Chapter 12 – Inquiry Regarding What Felt Out of Place [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2051 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 983 words
Editor(s): Fire

Since mother and Sakiko have left, the only ones in the room are me and Misaki. I don’t have anything left to do with my cup of coffee now empty but since it’ll be dinner soon, I can’t really go for a refill.

Rather, the expressionless unmoving Misaki is scary.

「Miss Kotone, there is something I’d like to ask.」
「What is it?」
「Why are you so distant with the madam?」
「I just haven’t gotten my emotions sort out yet.」

Even I understand that I responded pretty curt towards mother. Still, even if she’s Kotone’s mother, she’s not mine. And since I’m conscious about that, I really can’t treat her as anything other than a stranger.

I probably wouldn’t act that much different if it was any other family member.

「The madam has greatly grieved her past actions. Why don’t you try meeting her halfway at the very least?」

To be honest, I don’t know if I can behave and see her as my mother. Besides, I don’t have any idea what to do to meet her halfway. If I suddenly fawn over her, I’m sure that she’ll find it weird.

I can’t go visit her at the mansion either. There’s no telling what will happen if I carelessly encounter father.

「Say, Misaki. About meeting her halfway, how should I go about it?」
「First, why don’t you start with a conversation. Up until now, you two have never had a proper conversation after all.」

Hmmm, true, even from Kotone’s memories, I can’t recall her having a normal conversation with mother. Part of it is due to Kotone avoiding her but part of it is due to mother keeping a mask up. On the contrary, if they had made a proper conversation then, that’d be much weirder.

「In that case, then it’ll be for when mother comes next time around.」
「That’s true. There should be prior contact from them when they visit.」
「Misaki, how long do you plan on staying here?」

My leg injury should be healed within two weeks. I don’t have any intention of letting Misaki stay here for a long time. I’m supposed to be living alone, so having an attendant doesn’t really include that.

「As your personal maid, I’ll follow you forever.」
「I refuse.」
「The only reason I’m working in that awful mansion is because of the good pay. That’s why, if the pay is the same, then please let me be your personal maid instead.」
「I already told you I refuse, haven’t I?」

Isn’t she too frank? Misaki’s parents are indebted to the Kisaragi family and yet their daughter is like this. Well, they’re their own individuals, so their indebtment is probably irrelevant from their daughter’s standpoint.

「Please recall the past. I was the only one that followed you up until the end.」
「I don’t remember you actually following me, though.」

I do recall giving some unreasonable orders. I wouldn’t trust any attendant that would follow those though. You’d need to be some kind of fanatic to follow those.

「Please feel indebted.」
「I’m amazed you can say that right at my face.」

This is the first time I’ve had this sort of conversation face to face but it’s really hard to grasp Misaki’s personality. She’s been expressionless in the earlier conversation as well, so there’s no telling whether she’s being serious or not. She probably is, though.

「How about you recall the past instead. Regarding what sort of orders I’ve given you.」
「They were impossible to achieve in reality. In short, you were being simply unreasonable.」

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There’s no attendant that will follow masters that ask for the impossible. Normally, you’d just quietly back off but only Misaki forwardly declines and throws insults face to face, something unthinkable for an attendant to do. And despite that, she hasn’t been fired, I don’t know if she’s plain lucky or unlucky for being stuck by Kotone’s side.

「You talked back against me frequently back then.」
「Giving advice to one’s master is the duty of an attendant.」
「And where did you learn that from?」
「Light novels.」

Realistically speaking, this is a step forward to getting fired. It’s rare for people to employ attendants that actively go against their employers. Displease your employer and you’re fired, the end. Rather, what do you mean you learned it from light novels?

「Are you an idiot?」
「How rude. That would be you but allow me a word of advice. Polite speech doesn’t fit you.」
「Aren’t you pretty rude yourself?」

This is the first time someone said that. True, using polite speech when talking to a maid is weird, but I’ve decided to generally use polite speech with people I meet for the first time. And I mean people I1 personally haven’t met before.

However, there are some exemptions.

「You really have changed. From a lady who would throw a tantrum when I refused, to now.」
「So that’s why you want to stay with me?」
「That’s right. Rather, your way of speaking is different from before as well. The once violent tone, is now manly.」

How is that different? Manly is because I’m male on the inside, so that’s not mistaken, but doesn’t that usually sound violent when spoken by a female? Well, who cares, I don’t intend to change my tone anyway.

「It’s better compared to previously, so I welcome it.」
「I’ll kick you out after two weeks, though.」
「You’re unneeded once I’m fully healed after all.」

What why!?, there’s no way I’d have the money to support a maid with my income. Since I can’t rely on the allowance from my family, the money I have is limited. It’ll be impossible unless Misaki earns for herself. And I don’t think that’s part of being an attendant.


  1. Lyly: Not Kotone

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