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8-3: As Much As Possible, Is It? (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Alright, let’s start fresh… or rather, let’s make some changes to the plan.

The first task at hand was to assess the situation that I had been attempting to handle through the communication network.

Of course, I had to continue with the responsibilities of the branch while doing so.

However, it was impractical to manually gather information about the problems occurring worldwide. That would undoubtedly put me at a disadvantage. Although I had already considered being at a disadvantage, even a slight difference in timing could lead to significant changes in the circumstances.

Nevertheless, since my detection could only cover the Luneville area if I excluded the bugs, using maximum detection to comprehend the entire world would truly be a last resort.

This time, it wasn’t a situation like during the Tyrant Spider, so there was no other choice. Having made that decision, I initially relocated to a discreet location.

As an extra precaution, I erected a barrier to impede perception.

“Haku, it’s dangerous so come here.”

I embraced Haku scuttling over in a hurry, and started the incantation… but decided to omit it.

“――Come forth, Seiran, Akagane, Botan, Hisui, Tanpopo, Ouka, Kurogane, Shion, Ruri1.”

Nine magic circles were formed, and as they ascended, they gave shape to vividly colorful beasts. Haku, captivated by their unique and enchanting forms, gazed with an adorable, gaping mouth, completely mesmerized.

I think Haku was probably the only white dragon in this world too.

“Thank you for―”
“Will you start with an explanation, Master?”

Ouka, the fox with sakura-colored fur, interjected, interrupting the respectful words of Akagane, the large bird with a fiery mane. Ouka’s remark seemed to amplify the imposing presence of Akagane and Kurogane.

Nevertheless, Ouka appeared unperturbed, her tails wagging gently, growing brighter as they reached the tip.

The serious Akagane and the carefree Ouka really had bad affinities.

“First, thank you for answering my summons. Now the reason I called you…”
“That matters not!”

She pointed one of her wagging tails at me. Her fur was as pretty and fluffy as I remembered it. I’d have gone to feel it up if the situation wasn’t what it was.

Wait, that’s not important.

As I wondered what she wanted to ask other than the reason I called them, she suddenly yelled the answer.

“I mean the summoning order! Why was I not the first!”

Oh… so she’s bothered about that.

She seems quite upset, as her voice turned tearful midway through that sentence. Whether they hadn’t cared before or only realized it after she said that out loud, a few of them emitted a tense atmosphere.

Still, seeing Haku, who was in my arms, trying to reach for her tails wagging before his eyes only for his hands to be skillfully dodged, served to calm down the atmosphere.

I decided to clear up the misunderstanding while the situation was calm.

“I’m sorry, there’s no specific reason for the order.”

I didn’t call them out in any order of importance or non-importance.

As I explained, Ouka and the others who had been uneasy seemed to understand. … However, I should make sure to address the slight dejection felt by Seiran and Akagane later on.

“I want you all to go and check out what is happening in the world.”

A few of them tilted their heads at my words. How cute.

“Once you get out of here, you’ll understand immediately, but various problems are occurring all around the world. I want you to investigate where and what kind of problems are happening. Also, if you could let me know the whereabouts of the children who have traveled with me before, within the extent of your recollection, I would appreciate it.”
“Like that red Ogre child?”
“Yes, exactly. Just those you remember would be sufficient.”

I affirmed Tanpopo’s words while patting.

Actually, everyone seemed to have gathered within arm’s reach without me even realizing it.

It felt tight… or rather, their impressive presence was overwhelming because they were all so large.

“I don’t expect you to find anything underwater, but please check the surface just in case. And Kurogane, I entrust the underground to you.”
“As you command.”

The jet-black wolf, Kurogane, could dive into the shadows. He could sense and investigate the places underground that had shadows… in other words, places with a cavity and light where humans could live.

“Well, just focus on areas where there might be settlements… oh, he already left.”

Well, he should be okay. Kurogane is quite clever, so I trust him.

