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3-5: I Leave It To You (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

A private room on the second floor of the branch.

“Then, the representatives who agree to follow the command of the Mercenary Guild ≪Azure Sword≫, please show your member registration cards.”

Once I saw all eight representatives nod and present their registration cards, I gathered them and passed them over to Cynthia, and left the order registration to her.

“Do you have any questions or opinions?”

The one who raised their hand was the representative of the Trading Guild ≪Dawn’s Furrow≫.

“Do we know what happened to our comrades that headed out before us? They left for the capital as the second unit.”
“You must mean Sir Beaulieu’s unit. There was a report that they left the capital a few days ago.”

Some people started to stir at my somewhat confident statement.

“R-Really? What’s the situation? How many people are they bringing back?”
“Some of them have been injured, but all of them are the residents of the capital who got injured due to the fallen snow. About 150 people are traveling along with the second unit.”
“150… Then don’t they need more blankets and rations?”
“The succeeding third unit has already transported the goods. As I previously explained, you will be responsible for the evacuation of the citizens itself, so we do not need any more provisions other than for the journey.”

Stop trying to profit at a time like this.

The merchant sensed the mood and shut up once I conveyed that.

The newcomer Mercenary Guild people had dissatisfied expressions. When I looked their way, one of them started to speak in resignation.

“Who are you? I’ll be blunt, but is that information even accurate?”
“Yes. The Trading and Thieves Guilds are not the only ones privy to intel.”

Her eyes shifted a bit when I mentioned the Thieves Guild. Your job written in your stats column comes in handy here, doesn’t it, miss spy?

“Illya’s intel is correct. I can guarantee it.”

The dissatisfaction dispersed with the A rank Mercenary Guild’s testimony other than ≪Azure Sword≫. As I was looking around if there were any more people who wanted to speak, Cynthia returned, having finished the registration.

“Are there any more questions?”

A silence followed.

“In that case, here are your registration cards. Please help evacuate the citizens once the seventh caravan unit is formed. I pray for your safety and success.”

The representatives took their cards and started leaving the room, but I stopped two of them.

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One was Grace, the public representative of ≪Twin Crimson Blades≫, and Fadele, the representative of ≪Azure Sword≫. ≪Twin Crimson Blades≫ was as strong as ≪Azure Sword≫ but I judged that they weren’t suited to be leaders because they were excessively strong-willed.

But I had something else I needed from them.

“I want the ≪Twin Crimson Blades≫ members to keep an eye on ≪Tearful Wind≫.”
“…Should we arrest them in the worst case?”
“No, if they try to cause harm, you may cut them down. They would be a hindrance otherwise.”
“You’re as ruthless as ever, Illya.”

Fadele smiled wryly, followed by Grace’s cheerful laugh.

“No choice if they’re enemies.”

This strict, or perhaps reliable atmosphere came from all kinds of experiences we’ve been through.

Sorry, but I couldn’t entertain people who were inconsiderate of this situation.

“I leave it to you.”
““Got it.””

As I was seeing them off, Fadele stopped and turned around.

“We joined this side of the rescue operations because you were here.”
“I see…”
“Why didn’t you join the other meeting I wonder?”

The other meeting.

It must be about the formation of the subjugation unit that was taking place on the third floor’s reception room.

“If you asked me which is urgent, it’s naturally the rescue, but I was just curious. Sorry.”
“It’s okay. I pray for your safety.”

Once Fadele left, the only ones left in the room were me, Haku, and Cynthia.

“It was unexpected for me too.”

Cynthia spoke while putting the table and chairs in order.

“You sometimes give pieces of advice, right, Illya? Even if they don’t ask for it. You usually do that if you judge it would be dangerous if they face the monsters alone, right?”
“…Yeah. I suppose.”

Cynthia was a human.

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Though their upper limit was low, there were many humans who held various latent skill aptitudes. Similarly, she also held the Observation skill that she honed at the reception, so she could, to a degree, see through the skill of the party that was accepting the commission.

As such, it didn’t come to me as a surprise that she found that out, but I was still shaken because she brought it up at a time like this.

“So well, it seems many people expected you to give some advice for this subjugation unit too. Like people who have received advice and the staff.”
“It’s not like it’s decided that they will lose without my advice. I don’t even know the participants.”
“Yeah. I suppose you’re right. But still,” she continued, “I still feel a bit anxious about it. Whether they’ll really be alright without you, Illya.”
“It’s not like I’d be the one fighting out there.”
“That’s true. Ahaha.”

I knew Cynthia had no hidden intentions. But she hit the bulls-eye.

I didn’t want to participate in the ice dragon subjugation.

That’s because the ice dragon wasn’t a monster.



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