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4-2: Let’s Get Started (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen


This race that was originally called Fairiel Welbert only grew as big as a palm at best.

They shared a common ancestor —being descendants of gods and humans— with elves that were called Fairiel Farbecht, but their appearances being so wildly different was entirely due to a curse.

Even as their God Factors decreased throughout their long history, the Elves still continued protecting the Crystal Pillars and keeping the knowledge of the divine a secret, thus maintaining the mysticism, and as such, they were allowed to at least keep their perpetual youth and longevity.

On the other hand, the ancestors of the fairies were blamed for instigating people as they pleased and even sometimes falling in love with humans and disturbing the world. They were completely stripped of the God Factors, and were cursed with a shortened body size to both weaken them and make it impossible to mate with other species.

The fairies were named similarly to the spirits because their natures were similar, but them holding Spirit Eyes, a skill below Mind Reading, played part in it too.

Spirit Eyes allowed the user to understand the target’s feelings and thoughts. Parsha also held a high-level Observation skill, so she probably even realized what was driving the vice-branch master.

“I see you’re still keeping up your acting, big sis Illya.”
“Don’t say something so scandalous.”

I gave a wry smile at her joke and brought tea. I had already created a small cup for her too.

We started talking in a private room at first, but it was already time for my reception shift, so the two were currently sitting on the guest seats at the counter.

“Still, I didn’t expect the ice dragon to be defeated,” Pasha said as she plopped over on the table.

“Couldn’t you tell something was off looking at the townspeople?”
“Well, I thought they went mad or something.”

She went and said something rude.

But well, she wasn’t entirely incorrect. People whose reason was influenced by extreme fear tended to look like they enjoyed it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, so I was sure of this.

“Still…” she raised her body and looked at the situation on the first floor. “It’s such a huge branch but it’s almost completely empty.”
“True. The rumors said it was packed to the brim.”

I could only respond with a wry smile.

There were currently only Parsha and Gabril in the first floor’s hall.

Even Cynthia who was supposed to be at the reception said she was feeling bad and used the opportunity to get to sculpting outside of the guild now that the vice-branch master had gone home.

We really did seem like a store that was on the verge of shutting down.

“Did the two of you eat lunch already?”

They answered back quizzically.

“Nope, not yet.”
“Oh right, we did hear the food was delicious here… but I suppose we can’t expect much given how empty it is,” Parsha said with exasperated laughter.

I presented them with the menu while thinking about how cute and simple she was.

“If you’re planning to eat, make up your mind quickly, okay?”
“Okay, got it.”

The look in their eyes changed as they started turning the pages. Both Gabril who loved food but was indecisive, and Parsha, who made prompt decisions because she found pondering bothersome, had their eyes stolen by the variety of their beloved sweets that we offered.

As they were deciding what to order, the guild’s door opened and Cynthia walked in.

“I’m back! Brrr! I couldn’t tell while moving about, but it’s really cold!”
“Now then, back to work I go!”

She removed the anti-cold clothes and fixed her uniform as she spoke, while Haku, who was playing with her, just rushed straight at me. I hugged it and started removing snow, but then Lashelle and Ria walked in to get back to the waitress duties. They had some snow left on their heads because they were out in the yard.

“Welcome back, everyone. Did you have fun, Haku?”
“Haku just wouldn’t stay put, so we’ve had it rough!”

Or so she said, but Cynthia’s expression was bright. Having grown big enough to require both hands to hold, Haku could already go out and play independently.

“Big sis Illya, is that…”

Hearing Parsha’s voice, Haku looked at her full of interest as it was seeing someone like her for the first time.

It was staring so much at her that she winced back.

As the explosive(?) situation was brewing, the door opened once again and a few men and women walked in.

“Hello, Lashelle. It’s cold today too huh.”

They removed their cold protection while commenting about the cold and sat at the tables, holding their hands over the crystals that were installed there for heating up.

“Hello. Would you like the menu?”
“No need. I want the usual!”
“Soy ramen and half-fried rice for me!”
“I’ll go with carbonara. Oh, with extra pepper!”

Lashella accepted their order and went away.

Parsha and Gabril gazed at that scene blankly, and then started darting their eyes around as the place started filling up in the blink of an eye.

“W-What’s going on here?”
“There’s so many people.”
“Everyone is absorbed in making snow sculptures and only just came back for meals. That’s why I told you to order quickly.”

They returned to their senses and moved their eyes back to the menu.

But it was too late already. Lucella and Ria were running around busily in the hall and the kitchen was like a fiery chariot. I could see a label on the window of the newly annexed cafeteria that said it was fully occupied.

“Big sister you’re a meanie!”
“But this looks fun.”

Some people were surprised about seeing the fairy, but others didn’t seem to care much. They were engrossed in discussing their and other groups’ progress with the snow sculptures.

They didn’t seem to be grumbling about the amount of snow and it was working as an outlet for stress, which was good.

Once the people had their lunch, rested enough, and left, the next ones to come were the merchants and their guards, or those that finished their subjugation commissions earlier than usual.

By the time I finished processing their achievements, my reception shift had come to an end.

Next would be the kitchen, but I was taking a break before it.

I took the rest period and relaxed in a free room with Parsha and Gabril while also bringing Haku with me.

“So, how long are you going to continue eating…?”

One minute Parsha was enjoying the sweet taste of parfait with fresh cream, chocolate, and fruit, and the next minute she was already on to sweet bean jelly and strawberry rice cake.

Gabril was not losing to her and was slurping on his third bowl of miso ramen.

Parsha couldn’t finish all of her food and passed them to Gabril, and I was well aware that Gabril’s fuel consumption was terrible when it came to meals.

Still, there was one thing I couldn’t overlook.

“You two… You have money to pay, right?”


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