Chapter 15 – Meat and Recruitment [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2854 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): Fire

I silently continue working but I don’t see any end to this at all. The stacks of files are decreasing but there’s a lot to begin with, so it’s hard to tell. I don’t think this can be finished within the day but I’ll probably only be working this day.

I don’t know how bad of a stomach ache the other two got but if it’s not too terrible, they should be fine by tomorrow anyhow.

「Let’s end it here today.」

Hearing the president’s words, everyone finished up. I saved the documents I made and turned off the PC. Checking the time, it’s 7 pm. I never would have thought that we’d stay this late.

「Do you usually work until this late?」
「No, I’ve heard that it’s only during this time of the year. I wasn’t a member yet during last year’s busy period, you see.」

Kishita, who answered my question, looked somewhat exhausted too. This is going to continue for several more days, so the student council really has it tough. As for me, it’ll eat up my free time so I wouldn’t want to join them.

If I consider the confidential reports, I’d have second thoughts but thinking of it in Kotone’s position, there’s not much merit. After all, I can improve my self-image even without joining the student council.

「Alright everyone, let’s have dinner at a family restaurant or so.」
「President, I don’t have the money, so I’ll be declining.」
「Eh-, it’ll be on me.」
「I’m joining.1

Yay~, less for my food expenses. Besides, it’s been a while since I ate other people’s cooking, moreover a meat dish. Rather, does the president eat at family restaurants a lot? He doesn’t really seem to be the type though.

Moreover, is it fine for someone from the twelve families to go to places like that? He’s a member of the Hadzuki family, right?

「President occasionally treats us out for socializing.」
「Ooh, he’s a quite good superior then.」
「And besides, other than me, it’s all ladies here.」

Come to think of it, that is true. Kishita, Saitou, and I are different in type, but the three of us do have good looks. Originally being a man, being a bit slow the uptake in these sorts is hard for me to admit. I’m really just not too conscious about it.2

Still, the president had a flirty tone but it doesn’t seem like he means it at all. I’m just walking with him but he feels like a boss genuinely thanking his subordinates.

「Let’s go then.」
「I guess this was to be expected of someone rich.」

Before the school gates parked a luxury car. Going to a family restaurant like this is just plain wasteful… is what I’d like to say but there’s no helping this. After all, you can’t just let the son of a distinguished family walk on foot.

There’s no telling what will happen to them.

「Shouldn’t this sort be normal for you too, Kisaragi?」
「Until last year it was but at present, I’m commuting on foot.」
「Well, well. That’s quite tough, I won’t say for who though.」

He’s probably talking about the Kisaragi family bodyguards that are around here somewhere, though I haven’t seen them myself. While I was kicked out of the mansion, I’m still a member of the Kisaragi family, so the possibility of kidnapping is always there. They’re probably there to prevent that.

After all, I’ve already gotten injured inside the academy. Still, I have noticed some of the bodyguards. The ones at my job at least. Even I would notice, with how they were.

「My family likely hasn’t thought that far ahead.」
「They probably prioritized your personal redevelopment. Though result-wise, it was a huge success.」
「I am worrying them in a different sense, however.」

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Mainly in the make-up and being a lady department. Misaki taught me a lot and I’ve tried it myself but after seeing the prices of the cosmetics left back in my room, I stopped completely. As if I could buy those things with my current lifestyle.

Just thinking about how buying those would wipe out my living expenses gave me cold sweats. What were they even thinking?

And so while chatting with the others, we eventually reached the family restaurant. Judging from how calm the employees are, the student council members might be regulars here. As expected, the employees are familiar with them.

「Kisaragi, what do you want to drink? You too, Kaori.」
「I’ll have oolong tea. How about you, Kisaragi?」
「I’ll have the same. President, please don’t mix it up.」
「Eh-, is that a joke?」
「I’m dead serious.」
「I’m kidding. Then let’s go Kozue.」

Before that, don’t you need the employee’s permission to use the drink bar? I honestly wondered about that, but Kishita said “It’s just the usual.” so I guess they really are regulars here.

Also, seriously don’t mix it with the other drinks. That’s only allowed when you do it for yourself, you do that with other people and they’ll only get angry. That’s my opinion on it, at least.

「Now then, what should I get? Everyone, feel free to order whatever you like as usual.」

And so everyone really did. By the way, what I ordered was a diced beef steak set. This being my first taste of meat in a while, I was pretty excited about it and then I noticed Saitou staring at me. I wonder why.

「Is there a problem?」
「No, it’s just that I thought you seemed somewhat child-like.」
「Certainly, seeing how Kisaragi is now, anyone would think that. Quite the eagerly awaiting child look, really.」
「Really different from how she seems. Now I wonder what would happen if Kisaragi’s order was the last to arrive?」

Kishita, I’d probably be sad. Having my food come late while the others have already arrived is just punishment for me. And I feel terrible to make the others wait for mine too. So feel free to eat when that happens.

Even if I begrudgingly glare at you all.

「Still, now that I really have a longer look, you really have changed.」
「I don’t have make-up on, after all.」
「I’m not talking about that, it’s more about your aura, I guess. Before you had a really prickly feel, I wouldn’t even consider coming near you but now you don’t have that at all.」
「That’s right. Before, you left a strongly aggressive impression. Like a mad dog that would bite anyone.」

The president and Kishita really don’t hold back. True, Kotone in the past was really hostile and aggressive. Encounter her and she won’t listen to anything you say, whether it be normal words or sarcasm, she’ll one-sidedly continue talking before eventually belittling you.3 She’ll approach people she’s interested in but will never act in a way that would make people like her.

That’s all she would do. The principal talked about it to some extent but Kisaragi Kotone was being used as a sort of decoy. No matter what you do, if you blame it on her, you’ll make it out scot-free.

Naturally, there were some that were caught and punished for it, but it’s only a rare few. While this may be true, however, it doesn’t absolve Kotone of her actions either.

「The Udzuki family messed up big time.」
「Has the principal talked about that much?」
「Rather, rumors are going to spread sooner or later anyway. After all, it’s a transfer in the middle of a suspension. There’s sure to be people who’d try to investigate.」
「I’m in the same class as them, so I’ve heard a lot of speculation. The most common is that Kisaragi exiled them.」
「As to be expected, the other classes’ image of me is still terrible.」

They’re not completely wrong though. Me being the one doing it is weird but she was sent to that place with her parent’s permission. A place where she’ll never be given permission to leave the premises, whether for summer break or new years.

Naturally, it’s not like that is pardonable but that place is like a gathering of problem children and, in regards to Shizune, there’s a risk that she’ll take revenge on me as soon as she possibly can.

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「The truth is that Udzuki simply went out of control after all. This time Kisaragi is completely a victim here.」
「I’m grateful to know that there are people who think that way.」

The number of people that properly see the way I am as Kotone is steadily increasing. Still, while the opportunities that triggered this were a problem, I really can’t be grateful enough to the adults that helped to make it happen.

Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am now.


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