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4-5: What is Your Business? (Part 2)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Parsha. Do you know how the world works?”
“I don’t!”

You’re just not even giving it a thought…

“…Listen, so we have your favorite pudding here.”

She nodded vigorously. She was just a bit desperate to accomplish her goal, but she was an honest girl by nature.

“You pay the money to our store to eat the pudding, but that money indirectly goes to pay the merchants who bring ingredients to us, and the farmers who made those ingredients.”

That wasn’t exactly accurate, but let’s just say it’s close enough!

“However, what if you just grow your own ingredients and make puddings yourself?”
“…I will no longer buy them in the store?”
“Right. And when the store can no longer sell puddings, they will stop buying the pudding ingredients from the merchants, and the merchants also stop restocking the ingredients from the farmers. You see where this is going?”
“The farmers will be troubled.”

I nodded.

“The farmers will no longer be able to make a profit and will be forced to stop farming. As a result, the pudding will disappear from stores. Of course, this was an extreme example… but the point is that a single action can affect many people. This current situation is exactly that.”

Parsha’s displeasure faded away, perhaps understanding where I was coming from.

“Asking Gnome to handle earth-related work will certainly do the job, but by doing that you will be taking away the income source of the people working on such jobs. Said people might then leave Rondoville in order to make a living. But what if another flood comes once the people working on reinforcements leave Rondoville? Would you still be here in Rondoville when that happens?”

I patted her as she turned dejected.

“As I said, this is just an extreme example.”
“Wh-, hey!”

Haku started consoling her together, but she wasn’t really resisting despite acting irritated. Thanks to Haku she regained her spirit.

“Those with power have to consider how their power influences their surroundings… It will be even tougher when you become a Fairiel, so you have to properly keep this in mind.”

Now then. This matter is settled. I faced the elven group once again and made them flinch. Just making doubly sure.

“Illya. Illya, I decided to accept what you… Huh, why are there many people like Illya here?!”

But then, Nina came down from the second floor in confusion. She was holding the commission paper that I suggested making and she planned to give it to me.

An idea hit me.

“Elder, do you really love me?”

The entire hall shook when I spoke that line while enduring the chills running through my body… Hey, isn’t this a bit excessive for a reaction?

“Of course. There is no one who loves you more than me.”

Eeeeeeeek! Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!!

I’m so glad I’m wearing Shrine Maiden’s Fetters! My goosebumps were hidden thanks to it!

He seemed to misunderstand why I shifted my face away, the old man grasped my shoulders and drew his face closer.

“If I can have you, I won’t lose to anyone, be it the Dragon God or the Fierce God.”

Gaaaaaaaaahhhh! Staaahhpp! Blehh…I’m about to vomit…

B-But I can’t let go of this opportunity…! You dug your own grave you fool! So this is what they call an old man’s indiscretion!!

“In that case, prove your words to me.”

I mobilized all my emotional strength and gave the best smile I could muster. And then I lowered my voice so only he could hear and continued.

“I would be able to safely entrust myself to someone who could make Sylph yield.”

Switching places, we were in the second-floor room.

Gathered there were Gabril, Parsha, the geezer, and Nina. Nina was the only one confused about this gathering.

“Now then, I will explain about the current commission.”

I nodded at geezer’s words.

“Yes. The client is Miss Amaro here. The commission is about rescuing a birdman captured by Sylph.”
“There’s no need to make it a commission. We will solve it by ourselves.”
“We can’t do that.”

The geezer spoke with a smug.

“This is an official commission from the guild, and as such those not affiliated with any guild are not permitted to take it on their own. Elder, you already know about the commission, so if you chose to ignore its rules, you will be considered to be breaking the Guild-Kingdom contract in bad faith and become subject to purging. As such, please take it in the capacity of her companion.”

Even this geezer who’s been shut away in the village should’ve heard of the big shots belonging to the guild, so he couldn’t ignore the act of purging that would turn all of them into enemies.

The geezer glared at Nina making her curl herself, so I glared at him back. It wasn’t a gaze of hostility but more scornful, so the geezer faltered.

A lolicon like you shouldn’t be flipping at kids.

“…H-Hmph. You’re lucky, girl. We shall stop the great spirit for certain.”
“You can be enthusiastic about it, but you have to follow the strategy.”

Being honest and obedient was good, but that was gross in its own way.

That said, with the elves with her, there should be much less danger for her.

“Now, this is a rough strategy, but first, Miss Amaro will guide the birdman away and separate Sylph from the Wind Crystal Pillar. Once he is far away, Gnome will weaken him with rivaling Factors. Gabril, you support him.”
“Got it.”

Gnome agreed as well. Perhaps he was also exasperated at Sylph’s unhinged behavior.

“The elves will use up the wind Factors and at the same time protect Miss Amaro and the birdman. Elder, you work with Parsha to capture Sylph.”
“…Are you sure?”

The Geezer asked quizzically.

I had a hard time understanding his question, but he responded with a beautiful smile.

“You’re even having the great earth spirit cooperate… You’re really not honest with your feelings.”

I really wanna punch his smiling face.

“When are we starting?”
“It is planned to be tomorrow.”
“Got it. The village members should focus on recovering their energy… Now, regarding where I should sleep…”
“Rest assured. I have prepared you an inn that even the villagers will find satisfying.”

The lolicon geezer lost to my smile and exited the room, after which I glanced at Nina to tell her the real thing was starting now, but she hung her head with a red face.

Parsha posed a question in her stead.

“I-Illya, are you gonna get married…?”
“I’m not. I hate elves.”

Parsha and Nina widened their eyes as I continued.

“So I need your cooperation.”
“Huh? O-Okay! You wouldn’t want to be forced into it for sure!!”
“…Indeed. As such, I will give this to Nina.”

I let that comment go and handed a paper to Nina.

“Huh? This is…”

Nina tilted her head when she saw what was on it, failing to understand the contents. I raised my finger and smiled at her confused look.

“It’s a love charm.”


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