Chapter 13 – The Other Side of the Incident [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2665 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1357 words
Editor(s): Fire

This is the other side of yesterday’s incident. If it’s known that a family member has dropped out, it’ll be more than a disgrace for the family. And it’s one of the twelve families that they’re discussing this with, so it’d be natural to think that this will be leaked.

In that case, they chose to lower their reputation and donate a given amount so that this wouldn’t be made public. It’s not an admirable act but it’s nothing new in any society.

「Additionally, the teacher has been dismissed. Currently, we’re investigating for other offenses.」
「It was absolutely overdoing it after all. If he had been allowed to stay, it’ll only lower the academy’s reputation.」

It was likely a result of him mistakenly thinking that he’s got the Udzuki family’s support and running wild with it. In the end, it wasn’t official support from the family but Shizune just offered it on her own. They probably don’t want this to be made public too.

It’s the daughter that did the bribery, but it’s the Udzuki family that faces the consequence.

「Sexual harassment and assistance in theft right in front of the students. He likely didn’t even consider that these can’t just be hushed up.」
「There were too many eyewitnesses. Hiding that was impossible. He likely thought that he could do as he wanted using the other party’s authority.」
「Not knowing that he was the one being used to begin with. Still, listening to his side, he’s insisting that the Udzuki family made him do it, so he’s beyond saving.」

Seriously beyond saving. And that is probably why the principal is investigating whether he’s caused any other troubles or not. I guess they’ll figure out how to deal with him at a later time.

「First, reinstatement is practically impossible. Besides, once rumors go around, it’ll be known that he laid his hands on both the Kisaragi and the Udzuki, so it’ll be difficult for him to find employment. No one would risk employing someone like him after all.」
「It’ll be difficult for him to live out in society. Still, thinking about this, I might need to take precautions against possible retaliation.」

I still haven’t confirmed it, but I have some bodyguards so I should be alright. However, it’ll be too late to react if the other people around me are harmed. I need to take precautions for that possibility.

「That’s an understandable concern. This is why we’ve decided to guide him to his next employment. Domestic or abroad, which do you prefer?」

If it’s the country, there’s no assurance that we won’t happen across each other. Then I’d push for abroad.

「Hot or cold?」
「Cold please.」

Let him chill in heart and soul. That might rehabilitate him to have a decent character to some extent.

「I suppose around Canada then.」
「Still, wouldn’t forcibly sending someone abroad be a problem?」
「We’re simply introducing him to a well-paying job. Of course, we’ll absolutely acquire his agreement.」

I don’t want to know how you’d do that. Even though you’re ensuring that it’s his choice, it’s painfully obvious that you’re going to force this agreement. Or maybe lead him into it. At this point, even if that teacher tries running, he’s definitely going to get caught.

That, or he’ll be made to sign a contract. Principal, you’re pretty wicked.

「I’m relieved to hear that. This should settle everything relating to this incident. 」
「For me, it’s still a pile of problems. It’s a real headache.」

He’s likely busy with the post-processing and other stuff. Already having enough work and then having more added is a pain I understand full well. You’ll never know when you can ever get a break.

And then after that, there’ll be revisions and sometimes even more work, you don’t even have the energy to be angry anymore.1

「You have my sympathies. I’d help out if I could, but I’m not quite knowledgeable in that department.」
「You said it, right?」

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Wait, I feel like I just saw the principal’s eyes sparkle. Yeah, let me drink some coffee, it’s just my imagination. Calm down, calm down. Ahh, coffee’s good.

「To tell the truth, I want you to investigate a certain individual.」

Then hire a specialist to do that. It doesn’t need to be me, does it? Why are you commissioning a student to investigate a teacher or an office staff, come on you.

「What, it’s nothing difficult. Nothing dangerous either. I only want you to do a background check on this said individual.」
「I don’t have any right to refuse anyway, do I?」
「If you don’t want to do this, I don’t intend to force it upon you. Still, you intend to go back on your word? If that’s the case, I’ll be disappointed in you.」
「No matter how you look at it, you have no plans on letting me refuse.」

He probably has my words earlier recorded too. It’s the principal we’re talking about, so I don’t think he’ll force me if I seriously refuse. Yeah, I hope so.

「Who is it then?」
「Saeki Shizuru.」
「Has she done something wrong?」

I can’t really imagine her embezzling or doing something against a student though. I can imagine her drinking alcohol much easier. Rather, maybe she embezzled to drink some alcohol.

「In her case, that isn’t possible.」
「Then what am I investigating about her?」
「Her hobbies, interpersonal relationships, and the most important thing is whether she has someone in her mind or not.」

Yeah, I know now. I absolutely understand what the principal wants me to do. And I want to tell him that he’s definitely mistaken to ask me about this worry of his. Definitely.

「Principal, a word from me. Please don’t ask for love advice from a high schooler!」
「My intuition is saying that you can do it.」

Don’t rely on your intuition! What are you trusting me for! I don’t remember ever raising this flag. Haven’t you considered that I could use that information? Aah, I want to just tell him that.

「Why are you trusting me this much?」
「Talking with you, I don’t feel like I’m talking to a student at all. That’s what my intuition says.」

He’s probably trying to say that he can somewhat guess what I am inside. That, or he’s misunderstood because of how different Kotone is now. Can I just decline? I can’t, can I? He definitely has some backup plan set up, this principal.

「Besides, you have something in common with Saeki, don’t you? Can’t you use that somehow?」
「The only thing we have in common is both of us entering my room. And it’s not like we’re especially well acquainted with each other either.」

Our only common ground is that we both know Akane. True, Teacher Saeki promised to come again sometime thanks to this, but I don’t know if it’ll really happen or not.

「Then you can get closer from here on.」
「To begin with, wouldn’t it be bad for a student and teacher to be particularly close with each other?」
「I’ll allow it. Can you do it?」

Don’t I’ll allow it me! Moreover, despite the inquisitive form, your voice is too serious! I wonder what will happen to me if I refuse? Frankly, I want to decline. Who the heck would willingly poke their head in someone else’s love story? Moreover, he’s probably going to make me an accomplice in something. Rather, ask her yourself.

Haah, all I can say is that I’ll try to indirectly ask her.」
「Still, I appreciate it. In exchange, I’ll assist in the improvement of your public image as well.」
「It’ll cause weird rumors to spread, so seriously please don’t!」

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If the faculty’s attitude completely changes from the principal’s words, it’ll likely result in a troublesome situation, so please don’t. Moreover, this principal will likely do good on his word, so I can’t be ambiguous with him. It’s really bothersome.

Haah, why did it end up like this?


  1. Lyly: Speaking from experience there, Kotone?

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