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7-6: I Cannot Accept That Proposition

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

A few months had passed since Torsti’s departure when the war between the Holy Raihand Empire and the neighboring countries finally concluded.

At the outset of the conflict, the Empire gained momentum by the Emperor personally eliminating the A-class Guild members, “Devastator Jill,” and “Godspeed Gill,” who were deployed in Orbwight. However, their overconfidence led them to blindly expand the frontlines.

As a consequence, not only Orbwight but also numerous weaker nations collaborated and put up a united resistance against the Empire. The Emperor, alone, found himself unable to make any significant progress, yet he couldn’t afford to retreat and expose his vulnerabilities, resulting in a stalemate.

It was during this time that the supposedly deceased prince and a divine tool-wielding beastman made their appearance.

Torsti, who had a significant connection with them, repeatedly reported his survival to nobles and feudal lords who seemed inclined towards peace. With Windia’s assistance, Torsti managed to gain entry into the castle and hold a meeting with the Emperor.

It’s unclear how exactly the meeting escalated into a duel, but the fact that “the Emperor, believed to be a descendant of gods, engaged in a battle using divine swords and ultimately suffered defeat” shattered their claim that others should submit to them because they were superior as the descendants of the gods.

In addition, Orion, who for some reason was serving as Torsti’s escort, had wielded the divine spear, eliminating any claims that humans were closest to gods.

As a result, the Empire lost its sense of righteousness and fell into disarray, lacking the morale to sustain the frontlines. The combat effectiveness significantly deteriorated, leading the war toward its conclusion.

…That’s the summary of Caron’s report.

While I occasionally heard rumors about the situation, No one spoke of the details in Luneville and its atmosphere remained distant from the war.

Upon witnessing the scene shortly after arriving at the branch, Torsti couldn’t help but force a wry smile, saying, “This place is the same as ever.”

The person standing before me appeared exactly as he did during his departure on the journey, devoid of any royal embellishments.

No injuries or abnormalities were evident, and if he claimed he had just returned from a brief trip, unsuspecting individuals would readily believe it.

However, upon closer inspection, his demeanor exuded even greater dignity than before, completely devoid of fragility or vulnerability.

“I have returned.”
“Huh. Oh, Yes. I’m glad you are safe.”

Torsti couldn’t help but let out a small smile, finding my unmoved, business-like response amusing.

“I’d like to talk… Can I have a moment of your time?”

I understood that he meant not across the counter but in a more private setting. However, my past experiences, or rather, my intuition, was warning me.

Nevertheless, since I didn’t know what the conversation was about, I couldn’t simply reject him in a strange manner…

“There is still some time until my break, so why not take a break until then?”
“No, I’ll take a stroll around the town for a little while then.”

Upon hearing the time left until the break, Torsti purchased a juice and a sandwich before leaving the branch.

With his departure, the gazes of those who appeared to have been listening to our conversation now concentrated on me. Especially Cynthia, who was right next to me.

“…He’s definitely gonna confess.”

Since she of all people heard it, she muttered so with a smug face.

“His atmosphere looked completely different from the last time he was here.”
“It must be the power of love.”
“Yes, Love!”

Even Elize, who usually scolded Cynthia, joined in and spoke freely.

“You know… Both of you are aware of that person’s true identity, right? If you say something strange, you might end up being taken away by dangerous people.”
“No ‘ehh’s.”

Seemingly just wanting a brief respite, they swiftly returned to their duties after saying a few words.

Since that person seems to have some kind of trauma related to women, it shouldn’t lead to a bothersome development.

Reassuring myself with such thoughts, I made my way to the private room where Torsti awaited me during our break.

After pouring a cup of tea for Torsti, who took a seat, I inquired about the reason for our conversation. Having quenched his thirst with the tea, he gazed directly at me and spoke.

“I want you to accompany me to Raihand.”

I couldn’t decide on it when he just told me the conclusion like that. Seeing my reaction, he gave an awkward smile and leaned back on his chair.

“…I’m sorry, I was too hasty there.”
“It’s okay. You said Empire… Did something happen?”
“No… How to say this…”

Torsti’s gaze drifted awkwardly for a moment, and then he reached for his cup once again.

As he sipped the tea, seemingly using it as a moment to collect his thoughts, Torsti began to speak slowly.

“Even though the war has ended, the Empire, which initiated the conflict unilaterally, will likely face challenging times ahead.”
“…Yes, that’s true.”
“In my own way, I want to contribute to the Empire’s cause. After discussing it with my father… I realized that I want to do it not for someone else, but for my own sake.”
“With the Emperor, you mean?”

‘Yes’, He said with a smile.