“If it seems dangerous, please don’t push yourselves.”
“Is that why you didn’t call the others?”

“Yes, Seiran. I don’t want to imagine any of you getting hurt because of the World Tree’s selfishness.”
“We have a contract, so we can quickly recover with your magic, sis.”

It’s a matter of feelings, though.

“Do you have any questions?”
“Is there a deadline?”
“Well, I would appreciate it if it could be done as soon as possible. Of course, within reasonable limits…”

…They all disappeared simultaneously.

And the fact that they scattered in all directions without any overlap… it’s as if they’re in sync or something…

“Agh… the fluffy…”

In the end, the only thing left behind was Haku’s extremely disappointed groan from failing to grasp the tail. If you want something fluffy, make do with Elize, okay?

Now, while I wait for everyone to return, it’s important to make some progress on our situation.

“Building bridges… is that all?”
“Yes,” I affirmed towards Frank and Ector. “Taking segmented actions for all processes is for taking into account the monster behavior patterns that you two are also aware of.”
“You mean, monsters having a tendency to call for reinforcements and becoming stronger when people are nearby.”

I showed them the diagram of the policies based on that behavior.

To roughly sum it up, the plan involved reconnaissance from the skies above which had less monster activity due to dragons and such flying around. Simultaneously, we would establish the shortest routes, considering the terrain, to key locations such as villages and towns.

Furthermore, we would place felled trees across the fissures along these routes.

Based on the reconnaissance information, we would prioritize rescue missions, deployment of forces, and supply transportation. Actions would be initiated in order of their importance.

“Will the bridges be strong enough with just three or four logs?”
“Rest assured, we will reinforce them with earth magic as we cross. By reinforcing them right before passage, it also reduces the likelihood of large groups of monsters attempting to cross.”
“…If we freeze the bridges, we can further hinder the monsters from crossing.”

While there may be some risks if people attempt to cross on their own, considering the current situation, it’s unlikely that anyone would be wandering outside, so it should be safe.

“Should we assign an escort team to accompany the bridge builders?”
“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

I added ‘Individuals capable of using ice magic’ to the vacant space on the prepared diagram.

Continuing with the plan…

After completing rescue operations, we would conduct further reconnaissance to reassess the distribution of monsters.

We would coordinate with other branches and the forces in towns to determine the locations and scope of our offensive. By synchronizing our actions, we can launch a collective offensive.

Before the creatures’ behavior causes any significant changes in the situation, we would systematically eliminate their groups.

“Should our focus be on defense until then?”
“As much as possible, yes. We have to avoid unexpected situations as much as we can for the sake of swift operations.”

Concerns about the people left behind in other towns seemed to weigh on his mind. Nonetheless, Ector nodded in understanding.

Meanwhile, Frank, who appeared to have been lost in thought, spoke up.

“We will require sufficient forces to swiftly eliminate encountered monsters during rescue and supply operations.”
“Indeed. To ensure the availability of such forces, we have decided to divide the tasks into stages rather than simultaneous actions, prioritizing reliability over speed.”
“I see.”

Fortunately, we had individuals gathered at the arena in Luneville, so I don’t anticipate a shortage of forces here. However, potential challenges may arise in other branches and towns.

Frank and Ector spoke up, realizing what I was thinking about.

“I’ll make sure to personally inform the headquarters and branches in the capital city.”
“And I’ll do the same with the Lord… or so I’d like to say, but I might face opposition and be seen as an upstart, so I’ll instead ask my acquaintances in the royal capital to do it for me.”
“Thank you.”

People who would be so petty in a situation like this aren’t suitable to be lords in the first place.



  1. TL Note: They are named after Japanese colors. Indigo blue, Copper, Peony(Light Scarlet), Jade, Dandelion Yellow, Sakura(Pale Pink), Iron (Greenish Black), Aster (Violet), Azure.
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