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4-1: What Happened to the Snow (Part 3)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

It would be pointless to argue it, so I drew the conversation into a compromise.

I said I would take responsibility, and it has already begun anyway. And it’s issued under Ector’s name, so the vice-branch master had no choice but to accept my suggestion.


It seemed like he really didn’t want to recognize me and kept groaning. As I was thinking he should just give in already…

“I’m coming in!”
“D-Dear guest, you can’t!”

The door suddenly opened.

“It’s been a while, Illya.”

And a long red-haired boy with horns showed up.

“Why are you lowering your head to a guy like that?”

Along with a small person with butterfly-like wings… a fairy, sitting on his shoulder.

Unable to silence them, Cynthia stared at me in half-tears, so I nodded and took over the situation.

Without even giving a glance at Cynthia who bowed and fled instantly, the two entered the room.

The fairy… Parsha, looked between the vice-branch master and me, but she eventually sighed as if she lost interest and faced me. Then she stood up on the boy… Gabril’s shoulder and declared while pointing her finger.

“We came to help with the ice dragon subjugation! Be thankful, big sis Illya!”

She snorted proudly while I didn’t know how to react.

Certainly, if not for her curse, she could become the higher-ranking species of fairies called Fairiel. Or rather, with her abilities she really had to become one.

As for Gabril, he was a family member of an Ogre God, and also—

“…Illya, do you know these—”

Before he could finish, a silver sword thrust from the floor stopped right before his throat. As he stood without being able to move, a boy the size of a plushy rode up from the floor like the sword.

He had no wings unlike Parsha, but he had a pointy hat and a beard.

“Shall I have you pay for your insolence towards the priestess with your life?”

Thank god!

Thank god humans couldn’t hear the voices of the spirits!

As Gabril stood in a daze, I shook my head to convey my intention.

“Gnome. Illya doesn’t seem to mind it, so put away your sword.”

He gave me a glance and I nodded back.

“…Understood. My apologies for overstepping my bounds.”

With those words, the small person and the sword disappeared into the floor as if melting.

He was the great spirit of earth, Gnome. He was normally composed, but he tends to go a little overboard when it concerns me or his master. He went back obediently this time.

Anyway, Gabril himself was a crazy strong swordsman due to his ogre Factors, but he was also contracted with a great spirit. He was usually carefree and also pure enough that he would smile and wave at me every time our eyes met. If he wasn’t the way he was, he’d have destroyed a kingdom or two.

If these two were willing to help, the ice dragon would’ve been subjugated through brute force.


“Um, Parsha.”
“The ice dragon has already been subjugated.”

Parsha’s smile twitched.

As she stood petrified, Gabril smiled at her.

“Didn’t I say so? That it has been a while since we heard the rumors so it could have already been defeated.”

The sweet fairy started pulling Gabril’s cheek with a teary face at that follow-up blow.

“I-Is it my fault?! Even you said you wanted to help sis Illya, Gabby!”
“Yeah. I did. It saddens me a bit, but I’m happy that I didn’t have to put you in any danger.”

Parsha blushed at his smile. The mood turned sugary from affection.

As I watched on, thinking they were the same as ever, the two noticed it and stopped their conversation.

Gabril was acting chill as always, but Parsha was red as a tomato in contrast while moving her mouth without words.

Once she became like this it would take a while to recover, so I looked at Gabril.

“Sorry. I’m in the middle of discussing something important with the vice-branch master, so can you wait for a bit?”
“Okay, got it.”

Since I got their consent, I turned back to the vice-branch master to conclude our discussion.

“… What is your aim?”

But I was met with his stiffened expression, looking like someone fearing the unknown.

“What is your aim this time?”

…No matter how I thought, I couldn’t remember meeting him before Luneville.

The “this time” bit he mentioned was on my mind, but I didn’t feel guilty about anything even if he saw through it, so I just answered honestly.

“I have three of them.”
“The first is to be able to officially commission the snow removal. Next is to diffuse the accumulated stress of the citizens due to snow. And finally… And I’m not sure how effective it would be… but I am aiming to attract customers with the snow sculptures.”

Guessing from his expression, that wasn’t the answer he was hoping for. But I never planned to debate this.

“Considering those three points, it would hardly be beneficial to withdraw this commission. However, if you do have a plan that could satisfy those three points better, then, of course, I will suggest it to the lord.”

No answer.

If he had no arguments, then there was nothing to discuss any longer.

“In that case, the customers are waiting so I have to excuse myself here.”

As I bowed and faced the door, I naturally came face to face with Gabril and Parsha.

As I nodded with a relaxed expression and smile, Gabril also turned around to leave the room with me.

However, Parsha turned around and faced the vice-branch master.

“Hey, you.”

He didn’t expect to be addressed and was awkwardly surprised.

Parsha, on the other hand, smiled innocently and spoke.

“If it’s difficult, why not just quit?”

That one sentence seemed to have satisfied her and she moved to my shoulder from Gabril’s.

“Bis sis Illya, you always get wrapped into troublesome situations1,” she whispered into my ear.

…I hate how I can’t deny that.



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