Chapter 11 – Dialogue with Mother [3]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2517 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1360 words
Editor(s): Fire

「The promise you had with the principal was that I would be expelled from the academy if I didn’t change at all or something similar, was it?」
「That’s right. I wanted it to be a year long observation period but your father insisted that there’s no need to spend that much time and decreased it to six months.」

The more I hear, the more I understand just how much mother has been helping me. In my personal opinion, just mine, I think it’s fine to reconcile with mother. Hearing everything that has happened up until now, it’s thanks to mother that I can live my life like this and she also provided me with the time to prove myself in the academy.
I also know that she doesn’t intend to bring me back. Rather, it’ll probably be best to have an ally from within the mansion too.

「My allowance for the living expenses might have been a bit tight too. It wouldn’t have been enough if I didn’t have a part-time job after all.」
「Regarding that, I’m really sorry. He insisted we’re not exhausting any more money beyond this on you, so I asked for the servants’ opinion as well. If it wasn’t enough, then I considered sending additional money as well but…」
「Father always interjected every time, I see. As of the present, I don’t have any issues, so it’s alright.」

As I thought, father is the problem. I can’t help but feel that the only reason things haven’t fallen apart yet is because mother is still there. I seriously don’t want to go home. The stress there might just give me a stomach ulcer.

「Still, I was really surprised when you contacted us. I was with that man at the time, so I reacted as I usually did though.」
「The madam had quite the smile that time.」

I’m honestly surprised that she managed with her terrible acting. On the other hand, it probably means that father didn’t have any interest in the call at all. Or there wasn’t any trust in me. Maybe he thinks that I was earning money through threats and living here by threatening the manager.

I have absolutely no intention of doing those. Rather, if doing that was possible, then society wouldn’t be standing as it does right now.

「Come to think of it, I’ve cut ties with Udzuki Shizune but will this have an effect on the Kisaragi family?」
「This incident hasn’t reached that man yet but eventually a formal apology from the Udzuki family will come. Still, it’ll be useful as a negotiation card, so he likely wouldn’t have any problems with it.」
「I certainly do hope so.」

Unlikely to be worried about his daughter at all. He might just go “What did you do? Don’t jeopardize my reputation.” instead. Whatever the case, at that rate, the harassment would have only escalated, so I had no other choice. At worst, I might have to consider borrowing Kotori’s surname.

Of course, after asking for her permission.

「Nonetheless, you’ve grown to be quite the thinker now, Kotone. You’ve only had eyes for that man up until now.」
「On the contrary, don’t you find it weird, mother? For me to change this much?」
「I’ve heard that those that returned to sanity are like a whole different person, you see? Besides, after grandsire got punched by his older sister, he was sick in bed for a while before returning to sanity and having a loving marriage with grandma’am.」

It’s a bit like my situation. Or rather, your sister hit you, grandfather? Just how persistent were you? Also, did his sister have some sort of complex as well? There’s no way to know now, though.

There’s a lot more I don’t understand in this world now. I thought that this world was just normal but if there are more people like me, then it might not be normal at all.

「I just want to ask, but did those that didn’t turn sane manage to live a proper life?」
「I’ve heard that most only had light symptoms. That man is too far gone that it can’t be helped, it seems. That’s why grandsire and grandma’am retired abroad.」

Just as unredeemable as Kotone, huh. Seriously, what’s going on with this family? This is definitely beyond the realm of just troublesome.

「New years will be hell.」
「It’ll probably start an argument relating to you. I’ll have no other choice but prepare myself by then.」

Grandmother is going to come back for New Year to see her grandchildren. And once she notices that Kotone isn’t present there, who knows what will happen? Grandmother’s the sweet but strict kind. She might just come charging into my apartment. Other than that, I can’t even imagine what sort of chaos there will be in the mansion.

「I’ll say it now but I don’t intend to return no matter what father says.」
「If he does something that self-serving, I’ll stop him.」

If he wants me to return just that time so that grandmother won’t hate him, I don’t want to hear any of it. Honestly, if he actually tries to do that, I might just punch his face in. And mother likely wouldn’t stop me then. I’m not your convenient tool, okay.

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「Then is it fine for me to not go back home?」
「It shouldn’t be an issue while you’re still at the academy. Besides, hearing from the bodyguards, it seems like you’ve been more lively living here outside. It’s more comfortable for you to live here, right?」
「That’s true. It’s more liberating than being at the mansion, I like it here more.」

As I thought, there were people guarding me, huh. Well yeah, after all, who knows what would happen if by any chance I get kidnapped. Father probably wouldn’t care even if there was ransom demanded but mother here would be extremely uneasy.
Still, mother stopped calling him my father for a while now. She probably has her own complaints about him as well.1

「Then let’s end this conversation here. It would be best to go home soon, wouldn’t it?」
「That’s true. I might get told off if I’m not home by the time he’s there after all.」

There are the twins too. Please prioritize them instead of me. Please properly guide them so they don’t end up becoming like Kotone. As long as mother remembers what we talked about here, it should help her to some extent.

「Then I’ll leave Misaki here for a while. Also, this is an extra for next month’s allowance. You’ve lost a lot of things, so I’m sure the money won’t be enough.」
「I’m glad about the extra, but Misaki?」
「That’s right. It’s inconvenient living with your feet in that condition, right? Misaki can drive too, so stay put for a while, alright.」

Right, shopping for groceries is going to be hard with my feet right now. And the thing about driving is probably for my commute to the academy. Don’t walk so much until you’re fully healed, huh. Well, I guess that’s only natural. My friends will probably scold me if they see me walking here and there too.

「And can I come back here again?」
「In this empty place?」
「I want to see how my daughter is doing. After all, there’s a lot I couldn’t do for you up until now.」
Haah, I understand. Please feel free.」

Sobbing, smiling, she’s someone quick to show her emotions. This is how her true personality is, so it’s really telling of just how suffocating of a place that mansion is.
I absolutely don’t want to go back.


  1. Lyly: Here it’s a bit complicated. Kotone’s mother has been calling the father “husband” the whole past two chapters when referring to him. However, I don’t think it really fits, so I translated it into “your father” instead. So yeah, she stopped referring to the guy as “my husband” for a while now and just calls him “he” or “that man” instead, lol. Disowned?

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