“…To be honest, I had no intention of challenging him to a duel back then.”
“I heard that you had a duel.”
“Yes. As I exchanged words with my father… I…I had a strong feeling that I needed to surpass him. Not for the sake of gaining recognition from others, but to acknowledge myself… That’s what I thought.”

While saying so, Torsti lowered his gaze and touched his bracelet.

According to Caron’s report, it seems that the divine sword didn’t have an effect, so I believe he fought in his Ogre state.

“The divine sword alone, the power of the gods alone, is not everything. I conveyed that to my father… But I still have a long way to go to prove myself beyond mere martial strength. The path is treacherous, but… I want to transform the Empire into a realm that doesn’t rely solely on the divine swords.”

Torsti lifted his gaze and looked at me.

“I hope that you will stay by my side and support me.”

…Looks like, Cynthia’s hunch was correct…

If I interpret it positively, the reason he didn’t come here in an imperial getup was that these were his feelings not as Toris Dil Raia, but of an individual named Torsti…I guess?

I did like the fact that he wasn’t showing off his power, but that’s a different matter altogether.

Even if interpreting it as a confession was just me being overly self-conscious, and he was just doing some head-hunting, my answer would still be unchanged.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot accept that proposition.”
“…I see. That’s unfortunate.”

Despite his words, Torsti had a calm smile on his face.

Wait… so this means it WAS me being overly self-conscious? …Agh, this is embarrassing! Did I start getting conceited after being called a goddess?!

Gaahhhhh!! It’s a new black mark in my history!!

Unaware of the turmoil and desperate screams within me, carefully hidden behind a facade of composure, Torsti continued speaking in the same calm tone.

“I’m a bit relieved.”

What was that? Seeking clarification, I asked, and Torsti’s smile became tinged with a hint of bitterness.

“If you’re by my side, I might find satisfaction in that alone.”

Torsti finished his lukewarm tea, rose from his seat, and remarked,

“Now, I can move forward without any lingering regrets. Thank you for accommodating my selfishness.”
“…It’s okay. If you ever encounter any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll do everything I can to assist you.”

Those words were not mere formalities; they were genuine and sincere.

However, Torsti slowly shook his head.

“It seems I lack the grace to meet a woman who has rejected my romantic advances with confidence.”

Ah, so he was trying to woo me.

Thank god… or not…

Nevertheless, making self-deprecating remarks with a composed expression is not very convincing. After all, he is a warrior.

“It’s a little regretful.”
“Please, stop. It’s shaking my determination.”

With that, we exchanged smiles and bid farewell. Torsti departed from the branch. Thus, the matter concerning the Empire had been conclusively resolved.

Returning to the counter and releasing a sigh of relief, I witnessed the abrupt entrance of a young man, disrupting the serene atmosphere. A single magic sword, tightly wrapped in a sealing fabric, hung from his waist. The young man, Tristan, approached with an assertive demeanor.

“Lady Illya! I heard the story from Sir Serge! Please, me too!!”
“Tristan, calm down.”
“Please!! I beg for your assistance!!”

Just before I could slap him, Tristan received a forceful blow to the back of his head, causing him to crumble to the ground.

“…My bad. It slipped out.”

Serge, carrying the sheathed sacred sword on his shoulder, appeared with a truly apologetic expression.

Since their encounter in the arena, Serge and Tristan had formed a bond of friendship and rivalry, constantly pushing each other to excel.


Tristan, being dragged out of the branch by Serge gripping his collar, disappeared with an undignified slide.

The branch members, familiar with his intense atmosphere at the arena, were momentarily taken aback by his sight, only to burst into laughter moments later.

I watched this scene unfold from behind the counter.

Shortly after, another guild member approached, presenting me with a bag of materials, a request form, and his registration card.

“Miss Illya, please register my accomplishment and assess it!”
“Yes, certainly.”

Yearning for money. Yearning for information. Yearning for power. Everyone who visited the branch had their own motives. The branch acted as a starting point but not the origin.

As each individual walked their own unique path in life, the branch served merely as a waypoint in their journey toward their ultimate destination. In a way, every person was the protagonist of their own story, and the branch was but one event in that narrative.

“Alright then! With this, I can afford a new sword! See you later, Miss Illya!”

Once they achieve their objectives, everyone departs from the branch. Thus, our final duty as receptionists is to bid them farewell.

Some might perceive it as a lonely task, but personally, I find comfort in knowing that their stories continue even without my direct involvement.

“I eagerly await your next visit.”

With these sentiments concealed, I continue to watch their backs from behind the counter, as I do each and every day.1.



  1. Silva: The way this chapter finish makes it feel like the end of the whole series, but there’s actually still 1 more volume after this.
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