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8-3: As Much As Possible, Is It? (Part 2)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

“What about the provisions in our branch?”
“If we make the meals simpler and process them for long-term storage, they should last for about a month, even with an increase in population based on surrounding villages. We also have reserves that were entrusted to us by the kingdom. There should be enough surplus to distribute to others.”

Agreeing with Ector’s assessment, Frank added, “However, the act of continuous defense takes its toll not only physically but also mentally. We should take action before the negative effects become overwhelming and we lose our ability to coordinate.”
“While we shouldn’t rush and make mistakes, we also can’t afford to be too leisurely. Let’s start refining our plans as efficiently as possible.”

He was deprecating himself calling himself an upstart, but knowing the location was what made the decisions fast. In this aspect, the two were very dependable.

As we delved deeper into discussions, I stepped out of the conversation. As I remained as a support, the discussion came to a close, and we moved into action at once.

Within a span of just three days since the familiars dispersed across the world, all of them returned.

Now that the information has been gathered, let’s proceed to summarize it while maintaining a discrete approach.

Firstly, there were eight locations experiencing abnormal situations akin to Rondoville.

The first location was the Windia Federation, known as the “Giant Sea, Law Sea,” where the Federal Parliament comprised leaders from various races and tribes. In this federation, widespread lightning strikes have been observed, causing significant damage not only to humans but also to animals, plants, and crops in the surrounding countries.

The second location was the Archipelago Union, referred to as the “Great Sea, Azure Sea,” governing a collection of islands from approximately 20 countries. There, frequent downdrafts have resulted in shipwrecks and building collapses. Consequently, communication via ships and aerial magic had been severely hindered, making it difficult to ascertain the precise extent of the damages.

The third location was the Holy Raihand Empire, also known as the “Distant Sea, Frozen Sea,” a nation ruled by humans who have the individual with God factors seated on the throne.

In the Holy Raihand Empire, a significant lake that serves as a crucial water source had dried up, resulting in an unprecedented heatwave. The severity of the situation may be more pressing compared to other locations, as there are limits to enduring extreme heat.

The fourth location was the Empress Nation of Filaramis, referred to as the “Deep Sea, Sand Sea,” a land that embraced pleasure and freedom amidst its desert and coastal areas.

In the Empress Nation of Filaramis, the abnormal proliferation of plants had led to the disruption of transportation networks. Not only have crops suffered, but the impact has also extended to humans and animals.

The fifth location was the Kingdom of Mythrilage, renowned for its mastery of magic.

Mount Fyagraja, located in the Reil High Mountains of the Mythrilage Kingdom, had erupted, causing immense devastation to the surrounding areas.

While the royal capital remained shielded by a barrier cast by the Sorcery Guild, barriers sustained through human efforts continuously drained magical energy and were unlikely to be maintained for an extended period.

The sixth location was the Kingdom of Acradist, a prominent maritime industry nation.

The surrounding sea areas of the Acradist Kingdom had been encased in ice, cutting off sea routes. The inability to deploy fishing and trade ships had led to food shortages and a struggling economy.

So far, all of these incidents have been caused by the evil gods.

They have been responsible for conjuring lightning strikes and triggering volcanic eruptions… quite a troublesome group, to say the least.

The seventh location was the Kingdom of Orbwight, a nation renowned for its metallurgical industry.

The entire expanse of the Orbwight Kingdom has been beset by vast sandstorms, compounding the situation with a significant outbreak of monsters.

Lastly, the eighth location was the Village of Springs… the elven settlement. A toxic mist had emerged, inflicting grave damage upon the local flora and fauna.

These eight locations, plus Rondoville, were the focal points of the ongoing issues.

Windia, the Archipelago Union, the Holy Raihand Empire, and the Filaramis Empress Nation. These nations were collectively referred to as the “Four Oceanic Nations” due to their strong connection to the sea in various aspects.

The Mythrilage Kingdom, Acradist Kingdom, Orbwight Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Rondoville. These four nations were known as the “Four Ordinal Kingdoms,” symbolizing their role as “pillars1” in the human world after the gods’ disappearance.

The Four Oceans Nations and the Four Ordinal Kingdoms. Together, these nations, also known as the “Eight Great Nations,” have been simultaneously struck by calamities, and it is no mere coincidence. It was definitely not the case.

