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3-4: What are you planning to do? (Part 2)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

They couldn’t blame Acradist’s approach even now that the threat moved on to Rondoville. Carelessly meddling with it might just redirect its attention toward them, and even if they issued a subjugation request through the guild, they would take the commission fee even if it ended in failure. Sometimes just staying still was necessary too.

Ector seemed to have finally chewed down the situation, he straightened up and asked the prime minister.

“Then, I take it we are going to watch for the time being?”
“I’m glad you’re quick on the uptake. It’s different from those pretender nobles… Oops. It defeats the purpose if I’m the one sidetracking the convo.”

Just hurry up and get to the point.

“As a small mercy, we’ve long since finished the harvest period, unlike Acradist. Even if it approaches the human settlements to a degree, we decided to just evacuate people and let it pass. Have every major city prepare to receive them.”
“Yes, certainly.”

Though not yet perfect, Luneville was shaped up to a degree already. The old walls probably gave them a sense of security now.

Putting that aside.

“And what are your plans if the Ice dragon decides to attack a major city?”
“I wanted to talk to you about that, Illya.”

The prime minister corrected his posture and faced me.

“Illya, why do you think the ice dragon decided to come to Rondoville?”

That was certainly a valid question.

Even if we assume that it was moving away to raise its egg, there were no wind crystal pillars in Rondoville now, and if it wanted water crystal pillars, there’s no point in moving away from Acradist. Roa Mountain Range’s summit was always snowy, but there were countless wind and water factors around the world that could create a natural phenomenon of that level.

“…When you said there would be more commissions the other day, did you mean this too?”
“Is that true, Illya?”

The prime minister showed interest in Ector’s question.

“No, not at all. What I meant was the monster subjugation commissions after the construction works started. I did hear about the ice dragon, but I didn’t think it would be heading here.”

Ector, who made a lot of commissions himself, was convinced by that, but the prime minister showed even more interest instead.

“How did you predict the monster increase? There was nothing in the Luneville project that would agitate the monster habitat. Does this follow some kind of law?”

His eyes were like a young boy’s as he asked. This is what happens when you combine elven wisdom and the human thirst for knowledge. This won’t be on the tests, but you should keep this in mind, Haku.

“Sorry, did I wake you up? You can go back to sleep.”

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I patted Haku’s head, who once again curled up and buried its face in my apron, and it soon started to sleep.

Haku managed to forestall the prime minister, who couldn’t win against kids and animals. It honestly saved me there. It would’ve been a pain to have him dominate the conversation.

“When humans grow in number, so do monsters. It’s as simple as that.”
“I-Is that so? I’m not belittling that, but… hmm…”

The prime minister started to ponder.

There were three world trees in this world.

Those world trees emitted three things —Magicules, Spiricules, and Lumicules. The Lumicules filled the world with light and brought about day1, but they didn’t only bring benefits.

The Lumicules were absorbed by all flora and fauna and changed into elements called Umbracules inside their bodies. Those Umbracules left their bodies through breathing and rejuvenated during the night with no Lumicules. They then accumulated inside the world tree. Those Umbracules and the deceased plant and animal factors and composite substances gathered together to take on a new shape… and those were called monsters. The breeding season of monsters wasn’t a breeding or mating period, but instead, it was a period of raising the immature individuals that were just created.

The difference between monsters and flora and fauna wasn’t just their birth and abnormal bodies.

The cause behind Lumicules changing into Umbracules was the negative emotions that got absorbed into flora and fauna. “Emotions” were a vague concept, but it might be easier if you imagined them like adrenaline hormones, neurotransmitters, or alpha waves (though they were all pretty opposite of negative emotions).

Because the Lumicules absorbed the negative emotions, organisms were relatively healthier during the day but started having negative thoughts during the night with no Lumicules… Those negative lumps accumulated inside monsters.

It was likely for most plants and animals to feel fear and anger toward humans, while humans toward other humans.

In short, monsters were born while holding negative emotions toward humans, so they were more aggressive toward humans compared to other organisms.

As such, well-populated places and regions that produced big amounts of Umbracules made it easier for human-attacking monsters to increase or gather up.

…Not that I can actually say that out loud.

All of those were things that were unthinkable in Rondoville which had many Lathovester religion believers.

“At any rate, I can only say the reason for the ice dragon coming here is unclear.”
“Wait, can’t we consider it to be due to the many people gathering here?”
“The dragonkind aren’t monsters.”

In general terms, plants and animals that attacked humans were called monsters, so this was a common mistake in kingdoms with few interactions with dragons. There was some truth in basing it on whether they would become threats or not.

Still, if there was a way to avoid fighting, there was no point in destroying each other. I’m all for coexistence.

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“…I see. But if it decides to attack any of the cities, we have to subjugate it.”
“Please don’t be negligent in the transportation of goods as you keep monitoring the ice dragon’s movements.”

A few days later.

The capital of Rondoville, where flowers bloomed profusely even in winter and thus called the “City of Flowers”, was turned into a silver world by the snow brought about by the ice dragon.



  1. Silva: Lumicules brought about light and day? So you mean there’s no sun in this world, ok…
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