Chapter 15 – Meat and Recruitment [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2718 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1344 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I quite like you the way you are now, Kisaragi.」
「Saitou, thank you.」

However, in Saitou’s case, she might be sympathizing with me waiting for the food to come anytime now. A well-off lady getting excited about family restaurant cooking is pretty weird after all. Sorry, I’m just a regular guy on the inside.

「Oh, it seems like our orders all arrived at the same time. Now then, let’s eat while it’s still hot.」
「「「「Thank you for the meal.」」」」

Ah, my first meat in a while, delicious. I’ll eat it all, not leaving even a droplet of the juices. So good. Rather, for some reason, I’ve been feeling eyes on me whenever I eat lately. And that includes now.

「She really seems to be enjoying the food.」
「Somehow, seeing this is such a relief. Don’t you agree, Saitou?」

Saitou is nodding a lot but is my face that easy to read? Maybe I’m smiling from eating delicious food. Though I do eat everything I make, even the terrible ones. It’ll be a waste of ingredients otherwise.

While I’m still puzzled, my knife and fork didn’t stop. Rather, my appetite isn’t stopping.

「It was delicious, thank you for the meal.」
「Ah, you’re already done.」

There are times when food cooked by other people just tastes weirdly delicious. Like when all you eat is your own cooking. Because of that, I finished eating faster than usual. But it filled my belly, so it’s fine.

I guess I’ll just relax and drink oolong tea now.

「「「Really a different person.」」」

As usual, that’s the first thing people ever say. Is it that weird for someone to look happy? I see, they probably couldn’t tell Kotone’s emotions from her thick makeup. It’s all-around scary too.

That’s probably why they can recognize my emotions well.

「Is it really that different?…… I suppose it is.」

While I did ask that, it is actually really different. I don’t intend to deny Kotone’s life but I don’t intend to deny my life either. In the end, if I had to choose one to follow, then it’ll be my own. Imitating Kotone’s life will only lead to destruction.

That’s why I stopped living as Kotone. And the guilt I feel about that is why I’ve decided to inherit all of Kotone’s misdeeds. That might be one of the reasons why I’ve accepted this.

「Have you found your answer to something?」
「That’s right. Still, I’m surprised you could tell, president.」
「It’s the superior’s duty to properly observe his subordinates after all.」
「I’m not your subordinate, aren’t I? It isn’t like I’m a member of the student council after all.」
「Eh~, but you’re quite capable, so I want you in though.」
「To begin with, you already have a complete set of officers, so there’s no place for me to join.」

They have a full set of officers. While it’s true that the workload is skewed considering the number of people working, it’s not like they can just assign two treasurers all of a sudden. To begin with, if they invite me in, wouldn’t that invite confusion among the students too?

The freshmen will probably be fine, but what about my yearmates and the upperclassmen?

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「I guess I should fire one then.」
「Please don’t, I’ll get resented.」

Strange rumors about that will definitely follow. That’s for sure. Still, I know that the president is just joking around. After all, Kishita and Saitou don’t seem to be surprised at all. But on the other hand, it also means that they aren’t surprised about the president wanting to recruit me.

What’s the basis for his judgement? I could only do that much since I’m somewhat experienced, that’s all.

「Besides, I was only assisting from the principal’s request, so this is only for today.」
「「Please don’t!」」

Surprisingly, the girls objected. Why?

「It’ll be a shame to lose Kisaragi’s clerical capabilities. I realized it full well today, but even if the other two are back, it’ll still take us too much time to go through everything.」
「I want to end it and game already.1

Saitou, hide your true feelings just a bit more. Still, is what Kishita’s saying really true? Even without me, it’s just one person out. Then the two returning shouldn’t be worse than me leaving.

I can’t imagine the treasurer to be bad at this sort of work, so maybe there’s something with the general affairs officer.

「That’s how it is, so could you help us until the current situation is resolved?」
「That’ll depend on the compensation. Also, please get the agreement of the two resting today. If either of them is against it, then I won’t enter the student council office.」

I refuse to work for free. Besides, if I accept but I’m not welcomed, I really don’t feel like working in the same room as them. If I was a working adult, then I would just bear it and work in the same room but right now, I’m a student. I’d rather not be in such an awful environment if I can.

Frankly, it’s just me being self-centered. Still, the principal’s request should end today. I really hope so.

「And if both of them are still out tomorrow?」
「If that happens, I’ll help out. No need for additional compensation either.」

I was requested to be an emergency worker, so if that happens I’ll continue helping. That’s the sort of contract it was after all. The president grinned after hearing my reply, scary. What are you planning now?

「Alright, let’s get them to rest tomorrow too.2
「Agreed, president.」
「Glad to be working with you, Kisaragi.」

As the president started typing on his phone, Kishita and Saitou gave their approval. They really don’t hold back, these guys! The people getting the “Don’t force yourselves, get a full rest tomorrow to be sure.” message would probably be thankful about it though.

But in my case, I literally see a scheme to make me work tomorrow unfolding right before my eyes, so I’m not thankful at all.

「Are the other two that unreliable?」
「Our treasurer is fine but you get things done faster. The general affairs officer is disastrously bad with paperwork.」

Why were they even appointed then? Especially the general affairs officer. In my memories, he should be the well-built guy people would probably see as an older brother. Right, I really can’t imagine someone as rugged-looking as him effortlessly typing on a keyboard.

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The other one should be the intelligent-looking guy wearing glasses. Kotone doesn’t know either of their names.

「With that said, glad to be working with you tomorrow, temporary officer Kisaragi.」
「Please don’t appoint me to a position. Besides, that position doesn’t exist anyway.」
「It actually does.」
「It does!?」

I was honestly surprised by Kishita’s reply. What is a temporary officer even? Is it like someone appointed to come for emergency situations where there aren’t enough people? That’s bad in its own way. I’d rather not be suddenly called to work. I won’t be able to make proper plans and stuff.

「President. If I’m not wrong, you can’t forcefully appoint people, no?」
「Don’t worry. I’ll make it difficult to refuse.3
「Aren’t you a bother!」

If you refuse, you won’t be forced to join the student council. That’s an academy rule but this president likely intends to spread a rumor that I’m a member of the student council. Despite knowing that it’ll ruin the student council’s reputation.

Do you want me in that badly? Don’t tell me that the principal gave them some unnecessary instructions.

「The president is stubborn when he’s like this, you know?」

Hearing Kishita’s words, I hung my head. Then, in other words, he has no intention of giving up on me, huh. Why does changing Kotone’s image result in this much trouble!

I don’t get it!4


  1. Liomad: Relatable
  2. Liomad: scary
  3. Lyly: Lol, what do you mean “don’t worry”
  4. Liomad: You were too capable kek

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