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3-3: I Have a Commission (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

As the days passed, Luneville gradually took shape of a new inn town.

The highways also developed, and more people began to gather in Luneville, be it carpenters for the construction of the inns, merchants who tried to sell things to the guild members who worked as guards for the laborers on the highway, or even the smiths of the Industrial Guild.

Everyone was expecting the union branch’s hall and kitchen to see more activity, but it didn’t end merely at that.

“The registration is done. Best of luck.”

Bard bowed politely as he was given the commission paper.

“You’ve turned into a proper receptionist now, eh?”
“All thanks to you. Please present your registration cards.”

He took the registration card from the party of five from before, and proceeded to register the commission. He was no longer having difficulty doing it either. Far from that, the way he carried himself like a black panther even looked impressive.

“Still, there’s a lot of commissions. So it was true that the number of monsters increased, huh?”
“Indeed, which resulted in a beginner like me working without any support.”

Now that Luke was taking a rest, it was just Bard and I serving as receptionists.


Haku’s cry made me realize that I finished the registration on my end too, so I passed the commission paper and the registration card back to the guild member across the counter.

“The registration is done. Best of luck.”
“Okay, see you later, Illya.”
“We’ll be back~”
“I will be waiting then.”

I sent the pair of mercenaries off with a bow, and was presented with another commission paper when I raised my head.

When people came to issue commissions, I quickly contacted the office workers and made the commission paper. Once we received the completion reward and the agency fee along with their signature, I went to put up the commission on the bulletin board, and then headed to wherever I was needed between the reception, kitchen, and serving the tables.

Things have been hectic like that every day as of late.

“Illya, Ellie’s going to take a break. Can you come to the hall once Luke comes back?”
“Okay. Keep up the good job for a bit longer, Cathy.”
“Yeah, I will.”

Her tone was still the same but her expressions were more abundant now. The two of them were growing smoothly, and above all, they seemed to be quite adaptable which was a lifesaver.

Once I dealt with a few more commissions, Ector showed up with an eccentric bunch.

The group walking in unison wore coats that looked like white gowns, and they had emblems on their chest that showed they were a research delegation. Honestly, they looked weird even for this wonder-filled world. They stood out in a bad way as is, and yet they even carried themselves flashily, so their impression among us ordinary people was the worst.

Be that as it may, work was work.

“We have been waiting. I was instructed by the branch head to guide you to the reception room.”
“Yes, please.”

After that fixed exchange, I guided them to the third floor.

But then, one of the delegation members spoke up.

“Ohh! So it was true that there was a dragon’s child here!”

The man rushed toward Haku and lifted it up.

“White epidermis and blue eyes…! I’ve never heard of a dragon like this!”
“Sir Mansel, please stay with the guards.”
“Annoying! Who cares about the delegation with a monster like this before me!”

Huh? What did this guy just say?

Did he just call a dragon a monster… Was Rondoville’s research still only at this level…

“What a rare specimen… It has a lot of research value!”
“Could you let it go?”

As I took Haku from Mansel, he gave me an annoyed glare. I don’t know which one I saved by doing that, so there was no reason to be so hostile.

As I was patting Haku to soothe it, he switched to a vulgar smile as he stared at me.

“So it was true that the dragon’s owner was an elf.”
“Is there a problem?”
“No, I don’t care whether you’re a beastman or whatever. So, how much?”
“…I do not quite understand what you mean.”

I saw a few people with good intuition, Bard included, stiffen up, but I was trying my best to hold back my anger here.

But the incompetent b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ before me failed to realize it and proposed in a loud voice.

“A dragon’s child would advance my research of Rondoville by over a decade compared to other kingdoms. If you’re a citizen of Rondoville, you wouldn’t refuse such an honor, but it’s frustrating to just let it go, yes? I shall buy it with the asking price.”

This guy…


Oh shoot.

It’s okay. I’m not angry, I’m not…

“I refuse.”
“Wh…Are you an idiot?! A mere receptionist like you will get executed if I report this to the king!”

Stop throwing spit at me.

Still, the king, huh?

“You may go ahead.”

If that fool would have enough courage to do that much, that is.

“Sir Mansel, please leave it at that.”
“How dare a mere lord butt in!”

The surrounding stares started to hurt. I signaled Ector with eyes and decided to take him to the third floor for now.

“Please, over here.”
“Hold it, demi-human!”

This is bad.


The wrath brewing on the first floor made Haku scared.

Demi-human… the human-likes. The human supremacists called the other races by it to claim that every other case was a defective version of a human.

I didn’t particularly care, but for the races other than humans, or humans close to other races, that word was close to a taboo.

“It’s okay. Don’t be scared.”

As I patted Haku, it curled up and drew closer.

Luke had just returned to the counter from his break.

Mansel’s expression froze as he saw him. His expression was pale, which made him look like a zombie given his skinny body.

“Luke, did you hear that statement?”
“Yes. Loud and clear.”

Luke nodded without a change in expression.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, but could you make the report?”
“Of course. Rondoville treats human supremacists as traitors that correspond to attracting foreign threats. He shall be punished accordingly.”
“Good to hear.”


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