Chapter 12 – Inquiry regarding What Felt Out of Place [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2000 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 976 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Rather, I have to ready dinner soon.」
「I’ll do the preparations, so please relax and wait.」
「Please prepare for three. The other one should be here soon.」

Can’t forget Akane’s portion. If I ever forget it, there’s no telling what she’s going to say. She might even cry. After that, it’ll be a full course of binge drinking and considering what could happen during that, I can’t afford to forget it.

「Milady, what is alcohol doing here?」
「That was brought in by the other person. It’s not like I bought it nor do I intend to drink either.」

From my mental age, I don’t really mind drinking, but physically it’s a problem. It’ll be a big problem if anyone ever sees me drinking, so I haven’t ever tried. I do want to drink, naturally. But I’ve decided to do it when I’m of age.

「Come to think of it, I need to sort out the stuff I got earlier.」

I spread everything I got from lunch on the tabletop. The bread and such spoil easily, so I’ll have to deal with them quickly but I’ll have the snacks for dessert. The sudden sweets are a godsend. I can’t wait to taste them later.

I really don’t have any intention of actively buying sweets, so I’m really grateful to my classmates.

「Uwo!? Weren’t you in the kitchen just now!?」

When did you get there? I ended up recoiling back but Misaki’s sights are less focused on me than they are on the snacks lined up on top of the table. It probably caught her interest.

「May I have some snacks as well?」
「I don’t really mind.」

Since we’re living together, I don’t particularly mind it. Still, is it just me or are her expressionless eyes showing a faint glint? I also feel intense vigor from her somehow, but is that my imagination too?

「This is the best thing I got coming here.」
「You can just eat some anytime, couldn’t you?」
「Mother has banned me from eating these.」

The snacks on the table aren’t particularly special. They’re neither as expensive nor as difficult to find as the snacks in the mansion. They’re common snacks you can just buy from the supermarket and convenience store. So why is she banned from eating these?

「Is it because of an allergy or something?」
「No, I simply overate.」
「Learn to lie a bit, won’t you? In that case, I’ll ban it too.」

Being honest has its merits and demerits. If she had kept quiet or just lied, I might not have banned it. Still, if she overate to the point that Sakiko banned it, then it’s her fault. Rather, just how much did she eat?

「I beg of you! Please!」
「Does it really warrant the kowtowing?」
「Sweetness is water for the heart! I’ll exercise and lose what I eat! So please, I beg of you!」
「Just how obese were you in the past……」

I think I see why Sakiko banned it. In other words, it was the result of her being concerned about her daughter who ate too much and got fat. Excess eating negatively affects your health after all. Also, her not eating normal food probably became a problem too.

「Let’s consult with Sakiko about this.」
「Don’t. She’ll definitely forbid it, I can see it already.」
「Again, just what did you do in the past?」
「I went from a successful diet to a successful rebound.」
「You just got what you deserved then.」

I do get her though. After keeping away from snacks for a long time, the craving piled up and exploded, right? At first, you’ll just think of eating a little and before you know it, you’ve eaten more than you have before. That’s probably what happened.
And from her remarks up until now, it’s possible that she ate behind Sakiko’s back too.

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「If I can’t partake sweetness, then I won’t hesitate to go on a strike!」
「Then get out.」
「Forgive me. I take back my earlier remark. I’ll work properly, so please grant me a reward.」
「That’s not something for a maid to say.」

The number one reason why Misaki is here is so she can eat snacks, isn’t it? Then that explains why she’d willingly go back to Kotone’s side. It’s possible that she’s just following mother’s order, but from what I see, she probably intends to eat snacks even if she has to do it in hiding. Really faithful to her appetite.

「Then you can have one a day.」
「Umm, can’t it be one whole bag?」
「Ah, you’re mistaken. It’s boxed, then one box a day. If you get 5 kilos heavier after two weeks, I’ll report it to Sakiko, alright?」
「Thank you very much!」

As long as she doesn’t overdo it, she shouldn’t gain that much weight. And even if she eats out, it likely wouldn’t get too extreme in these conditions. Still, I’ll have to warn her if she starts skipping dinner.

For now, I guess I’ll jot down the snacks we have on stock for Misaki. After all, I can’t really control the amount if I can’t keep track of it.

「Then to start with-」
「Cook dinner already, will you!?」

As Misaki was about to reach out for the snacks, I smacked her hand down. Do your job first. After glaring at her, she then let out the same aura as a dog made to wait. Really, with her being expressionless, it’s hard to grasp her emotions. What did Sakiko do to her in the past?

「You can have some after eating dinner, alright?」
「I’ll follow you forever, milady.」
「No need.」

Honestly speaking, I feel like I’ve just picked up a nuisance. She’s one troublesome maid, geez.


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