Chapter 14 – Principal’s Trust [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2453 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1274 words
Editor(s): Fire

Following immediately after that was Golden Week. And when I went to the cafe and confessed everything that had happened up until now, Kaori smacked me on the head. Why didn’t you call me, she asked. And when I said that I didn’t have a phone to call with, she got pouty.

Unreasonable. And then the owner and Saori scolded me. Come to us if you have any problems, they said. Really, they’re such good people.

Besides that, I was able to answer the principal’s request pretty easily. That’s because she came to drink during Golden Week. During then, I asked about a lot of stuff but her preference is someone who can drink with her. It sounds so simple, but with her, the hurdle is pretty high.

When I told the principal about this, he showed no sign of giving up and even eagerly went to make an itinerary for a drinking get-together. Though he wants me to check it too.

And today is the day for the said checking. Honestly, I’m bummed out. Also, my feet are fully healed. And I drove Misaki out of my place, no questions asked. It was tough driving her out, I even resorted to calling Sakiko but I consider that going too far.

「It’s Kisaragi, I’m coming in.」

I entered on my own without waiting for the other party to reply. The principal told me about this but it’s rare for there to be other people in the office. I’m pretty thankful about that in my case. If there was someone inside, they might have some weird ideas about it. The same goes with just seeing me enter, but I’ll handle it when it happens.

As I went inside, as expected, the principal was in the middle of work as usual.

「So, you’ve finished with the planning, right?」
「This is the itinerary draft.」

Accepting the sheet of paper, I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down on the sofa. I have no intention of restraining myself at this point. My impression of the principal has been going negative ever since the first consultation after all. I can’t be bothered to be considerate anymore.

Really, why is he such a wimp with a face like his? Anyways, the draft.

「…… -Ftt!?」

As I looked over it, I spit out my coffee. The hell is this itinerary! It’s not just sloppy. Why is the planned location a high-class French restaurant? It’s obviously not a place normal people can just casually waltz in.

That might be the case for rich people, but you’re not dealing with one here. Teacher Saeki doesn’t even come from an affluent family, so a pub would be better in her case. She can drink more there too.

Still, the biggest issue here is this one.

「Why am I incorporated in this plan!?」
「I mean, us suddenly going off alone together would be problematic, wouldn’t it?」
「That’s not a reason for you to bring me along! Why are you making a high school girl join a night-time drinking party!? Are you sane!?」
「But, well, I don’t really have anyone else I can speak about this to.」
「Then have other people involved too! Please, don’t just leave it all to me! Also, the french restaurant is no good, alright!」
「Don’t “Why!?” me! Don’t think solely based on your personal sensibilities! Consider how the other party would feel!」

I slammed the draft on top of the table and chugged my coffee empty. I’m already tired from yelling. For some reason, I feel like I always yell when I’m in this room. Anyway, this one is rejected. No matter who says what, it’s rejected.

「Um, principal? May I enter the room?」

While this nonsense was happening, somebody asked for permission to enter the room. I shifted my gaze to the principal and he nodded to me, so I prepared to move to the reception parlor next door.

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「Come in.」
「Don’t just let them in!」

Wait, you. At least wait for me to stand up! And what’s with that confused look! Ah, I’m tired! Dealing with this principal here is really exhausting. Be a bit more considerate to me.

I sat my barely raised hips back down and surrendered myself to the backrest completely. I don’t care what happens anymore.

「Excuse me. I heard someone yelling earlier but-…」
「Don’t worry about it.」
「U-understood. Um, is the lady over there-…」
「Don’t worry about it.」

“Don’t worry about it.” my a̲s̲s̲. Also, for saying “Understand”, she’s staring straight at me though. Still, someone beautiful entered the room. She’s a Yamato Nadeshiko type and her hair’s about as long as mine. And she’s someone I know too. If I’m not wrong, she’s vice president Kishita. She’s probably here for Student Council work.

「I’ve come to present the Student Council’s periodic report.」
「I see. It’s been tough but how is it going?」
「We never imagined that food poisoning would happen during the cooking class as well. It was completely unexpected.」

Come to think of it, just today there were rumors that some of the 3rd year boys were brought to the infirmary due to stomach aches. I guess they sneaked some bites out of half-cooked meat or something. Well, it’s unrelated to me. Accepting the current situation I’m in, I poured myself another cup and ignored their following conversation.
There’s no meaning in me listening anyway. I’m not in any club after all.

「As I thought, you’re having quite some trouble. It’s about time for things to get busy too.」
「That’s right. Frankly speaking, we’re absolutely lacking in people right now.」
「I see. Kisaragi, do you have free time?」

Why are you bringing the conversation to me? Absolutely not, I’m not helping the student council. It’s pretty much the home base of people Kotone brought trouble to last year, so I really don’t want to go. I’ve had enough of being dragged into trouble.
Besides, I’m not going to work for free. Even now I already have my hands full with the principal’s love consultation, why should I add to my own problems?

「You’ll be compensated for your work, so could you aid them?」
「I respectfully decline.」

Ah, Kishita looks shocked. Well yeah. After all, I just refused the principal immediately, no questions asked. I was a bit swayed when he talked about compensation, but it’s still not enough. To begin with, wouldn’t I only get in their way if I go there?

Mostly on the mental level.

「I see. Just to ask, are you confident with your clerical capabilities?」

If I consider my past life, I should be able to do well as long as I’m working on a PC but being frank here probably wouldn’t do me any good, so I gave a vague answer. Still, what does the principal see in me?

「I’ve told the Student Council about your situation, so it should be easy to improve your relations with them though.」
「The president has also shown interest in you, Kisaragi.」

Oi, principal. What are you leaking other people’s information for? The same goes with Teacher Kondou, why do people treat my information so lightly? And president, why are you interested in me? You’ve been plenty troubled last year too. I mainly remember following him around and recruiting him to be my underling or something, I think.

And obviously, he declined. Which was natural.

「Such a shame. I was thinking of paying with free cafeteria meal coupons too.」

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