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Interlude: Entreaty

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

I stood before the altar of the church, facing the Apostle standing in the nave.

The Apostle spoke, “We have indeed observed your desire to respect the will of others and perceive conflicts as a process of growth.”

Observed. So basically, he wanted to confirm it, huh? Be it monsters, ice dragons, evil gods, or conflicts among humans.

Now, having accepted his invitation to stand here and confront each other, I decided to inquire, “What is it that you ultimately seek?”

In response to my question, the Apostle answered in his usual manner, “We wish to protect this world from the impending catastrophe. However, if the world remains divided, it will be easily shattered by them.”

After uttering those words, the Apostle lowered his gaze and bowed his head, “We want you to unify the world.”

My answer was already decided. However, instead of providing a definite response, I opted to inquire in its place, “What would be your course of action if I were to refuse?”

It appeared that the Apostle did not anticipate a straightforward acceptance from me.

He raised his head and wore a pensive smile, “You possess great kindness. With claims of acting for your own benefit, you extend your benevolence to others.”

His interpretation seemed too convenient, tempting me to voice a denial. Yet, his manner of speech, which allowed no denial, prompted me to await his subsequent words.

“What would you do, then, when a multitude of evil gods arise and the world becomes teeming with monsters?” The Apostle cast his eyes downward and spoke, as if mourning someone. “The weak would die out. Even the mighty would eventually be depleted of their strength… There lies no growth in such development. There lies no future. Sorrow and wailing would consume the world, while despair and hatred would give rise to new monsters.”

Gradually, the Apostle lifted his gaze and fixed it upon me.

“In such dire times, what would you do?… What actions would you undertake?” The Apostle posed the question, not seeking an answer, but expressing his doubts.

At that very moment, as the Lumicules within the hall diminished, veiling it in a dimness, a single beam of light descended from the skylight above, illuminating only me.

As if anticipating this very instant, the Apostle bowed deeply, beseeching.

“Please, deliver salvation unto the world… O Goddess.”


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