Chapter 17 – Important Negotiation [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2602 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1374 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Besides, having some flowers is important too. I’d rather not work in a sweaty sausagefest.1
「President, you’re back. Now go check the documents already.」
「That’s terrible treatment, you know?」

Our work can’t go anywhere without your validation, so this is just normal. It’s common sense for the one at the top to do the final validation. Occasionally some leaders do throw the work to someone else but I’m sure that’s not the case here. Rather, if it does, I’d throw work elsewhere myself. I don’t give a damn what happens next. I blame the one that did it first.

「You three, isn’t work finished a bit too quick?」
「That’s what you recruited me for, no?」

There’s a mountain of documents on his seat waiting for him, after all. The three of us are already finishing things up but the president still has his hands full with the checking. Which is just adding post-it notes on the corrections that need reviewing to make sure that they don’t get forgotten. Anyways, it’s getting late, so even if he starts now, the work still won’t get finished either way.

「I see, the faster work gets done, the more work I have to do. Then I guess I could authorize Kaoru to act as my proxy.」
「I refuse.」

She instantly refused. Well yeah, no one with a clear mind would willingly shoulder responsibilities that come from the most stressful position. Besides, if Kishita gets occupied with that, the work here at the lower level is going to stagnate. She’s really good at her work, after all. I have no idea how capable the treasurer is but wouldn’t my joining here become meaningless when he comes back?

「Just a thought but aren’t you girls a bit harsh with me?」
「I was the result of forceful recruitment.」
「I was a witness to the said forceful recruitment.」
「I don’t have enough time to game anymore.2

I feel like Saitou has a completely different reason from us. If she wants to game that much, then why did she join the student council of all places, where her time gets eaten up the most? To get points in the unofficial records? Or for her grades?
Being a member of this academy’s student council does give you a pretty good advantage after graduation, after all.

「Alright, let’s end here for today.」

We finished at pretty much the same time as we did yesterday. Unlike yesterday, however, we didn’t go to the family restaurant this time. Probably because it won’t be as special if we go there all the time. And it’ll be a problem if the members start thinking that they’re entitled to be treated all the time. Now then, I wonder how tomorrow will go.

The next day, while I was relieved that the president’s morning ambush was gone, when I entered the classroom, my classmates started interrogating me. Like about my relationship with the student council, whether we’ve reconciled, or whether I’ve been harassed. Well yeah, we’ve pretty much given the people a ton of material for gossip yesterday so I already expected this, but aren’t you guys a bit too zealous?

「I was simply solicited by the student council. As for the result, it’ll likely be settled by the end of the day.」

That’s really all I can say. If I carelessly say that this happened with the principal’s approval, it’s obvious that they’ll ask me for more details. And if we ever touch on that subject, there’s going to be a lot of troublesome things I can’t talk about. Though if I do ever say that I’m giving the principal love advice, it’s likely that they’re never going to believe me.

「Now then, how’s this going to end?」

In the end, the president didn’t appear before me for the whole day. Whether it’s because he really did already achieve his goal or because he’s spending his time persuading the other two, I don’t know. Still, I’m glad either way. I really hate being the center of attention and all of that.

「Pardon my intrusion.」

Entering the student council room, there certainly are two more people now. The one in front of me is Yamada and the one on the desk I was using up until yesterday is probably the treasurer. Come think of it, I haven’t heard his name. In this case, where do I sit down now?

「 Has been a while since I saw you, Kisaragi. Since the president wants it, I’ll forget about what happened between us up until now.」
「Thank you very much, Yamada.」

The general affairs officer Yamada seems to have complete trust in the president. There shouldn’t be any problems with him then. Rather, is it just me or does he not even recall what Kotone has done to them?

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「I don’t care either way. As long as you don’t sabotage our work, it’s not a problem.」

The treasurer really doesn’t seem to care at all. Rather, doesn’t that mean that no one’s refusing? In other words, no one’s against me joining the student council?

「President, you didn’t bribe them, did you?」
「I completely understand how you see me now.」
「I just thought that things were going too well.」

It’s so peaceful that it’s suspicious at this point. And the president probably wouldn’t think twice about doing that too. Just to make sure, I looked at Kishita and she shook her head. I guess nothing like that happened then. I was planning on leaving if there was even a small objection though.

「We’ve prepared your seat next to Kozue.」

Now that I think about it, there wasn’t a desk and PC there before. They’re too prepared about this but I don’t feel like commenting on that, so I just obediently took my seat. And after turning on the PC, I remember that I don’t know the password.

「Saitou, could I ask you for help?」
「Got it. Also, I don’t mind if you call me by my given name.」
「Understood, Kozue.」

I guess it’s because I’m a member of the student council now but Kozue speaks more casually now. Usually, people would either use polite speech or just straight up avoid me when they learn that I’m Kisaragi Kotone, so I really cherish people like her.

「Saiki, try not to fall behind Kisaragi.」

Don’t provoke him, president. Even if I don’t mind it, look, Saiki is getting super conscious about it now. I can easily imagine the mistakes that can occur in this sort of situation. He’ll prioritize speed and start making a lot of mistakes. There really isn’t anything wrong with working at one’s usual pace though.

「Saiki, please don’t be misled by the president’s words.」
「Humph, I know.」

I’m glad that he answered back but is it just me or is he working even faster than before? Please don’t overdo it, that’s going to slow down our work in the long run.
Too much pride is really a problem. Besides, isn’t my presence throwing their usual workflow in disarray? It’s the president’s fault though.

「President, I’ll get mad if you mess around too much.」
「I agree with Kisaragi.」
「It’s like I have two strict secretaries now.」

Seeing the president’s flippant smile, Kishita and I facepalmed. I know that you’re enjoying this but at least stop messing around during these busy times. It’s a real problem for us if you start messing around while there’s still work to do. From Kishita’s reaction, I understand that this is just business as usual here but give me a break.

「It’s a good thing that us female members are reliable.」
「Kishita, that’s the issue.」

Like, doesn’t that imply that the male members aren’t reliable? A president who is diligent but playful, a treasurer who seems to be prideful, and a general affairs officer that can’t do any desk work. All the male members are really quirky. Couldn’t they have given more thought to this lineup? I might have come to a really troublesome place.3


  1. Lio: Same
  2. Lio: Saitou recognizes what’s most important.
  3. Lio: Let’s give a prayer to Kotone.

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