Chapter 14 – Principal’s Trust [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2675 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1363 words
Editor(s): Fire

That’ll cut my lunch expenses. Besides, I’m also curious about the cafeteria’s menu. I’d love to eat food other than my own cooking occasionally. And I want to eat meat. I shouldn’t ponder over this, what if this gets me straight into trouble?

「If you had accepted right now, I planned on adding a bag of coffee too.」
「I accept!」

Damn it! Coffee is cheating. That’s the only luxury item for me, you know? Moreover, the coffee I’ve been drinking has a great aroma and a delicious taste, as you would expect from high-class coffee. While only a bag, if I’m getting some of this, then I’ll play your game.

Damn, I hate that smile of his. Remember this, b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.

「Well then, principal, please submit another one again. And please, carefully contemplate what I have told you before.」
「R-right. Come check it again later.」

I left the principal’s office with Kishita and together we headed for the student council office. However, there’s not a single exchange between us and it’s awkward. I don’t particularly feel animosity from Kishita, so she’s probably just like this normally.
Still, I wonder how the principal described me to the student council. He didn’t exaggerate anything, did he?

「Kishita, if I may ask, could you tell me what the principal has said about me?」
「I was told that you’ve gotten manly.」
「Pardon me, I need to go back for a moment to smack the principal’s head.」

What do you mean by “gotten manly”! Moreover, that’s omitting too much. True, it’s a man piloting inside now, so it makes sense that I’ve gotten manly. Still, doesn’t he have any other things to say? And as I finished that thought, I asked myself: What else, actually?

After all, all I’ve done while I’m in the principal’s office is retorting to the principal the entire time. There’s… really nothing else.

「Actually, never mind. Let’s continue on.」
「You’ve gotten quite close with the principal.」
「I was asked a troublesome favor, that’s all. It is more or less confidential, so I cannot elaborate on the matter but it’s honestly difficult work.」
「My condolences. Still, I don’t think there’s anyone in this academy that can yell at the principal like that.」
「Did you perhaps overhear it?」
「I couldn’t clearly make out the details but the yelling was quite audible.」

I did shout out loud, so I guess that’s just natural. Our sole salvation is the fact that students don’t walk in the corridor before the principal’s office that often. If anyone ever overhears us, there’s a chance that there’d be weird rumors about me and the principal spread afterward.

Still, Kishita has already seen me and the principal together, so in some sense, it’s already too late.

「I would have reached my limits if I hadn’t done so that time. It’s not that I was mad for no particular reason.」
「I understand that. If the logic behind it was a past-Kisaragi-like reasoning, then it would be impossible for the principal to simply shut up and take it.」

I know that he’s strict and diligent with his work. But I can’t understand how, with these traits, he’s like that in his private life. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, make it or break it. Rather, just break it already.

For my mental stability.

「This is the Student Council Room. This will be your first time inside, right?」
「Yes. I have absolutely no business with this place, after all.」

What caused Kotone to make contact with the student council people again? If I’m not wrong, Shizune told her that she’ll have a more fulfilling school life if she gets the student council under her thumb, right? The student council is full of handsome-looking boys, so Kotone’s reputation will improve if she’s together with them, is what I think she said.

On the contrary, she was hated and her public image just dropped rapidly. Though that was what Kotone was aiming for.

「I’m back. Also, we’ve received assistance from the principal.」
「Excuse me. My name is Kisaragi Kotone. It’s a pleasure to be working with you.」

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Still, the student council room is pretty big. It’s about as big as a classroom, with tables, PCs, and a massage chair for some reason. Other than that, they have a fridge, a coffee maker, and enough equipment to just live here. However, the mess on the table reminds me of my old work.

And in the innermost part of the room, scanning through the documents on his table, this person noticed Kishita’s entrance. Yup, another handsome boy. And contrary to my expectations, he greeted us with a soft smile.

「Oh, an unexpected visitor. And referred by the principal to the boot. I suppose the information can be trusted then.」
「Please don’t believe the information about me being manly.」

Following Kishita, I sat on the empty chair she led me to. I don’t know who’s seat it is but based on the papers with numbers scattered around here and there, it’s likely the accountant’s seat. Another troublesome place.

「I’ve heard a lot of things other than that. Besides, not a single appeal against the Udzuki family despite being pushed off a flight of stairs? I can’t imagine the former you doing that.」
「Not worth the trouble.」

After being beaten up that much, I have the material to one-sidedly attack the Udzuki family. But using that won’t really make a lot of difference. As for me, I don’t want to do something that would cause animosity. After all, it’s troublesome.

「I’m impressed that you can get over it with that. After all, despite all that’s been done to you, you still forgive them in the end.」
「Do you really think that?」

The stealing, the breaking, and the injuries. There’s no way I would forgive that. Even if she apologizes the next time we meet, I have no intention of forgiving her. To begin with, if I accept that proud lady’s apology, it’ll likely just go to her head again.
In truth, I do want to slap her at least once. I want to but I won’t. After that will be annoying after all.

「She is an enemy.」
「Hmph, so it’s not as if you’re completely fine with it. Then, how about the things you’ve done to us? 」
「I apologize for all the trouble I’ve caused. If you don’t want me to be in this place, then tell me and I will abide.」
「I won’t, so just help us out with the workload. We’re really struggling with the lack of people, you see?」

I can’t read him, I absolutely can’t read how the president plans on treating me. It’s not like he’s forgotten about last year, he has some issues with me but he’s still giving me normal student council work.

He should find me unpleasant, but he still accepts. Still, maybe it’s just because they need all the help they can get.

「For now, we’re currently working on the budget for the clubs. With the previous year’s expenditure as a reference, we’re compiling the budget projections from the clubs. I want you to help out with the compiling as well.」
「Is it alright to assign an outsider for this?」
「You don’t belong to any of the clubs. Besides, you were recommended by the principal, so there shouldn’t be any issues.」

The trust in the principal is pretty high. And mine is low. Still, so they do these sorts of stuff at this time of the year? I imagined that these would be done immediately after new students arrive but I guess I’m wrong. Since the club trial period lasts as long as a month, it seems that the budget setting starts roughly during this time of the year and is finished in mid-May. Hearing that, I suppose this time of the year is when they’re at their busiest.

「May I use the PC?」
「Rather, you won’t have any work done if you don’t. Come to think of it, you don’t know the password. Kaori.」


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