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Interlude: Corruption

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

The next day. Due to the Factors and Magicules scattered from the ice dragon’s corpse, Luneville ended up with abnormal snowy weather.

While the completion of the commission was being processed on the first floor, Frank, Amabelle and I were in the reception room on the third floor looking at the ice dragon’s horns that were given to us for the assessment.

“Illya…what do you think?”
“…It’s strange after all, isn’t it?”

Yes. Just like Frank answered Amabelle, the horns were strange. Normally, the horns of any living being, not just the dragons, deeply reflected the Factors dwelling in their bodies. The outer part aside, the inner part should be of matching color… In the ice dragon’s case, It should be inlaid with blue and green particles.

And yet, these horns were inlaid with black.

The black particles were squirming as if corroding the inside of it.

“…It’s corruption.”
“Are you aware of something called miasma?”

The two exchanged looks and then Frank nodded.

“You mean that fog that turns you into a monster after long exposure, right?”
“That’s how it’s normally known, but it’s actually different. It’s normally only poison for living beings, but if we say that increase in Magicules is like a narcotic that rejuvenates the monsters, then miasma for them would be something like a toxic drug that strengthens and forces them into a berserk state. When the Magicules inside monsters transform because of miasma, we call it corruption.”

The two looked blankly at me, but then Frank spoke up in confusion.

“But didn’t you say that dragons weren’t monsters?”
“Yes. Which is why this shouldn’t be possible.”

If it was corrupted, then the drop in intellect could answer the question as to why it forgot its habits, did meaningless things… And even attacked humans to the point of getting injured.

But it also created more questions.

Only demons could interfere with the Magicules of living beings and cause corruption.

But if there was a demon that could meddle with the body of a high-order lifeform like a divine beast…

That would be the one humans call the Evil God.


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