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4-5: What is Your Business? (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

It’s been two days since Nina’s arrival.

In the morning I suggested a plan to her and asked her to make a formal commission request if she agreed.

And then, I worked at the reception in the afternoon.

I stood at the counter and gazed at the rain that still continued to fall, but then the door was flung open.

What is it this time? I thought and looked there to find a group who were hiding their faces under the hoods.


When I saw through their identity with Eyes of God I unintentionally let out a grunt.

When the group removed their hoods, their blond hair and blue eyes were exposed. Their skins were white as a doll’s and their shapely features only added to that impression. Along with the beautiful features of that mix-gendered group that numbered around a dozen, what stood out as well were their ears which seemed to be as long as the height of their faces.

In other words, it was a group of elves.

Everyone realized that much, but the reason behind my repugnant exclamation was something else.

It was the man that stood in the center of that group.

The man who was trying not to be showy yet wore fine clothes under his robe and surrounded himself with brawny guards was staring fixedly at me. His gaze was drilling a hole in me. I felt it even as I looked away.

…Won’t he go back?

As I continued to ignore him while praying so in my heart, Ria tugged on my clothes and asked.

“(Illya, those people are staring at you with all their might.)”

I can tell. I know. I get it. Sigh…


Hearing a welcome the group closed in on me in one go.

Ugh, the gazes of the branch people are hurting me.

“…What is your business?’
“I came to take you. We’re going back.”

The hall turned noisy at the man’s words. Even the music stopped with people getting noisy, so the weird mood turned even worse.

As I was planning how to deal with him, the man seemed to have gotten tired of waiting and approached me over the counter.

He stopped just before my eyes and murmured with a brilliant smile.

“You told me to come to you directly if I had business so I did.”

Ah yes, I did say that, didn’t I?

But who’d actually come after that?! I just meant for you to leave me alone, so take the hint!!

“Who are you people!”

Of all things, the vice-branch master chose to appear now.

But thankfully, the man separated from me a little. I wish he’d drive them away. The vice-branch master was probably oblivious to my hopes, but he approached the group.


“Halt. You shall not approach the elder any further.”

The elves drew their blades and stopped him.

No good, huh?

“Stop it.”
“…But Lady Illya.”
“Don’t act under the same rules as in the village. The fault lies with you here.”

The elves with drawn blades exchanged looks with me for a few seconds.


The elves listened to my words. I ignored that they turned a bit pale in the process.

Once I confirmed that they sheathed their swords, I returned my sight to the elf man in front of me.

He held the right to order them but he didn’t seem to be minding that his subordinates listened to my order.

“Once again, It had been a long time, Elder of Spring.”
“Yes. Since you brought York back.”

The geezer spoke with some nostalgia.

He looked like a man in his twenties, but he has lived for over a hundred times longer than that.

If the dragon god had a neutral appearance that could be seen as both a handsome man and a beautiful woman, this geezer fully looked like a handsome man.

If York was a genius in ice magic, then this one was a superman when it came to water, fire, and wind attributes. He was a genuine cheat.

“Though I do find your feelings of troubling me quite lovely, I have come to pick you up, so be satisfied by that for now and come back. I will tell you the rest at the village.”

In addition, he was my fiance whom the elders decided on.

I didn’t even feel like retorting.

“I refuse.”

The elder’s brows twitched.

“Why? You said you came because I asked you, but how long do you think has passed since I told that to York? Were you simply not flustered when you heard I was entrusted with this child?”

His brows twitched further when his eyes fell on Haku, and his guards’ gazes focused on him. Bullseye, huh?

The elven village and the heavenly palace had a trade going as fellow shut-in communities, so I suppose it leaked from there.

I figure it was natural that he thought my relationship with the dragon god was strengthened because I was entrusted with his child.

When the dragon god was the opponent, even this geezer who was under the misunderstanding that I would eventually return and waited had lost his advantage as a long-lived species.

And he hurried here to take me back.

At any rate, I’m glad that my prediction was correct. I can push in that direction.

“I dislike such narrow-minded people. Please go back.”

Yes. His fault was his narrow-mindedness which was quite like the elves who had a lot of pride. That was also the reason why Undine didn’t choose him despite his cheat magic abilities.

York was haughty enough to look down on others, but he was still flexible enough to adapt his attitude with people he accepted or who piqued his interest.

I found his purity and big-heartedness(?) that was unlike an elf’s to be likable or something like that.

As I was thinking of such things, they didn’t react. As I was thinking it was about time and was about to speak up…

“W-We have trouble, Illya!”

A man rushed into the branch all drenched in rain.

He stopped when he saw the elven group, but quickly came to his senses and rushed toward me.

“What’s the matter?”
“Midy river’s water levels have risen beyond what we expected! Things won’t last at this rate!”

So the fortifications are lacking, huh?

I suppose that could happen. Before I could speak up my mind, someone else did.


The geezer in front of me laughed eerily.

“Illya. You said I was narrow-minded, right?”
“Then, I shall fix that impression now. You folk.”

The elves around stood at attention at his call.

“Go and fortify the river right now.”
“““Yes sir!!”””
“How about it, Illya? Of course, I would need some compensation for—”
“No need.”

The elves stopped with my words.

I didn’t want them to think they misheard it so I said it again.

“We don’t need your help.”

As if to ridicule the completely petrified elves, the hall erupted in cheery yells.

“Yeah! It’s finally our turn, so you people should back down!”
“We’ll solve it in one go if we ask Gnome.”
“No need.”

Parsha and Gabril’s expressions froze at my response.

Parsha was the one who got flustered.

“Well, we have already supposed the rivers to overflow, so the lord and I already formed the groups for it.”

As I gazed toward the hall, several people responded with a wave.

Our reinforcement group was hanging around the closest point to us, but the other groups were also standing by at each location.

But Parsha was still not convinced and continued arguing.

“B-But, wouldn’t it be safer if we went too?!”

Before I explained, I signaled Lashelle in the hall with my eyes to continue as planned. It would be terrible if it was too late by the time I was done explaining.

Once I confirmed that the staff members were starting to act, I faced Parsha once more.


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