In fact, it was quite evident, especially with the inclusion of the elven village that wasn’t part of the Eight Great Nations. It was all done to bring me to the forefront, wasn’t it?

I couldn’t help but think that the Apostle, given how he was, believed that I would act if he involved as many people as possible, or the love for my race would prevail, but let me clarify that I wasn’t so good-natured or easy-going to jump in while knowing that.

So, without further ado, the plan remained unchanged! No alterations are needed!

Now, as for everyone’s whereabouts… Upon reviewing them once again, I couldn’t help but let out a wry smile. How should I put it… It was impressively well-executed. One could even argue that it was executed a bit too perfectly.

There were people already in disastrous locations, but other ones who were traveling the world were also positioned in a “non-overlapping” manner. I couldn’t help but be impressed by it.

Perhaps they managed to gather information just like I did at the general headquarters, and then strategically organized the Mercenary Guild’s grandmaster and the higher-ups to ensure there was no overlap. But in that case, I don’t think they would have dispersed their forces… Well, it doesn’t really matter now.

If the situation has already been established, let’s just be genuinely happy about it.

“Let’s see…”

In Windia, there were three individuals from the ≪Eternal Star≫.

It appeared that Nina and Erius were also involved in investigating the abnormal winds in the Archipelago Union.

In Filaramis, Parsha and Gabrill happened to be there, engaged in combat against the abnormal plants. I believe they have taken on the commission of eliminating the cause, the evil god.

The investigation into the cause of the volcanic eruption in Mythrilage was likely being undertaken by the Sorcery Guild, so it’s expected that Lula was involved as well… probably. I mean, she would surely participate, right?

If Undine were present, they could have prevented the eruption itself, so York was probably on his way to the village or some other location.

Seiren, who was near Acradist, would never simply watch the freezing of the sea. She has Tristan and Bahamut (desperate) by her side, so their offensive capabilities are unquestionable!

Although Orbwight might face some challenges in terms of their strength due to the issues in the arena and the previous war, their king was Claster, a beastman with Jean’s blood… With the mass emergence of monsters affecting the surrounding areas, it’s likely that Orion will also join the expedition. That person, despite everything, holds Piscroza dear.

Regarding Rondoville… well, there are guild members gathering in the arena, and we have been proactively boosting our combat strength for situations like this~ ★

In the Empire, aside from the Ogre Factors, they also have a formidable king who wields powerful divine swords. Even if there happen to be monsters with weak susceptibility to the divine sword effects, Torsti was present, so I believe they will manage just fine.

To be honest, considering compatibility, Nina would be a suitable match against Filaramis’ «Greatest Evil God».

Gabril would be an ideal choice against Windia’s «Supreme Evil God» or the «Fastest Evil God» of the Archipelago Union.

Given Acradist’s evil god, the water attribute should be ideal, so it would be Selena (if the contract succeeds).

If York could confront Mythrilage’s «Strongest Evil God» or the Empire’s «Countless Evil God», it would greatly alleviate the situation due to the clash of attributes and the ability to nullify their magic.

We can’t change the circumstances, but the current situation isn’t unfavorable either.

Based on what I’ve heard, the poisonous mist enveloping the elven village is likely a derivative of the water attribute. So, the positioning of York, who has a direct influence, along with his contract with Undine, was important.

Once they navigate through this situation, which may not be the most ideal, it could serve as evidence that with the right circumstances in place, they can overcome even greater calamities in the future!

……….. Probably!

With that in mind, I have completed the assessment of the current state of affairs.

As I pondered the priorities, I caught sight of Haku rubbing his eyes. He seemed unwilling to sleep, persistently dozing off but avoiding the bed. Rather, it seemed that he didn’t want to let go of the hem of my clothes.

“Shall we get some rest?”

Haku, appearing quite drowsy, nodded slightly, and I gently lifted him and placed him on the bed. It seems he merely desired to sleep together, as his breathing quickly turned peaceful.

A serene slumber, accompanied by a tranquil countenance.

The night in Luneville was tranquil, and if one were unaware of the situation, it would seem like a world without a single problem.



  1. TL Note: There is a little play on words here. Gods in Japanese are counted as “Pillars”, so this is indirectly saying they assumed the role of the gods in the godless world.
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