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4-1: What Happened to the Snow (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Even after the inn and highway constructions finished and the festival was held in celebration, Luneville still remained bustling with people compared to before, but it had also somehow regained its calm.

The branch was thriving as always, and its terrace which used to be a temporary thing ended up getting a proper roof at one point and was now constantly occupied regardless of the weather.

However, it was still continuing to snow due to the ice dragon’s lingering magic power, and you could see men grumbling that it was too soon for snow as they shoveled it.


Also, Lashelle smiling at the reception had a stiff expression.

Elize and others moving about in the hall also had somewhat dark expressions. But the weather wasn’t the reason for that.

“Illya, I’m thinking of taking this commission.”

Without noticing it, Polo seems to have come to the counter.

He was a deliveryman of the Trade Guild and was a petite birdman like a songbird.

The commission he had brought to the counter wasn’t subjugation or gathering type either, but letter delivery.

Letters and documents that didn’t use the regular service were generally important so naturally, they were limited to highly-trusted, B-ranked, or above members.

But Polo was an A-rank deliveryman so that was fine. His Flight skill was quite a high level too.

“Understood. Your registration card please.”

I accepted the card and proceeded with the commission registration.

“Illya, how’s the situation in the Bacht region?”

He was asking about Magicules.

North from here, further beyond the capital, was the Bacht region, which had severe fluctuations in Magicules due to being influenced by the nearby World Tree.

Fluctuation in Magicules was directly linked to the stimulation of monsters so it was natural for him, who had no combat power, to care about it. While I was thinking that, I took a glance outside the window.

“I think it’s alright. There have been no urgent reports.”

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I gave a vague response after reverting my eyes from the window. It was really lacking as an answer to a matter of life and death.

However, Polo nodded in satisfaction.

“Good to hear.”

He has full trust in me, huh…

The monsters became more active as Magicules increased. It was true that a messenger would’ve come if a massive outbreak was heading toward a human settlement.

But that was still a delayed action. The messenger could come right after he left.

In my case, I used Clairvoyance and knew they were in a declining phase, but if anyone else said that it would be taken at face value.

“Please don’t trust that too much…”
“I know. In the first place, I wouldn’t trust it if it was anyone other than you saying it.”

Polo shrugged with a wry smile.

This person didn’t know that I secretly investigated it with Clairvoyance, or even the fact that I had such a skill.

He was just believing in the good omen brought about by our fairly long acquaintance, which made me careful in my investigations since I didn’t want something to happen to him because of me.

…But I ended up seeing unnecessary things because of it.

“That said, there haven’t been good rumors about the World Tree vicinity, so I advise not to approach it too much.”
“Is that so? I guess I’ll take a bit of a detour then…”

Nice, I induced him well.

The male great eagles living in the World Tree grew aggressive during their incubation periods. A petite person like Polo would get swallowed up by those ogre-like eagles.

Just as I was thinking it was taking a long time to validate it since it was a high-ranking request, the color turned blue.

“You have accepted it. This is the client’s address. Please go there as the client will directly hand over the letter. I hope for your safety and success.”
“Okay, thanks. I’m off.”
“Take care.”

I bowed toward his retreating figure.

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If only every b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ was as polite as him…

“Illya… if you give too much advice that guy will start whining again, you know…?”

Lashelle whispered to me with a tedious expression.

“It’s okay. He’s not in the branch now.”

As I declared Lashelle heaved a deep sigh.

“…Aagh, I can’t take it anymore! Why did that guy have to become a vice-branch master”
“Ah, I’m sorry, Haku.”

Lashelle patted Haku to soothe it after her yell startled it.

Being friendly to anyone other than the Dragon God, Haku looked pleased at that, which also served as animal therapy for Lashelle.

“…You hate that guy too, don’t you, Haku?”

Not exactly it seems.

“You sure can endure it, Illya.”
“Even I’m irritated, okay?”

Though he’s trying to camouflage it, I’m totally seen as an enemy.

“I knew it… He should just go back to the HQ.”

I interrupted her words and gave her a receptionist gaze. She quickly guessed what it was about and stood up with a fed-up expression.

A human male walked in before us. He had dark gray hair and purplish-blue eyes.

He was called Denis Gara.

He was the vice-branch master of Luneville who had just recently moved from the main union guild after the ice dragon uproar.

To describe his personality in a word, it was sly.

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First, his first words during the assumption of his post were the worst.

—I’m extremely disappointed to have been moved to these boonies. But as I’m an earnest union guild member, I won’t be cutting any corners. I won’t forgive any work negligence, abuse of authority, or mixing of work and private affairs. I’ll dismiss you instantly so do your best to be careful.

There was no need to give himself such an awful image.

Setting that aside, the second point was even worse.

“Lashelle, the lord is calling for you. We are heading to the mansion right away.”
“Huh? Not Illya but me?”
“He did say someone’s name, but any receptionist would do, wouldn’t it? Or is there a reason why it has to be an elf to meet him?”

His statements were borderline racist. I mean, for some people they were already beyond borderline.

And then, his grinning and disgusting expression was the third point.

“Hey, you have a plenty good body. The lord should be satisfied.”

Sexual harassment was the fourth one.

He managed to perfectly represent himself in such a small exchange so I’m instead impressed.

“…I’m in the middle of work.”
“It doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter much if commissions get a little delayed. I’ll head home first. You go there first.”

Ordering so, he turned around and left the branch.

Needless to say, Lashella snapped. She flared up in my face while thrusting her finger toward the exit.


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