect timing, then.」

The principal took out a wristwatch. It’s the one I got from the owner. It was absolutely wrecked back then but the watch the principal is holding looks just like how it did before the incident. I’m really glad I entrusted the repairs to him.

「Thank you very much.」
「I had a pretty tough time with this, you know? I didn’t expect it to be a premium-grade rarity.」
「It’s the work of a well-celebrated watchmaker, so even obtaining parts of it was difficult. It cost me quite a lot.」

Ehh, the owner and Saori, who are they really? From what I just heard, that’s definitely not a watch that an average family would have.2 How much does this even cost at current market value? And I really can’t wrap my head around them just casually giving it to some random aspiring part-timer.

「What? You don’t want it back?」
「Apologies. I was just a bit preoccupied.」

Well, let’s stop thinking about the couple. I don’t plan on asking them about it anyway and it’s not like it would change my relationship with them. I’m just their employee anyway.

「The coffee and meal tickets are right there on the shelf.」

He then pointed to the shelf where the coffee usually is. Sitting there was a paper bag I’ve never seen before, so it’s probably that. I’ll just take it and leave. It’ll be troublesome if he asks me some unusual stuff, after all. He’s probably not done with yesterday’s assignment anyway.

「I’ll be excusing myself now.」
「How was it with the student council?」

I’d rather you don’t ask that. It’s a real bother right now, you know? To begin with, you’re the root cause for why I’m in this situation, principal. Seriously, what was he thinking?

「I’m being chased around by the president.」
「Then that would mean that the president has trust in you.」
「It’s not something I earned for myself, though. Without your involvement, the student council president wouldn’t have trusted me.」

It would’ve been impossible for me alone. After all, there’s the issue of last year’s. He wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with me. Those three might be fine about it but it’s the remaining two I’m uneasy about. Well, if they refuse, I’ll just back down with grace.

「This credit isn’t all mine, you know. I’m sure he highly values your performance. He’s the type to utilize anyone he deems capable, after all.」
「It’s a real nuisance.」

With that final grouch, I left the principal’s office. I frankly don’t like attracting attention but from what happened this morning and at lunch, I’m definitely in the spotlight. From interacting with the student council, I’m pretty much the center of attention among the students. And I’m pretty sure that’s what the president wanted.

「Pardon my intrusion.」
「We’ve been waiting for you. So, time to hear your answer.」

The president’s smile is pissing me off. The other two seem to be really curious about how this’ll go. Which is basically how the other students are feeling right now too, if I had to guess.

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「Under a few conditions. Firstly, I will be prioritizing my private life. I have my own private matters to deal with, so I’ll be heading home when I need to start preparing dinner. Moreover, I need to buy my groceries as well.」
「That can’t be helped. If I’m not wrong, you live alone, right?」

He’s gathered at least that much information about me. So I won’t be surprised if the president knows about my interpersonal relationships as well. Still, if he as much as lays his hand or uses them as negotiation material, then I won’t show him any mercy.

「Secondly, I won’t join any activities during the holidays and weekends. I have a part-time job, after all.」
「I accept that as well. Still, to think that the daughter of the Kisaragi family would be working a part-time job…」
「It’s fun, you know? I can interact with different types of people.」

At times when the cafe isn’t packed, I usually chat with the regulars. Sometimes I hear important information, other times it’s just some inconsequential gossiping. With the variety of it, I never get bored listening. The owner’s knuckles come raining down when there are sexual remarks but the casualness between the employees and customers there is really interesting.

「Thirdly, if the other two show disapproval with me, I’ll leave. That’s all.」
「That’s the biggest issue ahead of us, to be honest. I’ll try persuading them but it’ll still depend on them in the end.」

This is the one thing I won’t back down on. I don’t like working in a hostile environment. Still, I honestly thought that the president would have already persuaded them by force before taking action but, surprisingly, he’s actually taking their feelings into consideration. Or maybe he’s just confident that they’ll agree?
Could they please just refuse? Like, seriously.

「Kaoru, Kozue, anything to say regarding those conditions?」
「I have nothing to say. This was one of ours being pushy about the recruitment, after all. Not saying any names, though.」
「I don’t have anything to say as well. Now work’s going to be a whole lot easier.」
「You two, at least try to hide your true feelings.」

Kishita bluntly criticized the president and Saitou is just giving her frank thoughts. She somehow has such a thin presence despite having a pretty strong personality. It’s really interesting.

「Then with all of that out of the way, let’s start working.」

I head to my seat and continue working on the remaining files from yesterday. As usual, I just go through them, review them, and hand them in. Naturally, it occasionally comes back with corrections and, at other times, I also comment on weird inconsistencies from last year’s financial report. It seems like the general affairs officer will go and ask about the said inconsistencies at a later time. The president goes out if they’re documents that require urgency but, because of that, the workflow stagnates.

「Originally, communicating with each of the clubs is the work of the general affairs officer. That’s exactly why we appointed Yamada, but…」

I see. True, with his face and build, he probably won’t get pushed around by the sports club people. After all, he might even push back and intimidate them instead. Still, it’ll be interesting if he’s the opposite of how he seems. Like if he’s actually timid or so.

「But if he can’t attend to paperwork, then wouldn’t that be putting the cart before the horse3?」
「Right person for the right job. He’s extremely valuable for outdoor work, you see?」

I guess she means that it’ll be a problem if there’s no one good at physical work, huh. True, it’s not like the student council is all deskwork after all. I get that they need people like him but couldn’t they find someone else who could do both? Or is that just how the president likes it?

「Then what would be my “right job”?」
「Clerical work, obviously. You work with speed and precision. Moreover, you immediately ask for verification on things you find inconsistent.」

Hmm, I was just doing it the way I did back when I was working, though. It’ll never end if I’m not fast and, if I’m not precise, it’s going to cause a lot of trouble. And if I make an arbitrary judgment, I’ll get yelled at. It’s already a habit at this point. And because it was natural for me to have an inconsistent diet, that’s how I am.


  1. Lyly: Oh yeah, the expensive coffee
  2. Lyly: Which reminds me, Kaori, their daughter, is enrolling in what’s commonly regarded as a rich people school in-universe. Any private school with that reputation is usually expensive, unless maybe Kaori has a sports scholarship. So they’re definitely not just an average family just from this info, lol.
  3. Lyly: Idiom for getting one’s priorities backwards. The horse can’t really pull with the cart blocking it in front

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