Chapter 14 – Principal’s Trust [3]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2747 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1481 words
Editor(s): Fire

Turning on the PC, I still couldn’t use it since it was locked with a password but Kishita entered the password for me. While she was doing that, I turned my attention to other stuff, so that I wouldn’t see the password. I am an outsider after all.

The president smiled again. What the heck.

「Now then, let’s get back to work. Kisaragi, use the already finished documents as a reference. If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask in detail.」

They can’t really have these done carelessly after all. The budget estimate is going to directly affect the future club activities, so there’s going to be a lot of complaints if it’s done sloppily. Seriously, why make an outsider do this? I don’t get it.

Anyhow, complaining isn’t going to change my situation anyway, so I don’t really have any other choice. Let me look over the completed ones first. After that, open the programs I’ll need to use and get to work.

「Nonetheless, going through this paper stack is quite the task.」

While the papers are grouped per club, there’s still a lot of them to go through. And since the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and general affairs officer were doing this without external help, this really won’t go anywhere unless each one of them is competent.

「Right? And our treasurer and general affairs officer aren’t around because of upset stomachs, so it’s even more troublesome.」

The only ones in the student council office are the president and the vice president. Also, the secretary girl is here too. For some reason, her presence is really thin, so I didn’t notice her at first. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her in Kotone’s memories either. I wonder why. She should’ve encountered basically everyone from the student council though.

Noticing that I’m staring at her, the secretary greeted me with a slight bow, so it doesn’t seem like she’s uncomfortable with Kotone.

「Ahh, she’s Saitou Kozue. She’s a second-year like you. Her presence is thin and it’s hard to notice her but she’s excellent at her work.」
「Is that really something you should say in front of her?」
「I don’t mind it. It is true after all.」

She’s got a pretty nice voice. Despite my first impression of her, she doesn’t really seem that hard to notice as long as she’s in my field of vision. However, the moment she’s out of my sight, I can’t feel her presence for some reason. What sort of superpower is that?

Well, enough of that. Let’s get this work done quickly. First, input last year’s account report and this year’s budget. Comparing them side by side, I make a rough estimate and verify it with the president. With this, I gradually work through the files.

「Ooh, as expected of someone recommended by the principal. You work fast.」
「More competent than our current treasurer1 even.」

Ignoring the president and Kishita’s exchange, I continue working. This stuff is just a matter of experience. With my computer experience, as long as I know what to do, I won’t lose to some students. Other than speed, I’ll make sure to be thorough too.
Still, as I thought, this is seriously time-consuming. If not for the fact that Akane will be on the night shift for a while, I would have needed to contact her.

「Alright, time for a short break. It’s not good to overdo it after all. With that said, Kaori, tea.」
「Ah, allow me to assist.」

As expected, I can’t just act like some VIP guest here. Since I’m working, I’m basically a student council temp right now. After being given this actually important work, I really can’t call myself an outsider at this point.

Still, the president has been calling Kishita by her first name and they’re acting a bit like a married couple, so I wonder if they’re dating. I’ve been thinking all about love stuff recently, so my brain just can’t help but think in this sort of context.

Well, it’s not like it’s anything dangerous, so who cares.

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「Here, Saitou. Tea for you.」
「Thank you very much. I never would have imagined Kisaragi to be the type to volunteer for these sorts of things.」
「True, up until last year, that was the case. Incidentally, Saitou. What have you heard about me?」
「I’ve heard when the principal visited before that you were someone tolerant of impolite conduct.」
「There are limits to that, however. Nonetheless, I really do need to have a talk with the principal about this.」

He’s not spreading around things that are completely unrelated to me, is he? Like, what the heck does impolite behavior mean? If you insult and curse me right in my face, even I won’t take it without these hands flying. Though if you’re only saying the truth, then it can’t be helped.

I don’t particularly mind anyone being rude to me as a lady. But if they’re being rude to me as a person, then I also have my own thoughts about that.

「Are you close with the principal?」
「I’ve already told Kishita this earlier but the principal simply has a troublesome favor for me. It isn’t as though we’re particularly close.」
「Well, no, you were yelling at the principal that much earlier, so there’s no way that you aren’t close.」

As I replied to the president, Kishita immediately retorted. Yeah, that’s probably how it’d look from an outsider’s perspective. All the principal does when I yell at him is have a troubled look on his face after all. I’m the one really troubled there though.

And then hearing that fact, the president and Saitou were surprised.

「Ooh, to think that there would be someone who can yell at the principal.」
「Kisaragi, you’re amazing.」
「I understand that he’s excellent in his work but on the private side of this, it’s a negative. That side was what I was yelling about, you see.」
「Before that, since you’re at the point where the principal asks you for personal advice, aren’t you two already more than just student and educator?」
「Please keep this conversation off-the-record.」

Thanks to Kishita’s retort, I realized that I slipped up and said a dangerous statement. True, the relationship of a student and a principal sharing about their private life definitely sounds suspicious. I absolutely don’t have that sort of intention though.

And president, stop grinning there.

「I guess that’s one juicy material up for grabs, then?」
「Please don’t make use of it. After all, it’s not only me but also the principal who will be affected.」
「Come to think of it, that’s true.」

Again, I can’t get a read on him. He could exploit this information to order me around but I don’t see him actually doing that at all. And true, it could negatively affect the principal but the principal is a more credible and trusted person than I am, so there’s a much higher chance of this just unilaterally affecting me only.

And he should know that too. I guess I’ll ask him directly.

「I’ll be frank but what was your image of me from last year?」
「A f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g cheeky obstructive lady.」
「Then me now?」
「A pretty, competent, industrious student, I suppose? Man, it’s my own words but I can’t believe how completely different the two sound.」
「Your basis for believing this?」
「I guess the principal’s words play a major part. He has a track record as the principal of this academy after all and he’s also a member of the twelve families. A person he can trust is someone I can trust, that’s how I see it. Besides, there wasn’t any negative info about you ever since the start of this term.」

Hmm, as I thought, the principal’s influence is no joke. This is probably his thanks for me giving him love advice. Already told him I don’t need it though. He likely thought that if the student council’s image of me at school is improved, then it would be easier for the info about this to circulate among the other students.

He’s surprisingly considerate.

「I will have to live up to the principal’s trust then.」
「You really have changed. Now then, break time over. It’s about time to continue.」

With a clap of his hand, each of them returns to their respective work. He really has their trust. Thinking that, I returned to my station. Still, how long are we going to continue working today?

This definitely isn’t work that can get done within the day. Right. Gotta give it my all, for the coffee.

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  1. Lyly: Well, your current treasurer is suffering through a stomach ache, lol
    Silva: Stomach ache from stress and overworking
    Lyly: Most likely the food poisoning hinted previously

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