Chapter 16 – President’s Attack [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2314 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1228 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Thanks for securing a seat.」
「The seat next to me automatically opens up wherever I go, you see.」

It’s pretty convenient, is something I can’t honestly say. It’s been more than a month now, so people have started to recognise Kotone even without her makeup lathered face. Because of that, the second and third years have started avoiding me. Still, it’s pretty inconsequential to me, honestly. That’s just their personal assessment of me after all.

「Still, why gyudon?」
「I just wanted to eat some, that’s all. There isn’t any deeper reason.」

There’s no deeper reason. I’m just guided by my appetite. With that said, thanks for the meal. The sauce is deliciously spicy and really soaks through the beef and rice. The palate-cleansing miso soup has seaweed and leeks, and the fact that it isn’t instant miso is good. As we continued eating without any conversation, I finished it all.

「Thank you for the meal.」
「Wait, I’m still only half-finished with mine though.」

I can’t seem to eat slowly and savour the food for some reason. The fact that it’s delicious makes it go straight to my mouth. I’ll just relax and drink water while waiting for her.

「Still, the moment of your last gulp was a real sight to behold. Everyone’s reaction to it, I mean.」

I was so focused on eating, so I really didn’t pay attention. Looking at people around us now, everyone looked away in sync. Why, though?

「Some were shocked, some dumbfounded, there were a lot of different reactions. The guys from our class all laughed though.」

Is gyudon really that weird? I can see people eating it here and there, but why only react to me? I guess it must be weird for a daughter of a well-off family to eat. I guess they’re surprised to see Kotone eating gyudon in particular. Still, my classmates. I guess they understand who I am now.

「As always, the way you eat makes it seem that you’re absolutely enjoying yourself.」
「What’s your business, president?」

Considering that he came at this timing, that means he gave just enough time for eating lunch. Still, there’s someone else who isn’t done yet doing a spit-take. Now was the spit-take caused by the president’s appearance or my blunt reply to him?

「Won’t you be going to the 2nd-floor terrace?」
「I refuse.」

Perhaps due to how absurdly big the place is, the cafeteria has a second floor. That’s the terrace. You can see the outside from there and in this season, they say that pleasant wind blows in but my problem about it is the people who gather there.
It’s teeming with the big names of the academy. In other words, it’s filled with people who Kotone disrespected last year.

「Immediate refusal, huh.」
「Obviously. If I go there it’s sure to cause a ruckus.」
「Not causing one would be weirder. Even with my persuasion.」

The president just sat down after that, so I showed him a really annoyed look. And honestly, he is a bother. Look at Minagawa, she can’t even finish her meal. Anyone would be shocked if the most important student in the academy sat right next to them.

「Excuse me, I’ll be taking this seat.」
「Same here.」

Sandwiching me, Kishita and Saitou sat down on the seats next to me. They definitely don’t want me escaping, don’t they? Rather, since these two are siding with the president, then there’s no one on my side, is there? I sent Minagawa an SOS through eye contact but she shook her head at full speed. I know, right? Sorry for dragging you into this.

「Are you seriously going to continue doing this until I accept the student council temp. position?」
「That was the plan, but we got a lot more attention than expected, so much that we already achieved the original goal. You know, of the student council and Kisaragi Kotone having reconciled and all that.」
「You were already spreading rumors about it anyway.」
「What could you possibly mean?」

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Information manipulation. I’m not the type to gather detailed gossip but it’s probably already too late the moment I noticed how smooth this conversation is going. I don’t really understand the sense in doing this in a school but I guess it’s practice for the future. Please don’t drag me into that.1

「Kishita, Saitou, are you fine with this? While only as a temp, me joining the student council?」
「Both of us approve of it. Our opinion of you has changed after yesterday. Right, Kozue?」
「After seeing yesterday’s, my image of you up until last year crumbled to dust.」
「What did you do, Kisaragi?」

Minagawa sharply retorted. Well… all I did yesterday was work and eat dinner with them though. Wait, then if I eat at the cafeteria daily, wouldn’t that be an easy way to change my public image? Still, I really don’t know for sure.

「Well, I’ll hear your answer after class.」
「Couldn’t you consider giving me a bit more time? 」
「It’s you we’re talking about, a bit more thinking won’t change your conclusion anyways.」

I have absolutely no intention to join to begin with after all. And it’s not going to change no matter what they say, but if this situation is going to continue, then I might have to reconsider. This being a bother to me is bad enough, but it’s going to bother the people around me as well. Honestly, I underestimated the president’s influence. In this case, I guess there’s no other choice than to accept, but with conditions attached.

「”How can I break your spirit” is the name of the game, after all.」
「What villain did you get that line from?2

It’s already broken though. To begin with, I hate to waste time on something like this, as well as the attention it gives me. It’s not like I’m changing my image for attention after all. At this rate, it might have a negative impact on me instead. Give me a break. I’ll surrender to the president. That’s the best way to end this, but…

「This would likely end easily if I simply admit my loss but I’d rather not.」
「A problem of pride, then. Still, I didn’t expect that you’d be particular about that.」
「No, I just can’t stomach giving in to you.」
「….. You’ve gotten quite unreserved.」

After all that’s happened, I don’t think there’s any reason to be reserved at this point. Rather, I can’t even say what I honestly think with my normal tone and speech either.3 After all, I can’t be picky to get what I want and if I say something unnecessary, it might just add to more problems and I’d rather not. The principal is an exception though.

「Well then, see you after school. Minagawa, we should head back now.」
「Somehow, I got a really eventful lunch today.」
「I’m genuinely sorry about that.」

You basically got dragged into this, Minagawa. Just consider it bad luck. I’m a casualty here too, after all.


  1. Lio: Imagine having your friends be like “Wow, you’re pretty good at politics, where did you learn?”
    “Highschool drama.”
  2. Lyly: Himself, probably
  3. Lyly: Yeah, you’re definitely going to curse like a sailor with your normal speech

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