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3-2: Could You Explain It? (Part 3)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

I headed upstairs to the third floor with Ector while holding Haku.

“Was the one at the counter the you-know-who?”
“Yes. He is working here from today.”
“I’m sure it’s alright since it’s your judgment… but the hectic waiter work aside, was there any need to take in a receptionist?”
“Of course.”

He wouldn’t get it if I explained about skills here, nor did I plan to.

Besides, my reasons weren’t with them in mind.

“I estimate the commission numbers to go up after this, so it was to prepare for that.”
“Commissions will go up? Is that due to the construction work?”
“…I can only say that it’s not unrelated.”

I couldn’t say it now.

I couldn’t reveal information that no one but me knew. That was the commandment I imposed on myself, so I couldn’t tell them monsters would increase from now on. But in cases like this one, I ambiguously relayed it when I wanted them to be prepared.

“…I see. The elven commandments are quite troublesome.”
“Indeed… My apologies.”

I really am sorry. That’s a lie. I’m just using the customs of the elves who don’t interact with other races as an excuse.

It was the same with recovery magic, and I also likened the knowledge that only a few people knew came from the elven wisdom. The smart and unsociable race was quite useful as my setting.

“Frank, good morning. Lord Ector is here to see you.”
“…Morning Illya. And Haku too.”

I accompanied Frank to the reception room, and then made them tea and escaped.

I was often made to attend discussions, but it doesn’t seem like I’m needed this time.

“Oh, I hope you can also remain and hear this, Illya.”

I failed.

I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to have a mere receptionist attend to such important topics. I’m not Frank’s butler or secretary or anything.

The topic mainly revolved around the construction progress and personnel and funds for additional constructions. The other topic was about the guarding of the monster research delegation that would be conducting the investigation in Luneville’s vicinity.

Kingdoms cooperated and researched the ecology and abilities of monsters that were a threat to every race. Having said that, unless they were in an alliance they wouldn’t share information, and the Guild who did the subjugations were more knowledgeable about the details of their abilities.

Due to that, every kingdom’s research institute was feeling quite ashamed of this, but it was good that they didn’t scatter weird information with their armchair theories since they didn’t want to make the situation even worse. If it was a more opportune time, they might say weird stuff like an evil god religion and do some religious things.

Once the work talk was over, they switched to chatting.

It seemed that the two had been friends before becoming the lord and branch master respectively, so their topics went beyond Rondovillle.

Ector seemed to be under a lot of stress too, so he was more talkative than usual.

I thought it would be boorish to butt in so I continued to adore Haku, but then, someone knocked on the door. Opening the door, it was Ria who then bowed.

“Frank, village chief Aryune is here to see you. Can you head to the private room on the second floor?”
“Have you heard his business?”
“It seems to be a monster subjugation commission.”
“…Do you mind if I attend it too?”

After accepting Ector’s suggestion, Ria guided chief Aryune to the reception room and exited.

Meanwhile, I was made to stay as if it was the most natural thing. I guess it’s fine. If it’s about a commission, I’ll have to hear it later anyway.

I poured tea to the chief and then stood before Frank, after which the chief started to speak while faltering.

“Mr. branch head, are you aware that monsters are starting to frequent around my village?”
“Yes. We made the commission for that, and our receptionist registered that it was accepted as well.”
“…Yes. That is the case, however…”

His vague attitude had Frank and Ector knit their brows in puzzlement.

That said, it was probably harsh for the village chief to talk with both of them at once.

“Did the same type of monsters emerge again?”
“Oh! Are you aware?”
“No, but I guessed it would be the case since you had difficulty speaking about it. Are you here to issue an emergency commission?”

The village chief hung his head, having trouble saying anything.

Well, I got the gist.

“I tried to gather money to issue the commission, but…um…”
“Some people were doubtful that they weren’t hunted the previous time?”

In the first place, Luneville had few monsters, so if they appeared right after hunting them, it was natural that people would suspect they weren’t hunted at all.

Though it was impossible to lie about the subjugated number with the registration card system, they might be thinking that the guild union conspired to rip off money.

“Then, what do you say we bring the proof of hunting this time and the reward and intermediary fee would be paid once everyone is convinced.”
“…Would that be alright?”

The village chief looked at Frank instead of me. Frank looked at me and then nodded.

“…Let’s treat this as a special case.”
“…Thank you very much!”

The village chief signed the commission papers and left, after which I was called back to the reception room to explain the details to Frank and Ector.

“It doesn’t seem like something that warrants being a special case.”
“It’s something like a prior investment for the future.”

As Frank wondered, Ector seemed to have thought of something and waited for my words.

“In case monsters increase after this, it would come to nothing if people start distrusting the guild and be reserved with commissions.”
“…True I guess.”

The two seemed convinced for the time being.

No, Ector opened his mouth in hesitation.

“Are you thinking monsters will grow in number from now on?”
“Yes. The villages may not be able to shoulder the full amount. It might be better to take some measures, whether it’s raising taxes or taking loans.”
“It’s such a problem…?”

Oh, crap. I might’ve said too much here.

“It would be good if you think about it as preparation just in case.”
“…Got it.”

His expression says he didn’t get it at all. It looked like he was pondering on the countermeasures.

I didn’t want to fan the anxiety, but I decided to think positively that it was better than just increasing the harm further.


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